May's Flowers

A girl in a small town, looking for something to give her hope.


5. Act Four

Act Four: Serenity



Narrator: We find May Wolcott this time in her bed; looking as frail as a glass butterfly. Her hair has thinned dramatically in the two weeks since she saw her friends last. Her coughing had kept her up for the most of those two weeks. May could feel it, Death’s fingers enclosing themselves around her soul. She knew she would die soon, maybe even today. She pulled up the texts she written her friends; and sent them out; one by one. Satisfied she laid back against the pillow. In the texts she had specifically said not to type back. Not ever.


[Enter Travis O’Connor; phone in hand.]


Travis O’Connor: What is the meaning of this?


May Wolcott: You’re not supposed to be here Travi. I’m dying.”


Travis O’Connor: Dying isn’t contagious. (Travis seats next to May’s bed and holds her hand.) I won’t allow you to die alone.


May Wolcott: My father is here.


Travis O’Connor: That’s not what I meant.


May Wolcott: I know its not. Just know I love you. I’ll always love you.


Travis O’Connor: I won’t move on.


May Wolcott: Yes you will, because its my dying wish; people always get their dying wish.


Travis O’Connor: Not this one May. I love you too much.


May Wolcott: You have to. You have to live for me; move on. Have a family; live. Please do all the things we wanted to do. Just without me. Write them in a journal and I’ll be there to reread your adventures. I love you.


Travis O’Connor: May, what you ask-(Travis stopped speaking to look over at her, her hand had gone limp in his.) May! May Elizabeth answer me God damnit! May I love you!

Narrator: May Wolcott passed away at 4:45pm on February 14th 2014. Travis O’Connor never really moved on, but he did travel the world as May asked and wrote down his adventures, he met a girl and they married and they have two daughters, May and Elizabeth. What happened to Meredith and Spencer you might ask? They graduated high school, went to college together and got married; to each-other and had two children one girl and one boy; May Elizabeth, and Travis Wolcott McDermott. The three friends each year on Valentine’s Day travel to visit their friend’s grave; in the garden with her flowers. With a girl named Pixie watching. I hope my friends that you enjoyed this little play, I really hoped you did.For now its time to say, The End.

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