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Rose is the average teenage girl. She's into the usual teenage pop music, going on tumblr etc. But what happens when she decides to have her diary... online.

(This is totally made up. Rose or anyone else are completely made up.)


7. Sunday 23rd February 2014 (Last Day of Half Term!)

Dear Diary,

Finally! We saw the Lego Movie at last this morning; it was awesome. I woke Electra and Harmony up at 7am and we took it at turns in the bathroom before going to wake up the others. We got straight on the coach for 9am and got there at about 9.30am. There was a massive queue and I feared they'd run out again but it turns out they all wanted to go see Endless Love except a group who went to see 'Frozen'.  We got the VIP seats after buying 'Child' tickets rather than 'Student' which we'd accidentally used to buy.

My favourite character was either: Wyldstyle or UniKitty. Then possibly Emmet. That song was annoying though! After we saw that we decided to go see our 'favourite film' one last time. This time we were silent though due to the fact we'd ordered a bit too much food and couldn't sing and eat at the same time. We hopped back on the coach and found out that we were also allowed into town as well, not just the village. So we decided to go and look round this huge shopping centre before jokingly buying figures from the Lego Movie. After that, we trailed back to the coach and went to the dorm and role-playing the Lego Movie with the figures which we all said we'd give to our siblings when we we go home in May.

So today was good just like yesterday! Speaking of which, I never mentioned why Harmony was so upset last night. It turns out that she'd had a nightmare in which that the rules changed to accept couples but Loris had found someone else. I told her that would never happen, which is a fact, and that Loris loved her as much as she loved him. Plus  that I'd been planning to get a petition signed to see if school will change the rule to the worst being Loris and Harmony just 'being friends' and the best obviously being them allowed to be together and everyone as well.

So I wonder if they will change the rule as I've got over 200 signatures and I'm a member of the council.

Anyway I better get an early night as school's tommorow but I need to go down early to talk about the petition.

Bye people,

Rose xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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