Welcome To My World

Rose is the average teenage girl. She's into the usual teenage pop music, going on tumblr etc. But what happens when she decides to have her diary... online.

(This is totally made up. Rose or anyone else are completely made up.)


17. Tuesday 18th March 2014

Dear Diary,

Yesterday, I asked Electra who Trixie was and she was completely vague about it.

"Hmm, well, I don't know her yet but I will. So will you guys!" Electra replied, in her newly adopted deadpan voice.

Then she kept writing in this new notebook (a navy velvet one with a city silhouette) that she's been carrying since her shopping spree and hadn't said another word.

Then earlier, a huge Argos order came in for her, Electra not whoever this 'Trixie' is.

She spent all morning before school and all of our revision time at break not to mention after school on building this order.

As soon as we were allowed in we noticed there was a bunk bed in the huge space (we left it empty so if one of us needs to do their excersise or practise something they could've done it there).

"What? Are you crazy? We've got beds already! Why would need a spare bunk bed?" Harmony gasped.

"Argos delivered it early, how cool's that?! Anyway, back to the bunk bed. It's for Trixie! Now she can share with us rather than any others." Electra pointed out, in a tone that she'd use if we were stupid.

"Who the hell, is Trixie?" I asked yet again, so frustratedly angry with her... vague-ness.

"Trixie will tell you, when Trixie arrives soon." Electra tried to reassure us.

"Who's the other bed for?" Lilou stepped in.

"Don't tell me, it's for... Margaret." Leonie joked, trying to make light of it.

"Who's Margaret? The other bed's for Avalon!" Electra smiled.

"Who's Avalon?" Nephele asked.

"You'll see, you'll see." Electra smiled before attending to put a light blue patchwork duvet on each of Trixie and Avalon's beds.

Now she's busy whistling "My Sharona" for some reason and writing her notebook. Wait, now she's drawing.

But seriously, what is up with her?

And who the heck are Trixie and Avalon?

Hmm.... Electra's gone and left her notebook.

If my second youngest little sister Rielle was here, she'd probably read it.

Should I read it?

No, what am I thinking? It's wrong.

But it might explain who Trixie and Avalon are!

Only one way to find out.

I'll go see what is,

Bye bye for now but I'll be back,

Rose xxxxxxx

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