This Is Us And Only Us (Harry Styles And Selena Gomez)

Memories, Moments, Things We Always Do For Fun, Sleepovers, Being There By My Side, All Being Thrown Away By Just One Silly Offer To Make Her Famous. Selena Gomez Was Once A Kid Who Had A Dream To Do Anything, But She Never Meant To Realize That One Day She Would Become One Of The Biggest Celebrities In Los Angeles. Harry Styles Also Had A Dream, A Dream to Always Be There For Selena When She Needs Him. The Day Had Came Were Selena Was Offered A Letter From Avex International To Move To Los Angeles And Become A Singer, Harry Thought It Would Be Awesome For Selena to accept Until They Made The Biggest Mistake.

What Happens When Harry And Selena Are Both On The Other Side Of The World. Selena Doesn't Know What Harry Has Been Doing, Neither Has Harry Known That Selena Has Been Bonding With Someone That He Despise. Will They Ever See Each Other Again? Would There Be Any Problems Along The Way To Fame?

But The Question Is........ Will They Be Together Again Like Old Times?


9. 8. Possessive

Chapter 8 (Possessive)

Harry's POV

I woke up from a sound that sounding like heavy water drops falling on the floor. I turned my body to face Selena but she wasn't there beside me keeping me warm with her warm skin. As the steam came out from my bathroom door, I knew she was taking a shower. Wait taking a shower?!? In my bathroom. Wow Selena is taking a shower in my bathroom, thats a first time. I wonder why she couldn't do it in her room.

I checked my phone founding out that it was 6:07 in the morning, I rolled out of bed and looked it the mirror. I sighed ruffling my messy curls. I knew today was going to be a busy and a hard day since today we have school, you know have to protect Selena at all times. Yah didn't think you forget. As I was still ruffling my curls, the shower has stop which mean Selena was done taking a shower. While I heard wet and squeaking footsteps walking around I went back to my bed and sat on the edge of my bed finding the my book that Selena was cuddling last night, Catching Fire.

Thats when I knew, everything Selena said last night. ~Will be the best and pefect date she will ever have.~

Selena POV

I opened my eyes finding myself on the floor. I sighed at the pain the floor gave me, how did I get on the floor last night? Oh well. I stood up from my position finding a sleepy Harry hogging the bed. I smiled at the fact that Harry's head was under his pillow. I walked around the bed to the door carefully so I wouldn't wake him up. As I got to the hallway, I walked to my door turning the knob.

"Shoot" I mumbled finding my door locked. I knew I had my keys to my room. somewhere.

I checked my pocket finding a piece of gum wrap and a quarter. No keys. I knew that my mind would give me some clue to where my keys were but just not now I bet. I looked at the clock hanging on the hallway wall. 5:58 am. I knew standing around wouldn't help me get ready for school but my door is locked and I need to take a shower. I groaned softly and walked back to Harry's room finding him in the same position as I left him. I hope Haz doesn't mind me using his shower, I don't really care about using men products for the hair.

I walked straight to his bathroom and locked it slowly, I then crouched down to the cabinet under the sink to grab a clean fresh towel for me to use. As same old routine, I took some shampoo but for men and massaged it on my scalp letting the smell of cologne run through and out of my nose. Then I rinse and etc.

Finally I'm done, I stepped out of the shower feeling clean and fresh. Man I smell like a dude. I took that new towel that I grabbed under the sink and rubbed it gently across my naked clean body. When I turned the door knob, I found Harry already awake sitting on the edge of his bed holding the Catching Fire book I was cuddling last night.

"Um what are you doing?" he said with a smirk on his face.

"I took shower." I said trying to smile but my face was to clean that I just gave him a small smile.

"In my bathroom?" still with the smirk on his head, his curls slowly fell onto his face.

"Well, my bedroom door was locked and I couldn't find my keys so I took a shower here. I'm sorry." I said as my small smile faded away.

"No I don't mind you taking a shower in my bathroom now that I know you smell good even with cologne on." I blushed at the sight that he just complimented me. I found Harry smirking again but I didn't know where or what he was smirking at. I looked down to my self seeing that the towel that I had around my petite body was small and was kinda shower my inner thigh and my butt.

"Stop starring at me! you go take a shower while go to the laundry to get my clothes since I don't have access to my closet in my room." I said as I walked backwards to the door letting my back face the wall, I knew if I walked straight to the hallway Harry will see my small butt that was showing a little bit when you look really close. When I left I went to the laundry room.

"Bra check, underwear check, jeans check, shirt........ shirt.......... wheres my shirt?" I said a I took each and every one little thing I needed but I just couldn't find my shirt. I wore all the things I found but used the towel as my shirt. I groaned as I walked out of the room finding Aunt Anne if I could borrow one of her shirts. As I was looking for Aunt Anne, I found a piece of note on the counter.

Harry and Selena,

I just got a call from my work saying that they needed me to preform a surgery. I will be doing two shifts today so I'll be back midnight again as usual. Take care of yourselfs Love Mom/Aunt Anne

Noo! I don't have a shirt yet since shes not here and her bedroom door is lock. I walked back to Harry's room finding him all dressed up and ready when I'm not.

"I can see you need a shirt Selly" he said as he walked to his closet finding the smallest shirt he has. Harry took out a tee with a skull on it and a blue red striped polo shirt.

"Is this okay cause this is the smallest I have." I nodded, took his clothes and ran to his bathroom leaving the scent of cologne in the air. After I wore the clothes Harry gave me, it looked okay but after I styled it was Selen Gomez's taste it look better than before. I walked out of the bathroom receiveing a smile from Harry.

"My clothes look good on you" he said.

"thats because I styled it to make it even better that before." he chuckled. He took his beanie out of his coat hanger, I gave him a confused look but when he came walking to me and placing it on my head. I knew that he was trying to make me look better. I smiled then gave him a hug in return for his clothes letting him smell my scent.

"You smell like a-"

"Dude" I gave my best cheeky grin.

"I was about to say you smell better than before." I blushed at his compliment.

"Come on let's go, its 6:32 am." he nodded as we grabbed everything we needed.

As we got to the car, Harry locked the door to the house since my keys were missing. Its weird that since yesturday after school I didn't have me keys with me I mean had them yesturday morning but it just disappeared weird. We got into Harry's car instead of mine and yes my car keys were in my keychain. As Harry turned the ignition, I didn't bother to ask.

"Um Haz?" I asked with a confident tone in my voice.

"Yes" his eyes were glued to the road as he drove down the street.

"Do you happen to know where my keys are?" he he quickly looked at me then back at the road.

"No, where was the last time you saw it?" I took a gulp of saliva down my throat since it was trapped in my mouth.

"In my jade shoulder bag yesturday, I was holding my bag through the rest of the day so it should still be in my bag." I said as I turned the radio on with the volume on low.

"Oh then maybe you should go check your locker, maybe you dropped it in there?" I nodded ok then made myself comfortable on my seat. As Harry made a left turn onto Raven Street, the song When I was your Man by Bruno mars was playing. I turned the volume up a little higher.

My favourite song for now actually. When I sang the chorus, I was surprised that Harry joined in with me. It was funny when he wasn't really trying to sing, he was just making noises when I sang.
We arrived at school, Note to self always sing the car. Why? it's fun especially when I'm singing in front of Harry. I made my way out of the car and found Demi at the front entrance of the school. I waved at her.

"Well Harry See you at history class." I said as I waved to him and left to Demi. It was really sunny today. As I was walking, I saw two shadows instead of one on the cement. I'm being followed. I turned around and found Harry following me.

"Harry I thought you left?" I said as the confusion took over my face.

"Remember what I said Selly?" he said as the confusion on my face began to soften.

"um no, wait........yeah no." I said, a smile was plastered on his face.

"remember I said I was going to be by your side everyday during school." I began to smile at his words of courage and might. I nodded, I was about to say something but someone interrupted us. It was Demi.

"Hey what took you guys so long?" she asked still catching her breath from running.

" Oh nothing Harry was just reminding me something." I said

"Come on we don't want to be late for History class." I said the Harry as he came along. I knew Demi wasn't in History class with me and Harry in first period but in second period I would be able to see her again. When we arrived to homeroom 103, I peeked inside a little bit and found Justin sitting in the back playing with his nasty dirty fingers. I looked back at Harry and Demi.

"Ok see you at second period Demi" I smiled trying not to show that I was nervous. Demi smiled at me and at Harry.

"Ok Bye Selena, Bye Harry."

"Bye Demi" Harry said as Demi waved and left through the crowd. The first bell rang indicating that first period as just began.

"Are you ready?" he asked, I nodded letting the smile that was on my face a while ago fade. Harry and I walked into the classroom finding our desk. I found two desk empty but one was across the room and the another one was at the front. I kept me head down looking straight not bothering to look back, I sat myself at the desk that was at the front of the classroom while Harry got the one across the room. Harry nudged me a bit as he walked past me, I smiled at him and he returned it.

"Ok class I know today is just your second day of school but today I have an assignment for you that involves a partner." I looked at Harry telling him with my eyes that we are going to be partners. He nodded.

"Ok the assignment is for you and your partner to make a poster about the history of your life so you and your partner may have to discuss which one you want to present., I want to learn more about you. I will be handing a brainstorming sheet for you and your partner and a sticky note." Miss Rances took the pile of sheets and pasted it around the room. I glanced at the sheet and was kinda confused on why we needed a partner. I raised up my hand so I was aloud to talk.

"Yes Selena is there a question you want to ask?" I lowered my arm to my desk.

"Um yes why do we need a partner if we are going to be doing a poster about our life?"

"That is a very good question. you will find out sooner or later." I said, I relaxed on my seat for a while.

"Ok you will have 4 minutes to find a partner." Miss Rances twisted her wrist telling us to go. I got out of my seat and walked to Harry. Before I could even get to Harry, Justin came up to me frightening the butterflies out of me.

"Hey Selena, you wanna be partners with me babe?" he said as he placed his hand on a desk leaning on it. Justin wasn't really cute or handsome as Harry so I think I'll pass plus he tried to rape me so heck no. I don't like Justin, I "hate" him

"Um sorry Justin but I already have a partner." I said trying to be polite as I walked past him. Justin roughly grabbed my arm making me turn around to face his ugly image that people call his face.

"Harry is your partner huh, you see him everyday why not be partners with me." He said, his grip on my arm was tight and painful. I tried to make him let go of me but all I did was whimper.

"J-Justin I t-told you I a-already have a p-partner." I said stuttering because of the grip he had on my arm.

"Awww isn't-" Justin couldn't finish his sentence.

"She said she already has a partner Justin." I heard someone else voice in the backround, it was deep and raspy. It was Harry.

"Sorry but I don't have a partner so Selena is mine." Justin's grip on me was even tighter as his nails dig deep into my skin making my arm bleed. He pulled me beside him.

"Hey that girl over there doesn't have a partner so why not be partners with her. You don't willy milly taking someone else when they already have someone to be with. Selena is already my partner." Harry fought back as he gently pulled me beside him from Justin.

"Why you-"

"Gentleman is there something wrong here?" Miss Rances voice echoed, I turned around to face her finding everyone back in there seat except for me,Harry and Justin.

"Nothing Miss Rances" I said holding onto my arm that was bleeding, I tried to cover it with my hand but it was bleeding to hard.

"Oh dear how is it nothing when your arm is bleeding, here Harry would you mind sending Selena to the nurses room." Miss Rances voice sounded like an angel. Harry nodded and placed his hand on my back leading me to the nurses room. I gripped tightly on my bleeding arm to stop the pain but I only made it worst.

"Selena stop squeezing it you will only make it worst." Harry said.

"I'm sorry its just my arm is numb I can't feel anything." I said as we continued to walk further into the hallways.

"Selena I'm sorry what happened back there, this should never happened to you." Harry said as his face went from happy,worry and then sad.

"No need to worry Haz, its not that serious." I said as we entered the nurses room. Harry helped me on the bed and sat on the chair near me.

"I'll be fine Haz" The nurse came in and took care of my arm that was still bleeding. I probably left some blood on the floor back at the classroom. The nurse took a clipboard out and started to ask me questions on what happened.

"Ok dear what happened?" she asked as she took a pencil out of the can that was holding multiples of pens,markers and pencils. Harry smiled at me telling me to tell the truth.

"Well I was on my way to go to my partners desk since Miss Rances told us to meet with our partners. Then a boy name Justin Bieber came up to me asking me to be their partner, I said no because I already had one but he became mad at me then grabbed my arm really tight digging his nails onto my skin. Justin kept asking me to be his partner but I kept saying no, the more I declined the more painful he gripped my arm. Oh and yesterday he tried to r-rape me." I became nervous on the word rape. The nurse wrote down everything I said.

"What was the last sentence you said again dear?" Oh why do I have to say it again.

"Yesterday he tried to rape me" as I said the word rape, I became more confident.

"Rape you say" she asked as her face went shocked. I nodded. The second bell rang telling me and Harry that first period is finish. The nurse told me that Justin was on strike three for getting introuble and now he is going to be suspended for 5 months. Yay I'm safe at last. Harry and I left the nurses room with a huge bandage on my left arm. I texted Demi to meet us at my locker.

Selena: Hey Demi Meet me and Harry at our lockers

Demi: suree! Heard about what happened to you and Justin :( But be happy that he is going to be suspended for 5 months :)

Selena: I am! Anyways see you soon.

I putted my phone away and saw Justin going inside a black car. Yes he's gone. I found Demi beside me locker holding something Yellow. When me and Harry got closer I found Demi holding my missing keys.

"Demi where did you find my keys?" I asked all happy.

"I found it on the ground, I thought it would be yours since your name is on it." she said.

"Where exactly on the floor did you find it?" Harry asked

"Oh I found it at the entrance of the school you know, it was weird when Justin left I found it on the floor just sitting there." When Demi said those words. I knew it, Justin took my keys while he was raping me. Now I'm scared to do anything back at home in my room.

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