Welcome To My World

Rose is the average teenage girl. She's into the usual teenage pop music, going on tumblr etc. But what happens when she decides to have her diary... online.

(This is totally made up. Rose or anyone else are completely made up.)


9. Thursday 27th February 2014

Dear Diary,

Ugh! I really hate the rules. Harmony's misery is getting worse by the day. She's completely gone personality-wise. She's eating properly again but she's insisting on following the eatwell plate though. All she thinks about is Loris and according to the footballers Loris is pretty lost as well. If there's anyone to talk someone sense into Harmony it's Loris. I can't even talk to him as I'm scared I'll have him concerned about her.

I'm sorry but I'll cut this short as I need to go look after Harmony, I'll be back with a double one tomorrow to make up for this rubbish one and the two absent days before.

Bye bye buddies, I'll be back ;D

Rose xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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