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Rose is the average teenage girl. She's into the usual teenage pop music, going on tumblr etc. But what happens when she decides to have her diary... online.

(This is totally made up. Rose or anyone else are completely made up.)


22. Wednesday 16th April 2014

Dear Diary,

Hmm... you're probably thinking "Wow! She finally updated. Yes, SHE'S ALIIIIIIVE! Only took almost a month to remember."

If you are thinking this, -not only do you have an attitude slightly like mine- you do have a valid point: I'm a horrible person who needs to remember to update regularly.

However, in my defence, so much has happened to take up my limited time.

Firstly, the twins (Trixie and Avalon) have settled in so well in almost a month (yes the last time I updated, I'd told you all about them moving round about the time Electra turned nutty). Trixie's really witty, bubbly and has got on like a house on fire with pretty much the whole of our year. Avalon's still a bit shy but she's really kind and thoughtful also naturally, she's gotten quite popular too. They've both joined the musical. Avalon was persuaded by her sister, bless, and is in the chorus whereas Trixie's been a livesaver and took on my old role as Peron's Mistress because I've been promoted to Eva herself. I'm in rehearsals every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday!

Secondly, I may end up drop-kicking Electra. Kidding! But she's so strange. She nods along with everything Trixie says and still acts the way she did the last time I updated. Only this time she's not talking in a deadpan voice but her usual voice only slower. Well, that and she's grown a obsession with her Evita character. Don't get me wrong, it's great she's taken up such a positive attitude towards it but if she's keeps calling Eva Peron, my head's going to explode.

Thirdly, I've been bombarded with homework. Seriously, Textiles is no piece of cake to keep up with all the coursework. I like the practical work even though I'm quite rubbish at it, also I'm a bit lazy and talk abit too much therefore ending up with people on my back but hey, It's almost done. I've spent all holiday catching up and I'll admit I'm no Picasso and I personally would give it D/E but at least it's finally out of the way.

And lastly, who's 15 on the 26th? ME!!!! I've been getting lots of mail from Sydney, my eldest younger sister, a couple from Rielle, she's a year younger than Sydney and a birthday card from Scarlett, Rocky and Squirrel (He's called Cyril but acts like a squirrel. I'm not joking!) came last month and Sydney wrote the week after saying they thought my birthday was last month only to find out it was actually Clara's birthday. Oh, that reminds, we've been finally able to email each other at last. Her parents think it's about time she fitted in and Sydney gave her my email adress. I really miss all my family and friends from home but Sydney promised she'll try to make it to see me in Evita maybe with Clara, so that's good.

Oh god's sake, warden's on her way, all I can hear is her thumping.

Bye bye and sorry again buddies (if you still like me),

Rose xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <---------- To show off my guilty-ness.

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