May's Flowers

A girl in a small town, looking for something to give her hope.


2. Intro/Act One



Narrator: Welcome to the town of Hope Falls, Massachusetts. In this town lives a young girl and her name is May Wolcott, and she is the mayor’s daughter; his only child and May has a horrible disease that just might make the mayor go crazy, a disease one would never wish on their own worst enemy. As we start our journey through May Elizabeth Wolcott’s life we must know one thing; May is a martyr she will not let her father see her pain, her depression; she will not tell him she craves a sense of life or that she ventures out in the woods alone. May Wolcott thinks of others first and maybe that’s why she told everyone she knew goodbye; days before her actual death. This is the tale of a girl diagnosed with cancer who found a garden. This is ‘May’s Flowers.’


Act One: Diagnosed


[Spotlight hits stage right and finds May and Doctor]


Introduction:(Narrator) May Wolcott sat alone on a hospital bed, clearly afraid of the contents of the manilla envelope her doctor held. She had requested previously that she wished her father to be present, and so the pair of them waited for the mayor to arrive. She held back the tears as she processed what possibly could be so horrendous that her doctor held such a grim expression; an expression that would put Death to shame.

[Exit Narrator, Stage Left]

[Enter Mayor Wolcott, SL]


Mayor Wolcott: May dear, what’s the matter?


Doctor Greggory: Mr. Mayor if you would please be seated.


May Wolcott: Daddy, hold my hand?


Mayor Wolcott(seats himself and stretches out his arm towards his daughter): Now, Doctor Greggory please tell me what’s wrong with my daughter. {It wasn’t a question, it was a demand}


Doctor Greggory(morosely): May has been diagnosed with stage four lymphoma. Unfortunately we caught it too late and recovery or even remission seems impossible.


(May Wolcott bursts into tears for the first and last time, as does the Mayor)


May Wolcott(after drying her tears): How long do I have?


Doctor Greggory: Two months at most.


Mayor Wolcott: There has to be something we can do!


Doctor Greggory: Mr. Mayor I’m sorry but there’s nothing.


Mayor Wolcott: For God’s sake she’s only a teenager!


Doctor Greggory: I do not choose who is diagnosed Mr. Mayor, nor does anyone else in this hospital.


Mayor Wolcott: She’s all I have Doctor.( The mayor slides back into the chair he had vacated and started to weep again.)


Doctor Greggory: I’m sorry.


(Suddenly more angry than sad the mayor leaps up, inches from the doctor’s face.)


Mayor Wolcott: That’s what you doctor’s always are; sorry!


May Wolcott(clearly frightened): Daddy, please.


Mayor Wolcott(vehemently): Come on May. I’m finding you a specialist!(Mayor Wolcott helps his daughter down from the table and the two exit SL briskly.)


Doctor Greggory: Sighs (Letting the insult the mayor had just bestowed him to roll from his shoulders, and his mind.)


Scene Two: The Mayor’s Mansion

[Enter May Wolcott and Mayor Wolcott]


May Wolcott: Did you have to be so mean to Doctor Greggory? He was only trying to help.


Mayor Wolcott: He diagnosed your mother ‘too late’ as well! I have every right to be ‘mean’.


May Wolcott: Daddy, cancer is a tricky subject. Besides I only went in to see if I had a cold, I haven’t been sick for months. I showed no symptoms of lymphoma before my visit, to have it at the ‘no hope for survival’ level, I must’ve been sick for a long time.


Mayor Wolcott: I’ll apologize in the morning, for now we must discuss treatment options.


May Wolcott: Daddy(taking the mayor’s hands in her’s)...I’ve only got two months, I don’t want to waste them in a hospital.(Her father looked at her, an expression mixed with pride and sadness washed over it.)


Mayor Wolcott: What are you saying?


May Wolcott: I don’t want to be treated daddy; it’s my time to go.


Mayor Wolcott: If that’s what you want. I won’t call anyone. How are you going to explain this to your friends, your boyfriend?


May Wolcott: I don’t know yet. I think I’ll go up to bed now; goodnight father.[stands to exit]


Mayor Wolcott: Sweetheart; I wish it was me instead of you.


May Wolcott(turns towards her father, and smiles a sad smile): I know daddy, I know.


[Exit May Wolcott Stage Left]


Mayor Wolcott(to the audience): Why must I be the one to lose all I love? What did I do to ever deserve such a fate; I go to church, I practice clean politics, I donate to the poor, why must I lose the one thing that shines on my gray existence? Haven’t I lost enough already? What more do you want? Take me instead of her; she has a life; a long prosperous life ahead of her; why take her now? She’s happy now why must she die so young? Are you heartless God? Or are you just bored?


{Lights deem around him; signalling the end of the scene.}

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