May's Flowers

A girl in a small town, looking for something to give her hope.


4. ACT Three

Act Three: Goodbye


Scene One: Telling the Secret

[Enter May Wolcott, Travis O’Connor, Meredith Reid, and Spencer McDermott]


Introduction; Narrator: We find our heroine in a very mundane setting as the curtain rises to reveal the four friends sitting around a lunch table; not the ideal setting she would have picked for telling her friends her secret of course but it would have to do.


Travis O’Connor: Alright May, what did you want to talk about?


May Wolcott: Well its been two months since I found out but,


Meredith Reid: Oh my God you’re pregnant, aren’t you?


May Wolcott: I wish but no.


Spencer McDermott: May; is it something bad?


May Wolcott: Yes. Guys; I’m dying from stage four lymphoma.


Travis O’Connor: You’ve known this for two months and you didn’t tell us? You didn’t tell me?


May Wolcott: I’m sorry I didn’t want you to treat me any different.


Meredith Reid: Why would we do that? We’re your best friends.


Spencer McDermott: You bet we are May; how long do you have left?


May Wolcott: The doctor’s say a few weeks; I’m hoping for a few more.


Travis O’Connor: Me too.


Narrator: Now as you can tell the tension is high for the four friends; questions go unanswered, and the love between Travis and May is waning; as if it knows it must die as she does. Or will it? Will Travis continue to love our young heroine until his own last breath or will he; like the tragic Romeo take his own life; just to be with her?


Scene Two: Goodbye


Narrator: May stood at the park; in the spot in which her friends had first met all those years ago. She sat; unable to stand any longer, she had promised her friends she would come to this exact spot; at exactly seven ‘o’ clock. She checked her phone; and watched as 6:59 turned to 7:00. The emergency lights shut off and Christmas lights sprung to life around her, leading to a banner that simply said;

‘We’ll Miss You May Wolcott-We Forgive You.’ and under the banner were her friends. All with stupid grins on their faces; yet trying to hide the pain they felt. Unable to control her excitement and gratitude May rushed forward into Travis’ arms the best as she could.


May Wolcott: I love you.


All: We love you too.


Travis O’Connor: I love you May Elizabeth Wolcott. Goodbye.


May Wolcott: For now, Travis. For now.


Meredith and Spencer: Goodbye May; we’ll miss you.


May Wolcott: I’ll miss you guys too. I’ll text all of you with a few last words alright?


All: Okay; go home and rest.


[Exit May Wolcott, Stage Right]


Travis O’Connor: Why does she have to die?


Meredith Reid: I don’t know Travis; it sucks doesn’t it?


Spencer McDermott: It truly does.


[The three friends exit; each holding each-other’s shoulders; stage left]


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