May's Flowers

A girl in a small town, looking for something to give her hope.


3. Act Two

Act Two: Finding the Flowers


Scene One: Escape




Narrator: May Wolcott sat alone; as you might imagine quite depressed. Dressed in the happiest pair of pajamas she could manage she looked at her phone absentmindedly; she knew she had to tell them, her friends; would they understand though? Would Travis understand? May was only a teenager after all; how can they possibly think she could handle dying? May needed an escape; I wonder dear friends if she will ever find it.


[Spotlight shines dimly on May Wolcott; to symbolize her depression.]


May Wolcott: I need an escape; but where? Hope Falls is so small and I know it like the back of my hand. Where can I go to escape my fate; the world; my father?


Narrator Two(May’s thoughts): I walked towards the door; in a constant battle on whether to just run away and die alone somewhere in the mountains. Or to flee to Canada. It suddenly hit me; the gardens; no one goes there it’s overgrown and disgusting ever since Mama died. I heard my phone ring and I quickly answered it,


Travis O’Connor: Hey, you weren’t in school, are you alright?


May Wolcott: No, but I can fill you in tomorrow, okay?


Travis O’Connor: Alright, but I want details.


May Wolcott: Yes sir. I love you Travis.


Travis O’Connor: I love you too May. (Travis hangs up the phone.)


Narrator One: May leaves the house undetected; dressed now in jeans and a sweatshirt. She heads off towards the gardens; a surprise would meet her eyes when she entered through those gates.


Scene Two: Flowers


[Enter May Wolcott, and Pixie]


Narrator: May Wolcott looked around and to her surprise the garden was full of life...and flowers so many flowers. She looked around for a gardener but could find none; so May travelled the gardens, smelling the flowers and tickling the rabbits and doves. May came a crossed a willow tree and parted the leaves; there was a lake with wild rose bushes; May Wolcott had just found her May Wolcott heard a rustling and jumped away from the tree scared what of what it could be. A girl came forward, her hair in a high ponytail, and she was wearing old holey jeans and a battered university sweatshirt. May was surprised at her appearance, but more so of how the girl got into her backyard.


May Wolcott: Who are you?


Pixie: I’m Pixie Martin; I live just over there. (May averted her attention to a small cabin.)


May Wolcott: You’re the gardener then?


Pixie: Gosh no. My papa is; I just like exploring his handy work. Who are you?


May Wolcott: I’m May Wolcott, my father is the mayor.


Pixie: I’ve never seen you around her before.


May Wolcott: I’m usually with friends or on the computer; but I learned today life is more than that.


Pixie: I’m sorry.


May Wolcott: About what? Me having cancer? Or me just figuring out there’s more to life than technology?


Pixie: I suppose both.


May Wolcott: So do you help at all with the roses?


Pixie: Yes; they’re my favorite.


Narrator: The two become fast friends and May divulges on her situation openly with the girl that lives in the gardener’s cabin. Pixie finally said after the story was through,


Pixie: You’ve got to tell them sometime May. It isn’t fair you know if you don’t.


May Wolcott: I know. I’ll tell them don’t worry.


Pixie: You better; but I’ve got to get home; and you should too.


May Wolcott: Yes ma’am.( May mockingly salutes and stands)


Narrator: The two say goodbye and head in different directions; May continued to visit the garden for the six weeks until she finally had the nerve to say goodbye.)


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