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Rose is the average teenage girl. She's into the usual teenage pop music, going on tumblr etc. But what happens when she decides to have her diary... online.

(This is totally made up. Rose or anyone else are completely made up.)


3. Tuesday 18th February 2014

Dear Diary,

Apologies for the stupidly short entries before and none at all on Monday but that's life. Well my life anyway. So before the stupid hall monitor (I call her the warden 'cause she acts like one!) came on Sunday and cut the diary entry short I had mentioned we'd seen and sang along with Frozen, right? After seeing Frozen we'd gone for a burger, got back to realise that... Harmony and Loris' love life had totally stopped us from noticing we ALL had a homework pile-zilla in our dorms. Seriously, it was unworked out homework sheet-geddon!!!! So we had a "studying group" which in other words is us all working out what the answers were in what we good at and swapping it around but putting it in our own words. Then googling up how to do these really confusing equations and angles we'd never heard of.

Yesterday, we were going to see "Endless Love" but sadly the footballers tagged along and no way was Loris going to suffer a grilling after going to go see that (Wimp!) so guess what we saw? Frozen! Which saw me, Leonie, Nephele and Electra singing along all over again. Or should that be Elsa (me), Leonie (Anna), Kristoff (Nephele for some reason) and Olaf (Electra) showed off their amazing singing talents without Hans. I recited practically everyone of Elsa's lines along with movie, even faked tears. This is all we can think of as school is being repainted for half term so we get to go to the village more, yay!

Today however, we sat in and watched Mean Girls with a big bucket of Ben and Jerry's. Absolutely great! I'm really looking forward to go see the Lego Movie tommorow! Oh and I better message my cousin, Arista, to wish Aunt Mary a happy birthday too. But I'm good for now so don't stop reading along and keep reading!

I haven't really gone into detail that much have I? So I'll clear up right now. My parents grew up as normal lucky children who go to the local high school but they decided that they would want the best for the eldest daughter and shipped me to the hellhole (the boarding school I'm stuck at!). This is what they said to me but I'm pretty sure they wanted rid of me. In Year 7, I was quite shorter than everyone else and was the perfect push around target, my roomate turned to also best mates, Harmony and Electra) had found me on the third day stuck on my back with my rucksack weighing me down. Within four weeks, people had finally recognised as an actual person and I wasn't shoved around but still stayed stuck as quite unpopular if I'm honest. I met and made friends with Leonie, Nephele, Zandra, Lilou and Loris then it wasn't long before Harmony told me she'd fallen in love with Loris but had no idea what to say.

Eventually, he'd made the first move and the rest, as they say, was history! Year 8, we were an established group and we were no longer bullied by the older kids as there was fresh meat (a new year) to pick on, poor mites! Year 9 was a rocky road as Loris joined the football team leaving Harmony alone from 10pm to 6pm on Saturdays and Sundays, so that led to us starting "Film Club" at village. Now it's Year 10, football club is after school, Loris tags along and the happy couple kiss, flirt and cuddle as much as possible throughout the films as it's the only time we're not under the watch of the eagle-eyed wardens round school as they wait outside the screening rooms' door.

We're also the people who go up for the yearly musicals (everyone except Electra), we've been Annie, Fiddler On The Roof, Grease and Wicked. So far I've played, Tessie who's of the lesser know orphans (Annie), Chorus member (Fiddler), Frenchie (Grease) and Madame Morrible (Wicked). All of us and now Electra are going to be in the next one.

Uh oh, Warden's on her way,

Bye bye people,

Rose xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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