This Is Us And Only Us (Harry Styles And Selena Gomez)

Memories, Moments, Things We Always Do For Fun, Sleepovers, Being There By My Side, All Being Thrown Away By Just One Silly Offer To Make Her Famous. Selena Gomez Was Once A Kid Who Had A Dream To Do Anything, But She Never Meant To Realize That One Day She Would Become One Of The Biggest Celebrities In Los Angeles. Harry Styles Also Had A Dream, A Dream to Always Be There For Selena When She Needs Him. The Day Had Came Were Selena Was Offered A Letter From Avex International To Move To Los Angeles And Become A Singer, Harry Thought It Would Be Awesome For Selena to accept Until They Made The Biggest Mistake.

What Happens When Harry And Selena Are Both On The Other Side Of The World. Selena Doesn't Know What Harry Has Been Doing, Neither Has Harry Known That Selena Has Been Bonding With Someone That He Despise. Will They Ever See Each Other Again? Would There Be Any Problems Along The Way To Fame?

But The Question Is........ Will They Be Together Again Like Old Times?


8. 7. Detective Styles And The First Real Move

Chapter 7

Harry's POV

School was finish and Selena and I are at home alone since my mom was at work till midnight. I flipped through the channels thinking about what happened at school today while Selena listens to music and reading a book called - Held Captive -, the name kinda tells what the book is about already. Lets see, Selena said that I was the best thing in the world to her, we made a new friend name Demi, Selena almost got raped by a boy name Justin if I'm correct, I took a chair and slash him on his head, yup today has been a pretty good day. I'm just kidding, its horrible.

Selena being raped from a boy that she barely knows on the first day! That must be tough for Selena. I looked at Selena, she clearly notice that I was starring at her. As I was looking up and down looking for clues the boy Justin left on her, I found love bites. Love bits all over her neck and collarbone, Selena was wearing a tank top s obviously I could see them. Haven't Selena noticed them yet, I guess not. As I continued to flip the channels, I found a un-paticular reality show that caught Selena's eye.

"HAZ HAZ HAZ, don't switch the channel!" She playfully growled while turning off her music and putting away her book.

"Why I may ask?" I layed my finger on the arrow facing up button that switches the channels, I smirked when her eyes widen looking at the remote.

"You wouldn't dare, and please don't this is my favourite show." she pleaded, her eyes filled with kindness that I couldn't lay me eyes off.

"Fine only because you said please." I said giving in, She playfully hugged me then focused her brain watching the T.V. I looked at her smiling my butt off, I'm so lucky to have her. She caught me looking at her but only reacted by smiling at me. I Love her.


As Harry flipped through the channels, I found the only channel which was one of my favourite reality show called Full House. It was about a little girl name Michelle and how her life had turned out great and not so great, the only thing that interested me was that 1) it was funny and 2) it was starred by two twins name Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

"HAZ HAZ HAZ, don't switch the channel" I playfully growled, I turned my music off and placed my book on the coffee table.

"Why may I ask?" he asked, he placed his index finger on the button that controls the channels. My eyes widen, he wouldn't dare.

"You wouldn't dare, and please don't this is my favourite show." I pleaded hoping he bought it. He looked into my eyes searching for something and observing my pupil.

"Fine only because you said please." he said, giving in. Yes. I gave him a hug then watched the T.V. Hahaha Michelle closed the door when everybody went outside of the house and shes only 3 years old. As I was still watching, I found Harry looking at me smiling. I turned around and gave him a smile in return. I Love Harry, he's the best person I ever met. Its been 30 minutes and the show started to end, as it started the credits Harry spoke up breaking the silence between us.

"Um Selena" He asked as he looked at me sincerely.

"Yeah." I responded, I moved me body to face Harry.

"I think you should look at the mirror for a sec." he took my hand pulling me to the mirror down the hall leading to the bathroom. As we got to the mirror, I looked at Harry with a confused look on my face using the mirror.

"Um why do I need to look at the-" before I could finish my sentence, I glanced down to my neck finding one,two or seven love bites on my neck.

"Harry....... I-I di-"

"I know, just wanted to show you. I'm sorry." he wrapped his arms around my waist and placed his chin on top of my head. I began to touch and stroke the love bites left on my neck from mister not so nice or disgusting man name Justin Bieber. God he's so....... how could I describe him. There must be thousand or even million words that perfectly fit him just well.

"Um Harry are you mad?" I asked as I found his face furious and full of anger.

"No what made you say that?" he asked letting the anger flow down to stage one, earlier it looked like the anger was at stage 10.

"Well you look kind of angry. I'm so sorry about what happened this afternoon, I've shouldn't gone to the washroom in the first place." I turned around to see his true image of his face.

"Its ok Sel, now that you have me nobody can touch you like that again" he ran his thumb down my cheek softly while I was looking into his eyes. I placed my hand gently on his chest, I glanced at the clock than back at him. 9:47 pm. I leaned in so I could place a kiss on his cheek but Harry slowly moved his head a bit and I ended up pecking his lips, his perfect soft lips. I blushed at the sight that I kissed his lips, I removed my grip him and slowly walked over to the couch. Harry followed me and took the remote and found a movie on the T.V called (The Notebook).

"You wanna watch the movie?" he asked softly as he dimmed the lights and placed the remote back on the coffee table.

"Sure" I gave my best small smile and faced the T.V to watch the movie. Its been already 20 minutes and my eyes were about to droop shut. I tried my best to keep myself awake by moving myself around the couch but before I could move again, I heard the words (I Love You) from the movie then everything went to the colour black. The soft colour of black.

Harry's POV

"Well you look kind of angry I'm so sorry about what happened this afternoon, I've shouldn't gone to the washroom in the first place." She said, she turned around to face me. Her eyes didn't break the contact between my eyes and hers.

"Its ok Sel, now that you have me nobody can touch you like that again" I took my hand and ran my thumb down her soft delicate cheek. She placed her hand on my chest softly, my heart was beating at a loud pace so I bet she felt it. She glanced at the clock then back at me, I was confused when she looked back at me with a hint of shyness in her eyes. 

That's when I knew when she leaned in to give me a kiss on the cheek, I wanted to tease her and be more then just a kiss on the cheek so I moved my head slightly letting her accidentally peck my lips. Her soft lips against mine caused her to blush making her cheeks go on fire like if she had a lamp in her cheeks. She looks cute when ever she blushes.

I watched Selena removed her grip from me and walk to the couch still blushing. I smirked. I followed her to the couch and took the remote from the coffee table, I flipped through the channels as the silence surrounds us. As I was flipping the channels I found my favourite movie being played on the television. The movie called The Notebook. I looked at Selena and found her fond about the movie.

"You wanna watch the movie?" I asked gently. I smiled as she gave me her best cheeky smile.

"Sure" She gave me her best cheeky smile again but she has taken it to far. All I want to do is make her mine tonight but I can't, not now as you can say. Being trapped in my mind with all these ideas on what to do and I clearly found the best one out of everything. The idea was to take Selena on the best date ever. Real Date as you can say. I want to take this friendship to the next level which is you know, relationship level.

I don't know what to do to make it the best date ever I mean I've known Selena my whole life so clearly I should know what she likes, what she dislikes and what she really really like. Since tomorrow we have school, I can't really focus on what to prepare for her since that Justin guy is getting on my nerve to rape Selena. 

Ok its already 20 minutes and I haven't even been paying attention to the movie, well I did watch it 10 times since it came out so I probably know when and whats gonna happen next. I glanced at the clock that was near me, it was 10:07 pm. I wondered my eyes to Selena to see what she was doing but I found her peacefully sleeping. Looking at Selena up and down made my anger boil up because of that Justin guy.

I stood up from my seat, turned the T.V off and turned the lights on. It took me a while for my eyes to adjust to the light but as I got used to it, I took Selena into my arms in bridal style and quietly walked up the stairs into her room. When I got to her room, I tried to open her door but found it locked. Shoot. Instead of trying to get into her room, I decided that she is going to have a little sleep over in my room if she wouldn't mind.

As we got to my room, I carefully placed Selena onto my bed. I took the bed covers and placed it cozy on her small body to keep her warm. 10:19 pm. Justin Justin Justin Justin is all I could think about. Darn right he isn't going mess with Selena again. I took my laptop and opened it up. When my laptop was still in the loading process I heard Selena mumbled something, it wasn't clear the first time but she repeated it again while moving and getting comfortable with her surroundings.

"Harry...... I'm sorry please don't leave me, I thought you love me." she mumbled. (I'm sorry please don't leave me, I thought you love me). I think shes having another nightmare, I better get some water from the bathroom faucet just in case. When I got back with some water, I found my laptop already ready for me. I placed the glass of water next to me by the table and opened up the browser to Google. I typed in (Justin) oh shoot I forgot his last name come on Harry remember. If you wanna stop him from touching or harming Selena you need to remember, come on come on.


"Justin, Justin, Justin." she muttered to herself so no one could hear.

"Whose Justin?" I asked wondering who Selena already made friends with.

"That's the boy's name, he told me during the process of what just happened earlier. I'll explain it later Demi." she said receiving a nod from Demi. Justin is the name of the boy I just hit with a chair a few minutes ago huh.

"Justin? you mean Justin Bieber. you know your beside him in lockers." Demi explained, I looked back at Selena. Selena had a horrified look on her face which caused me to worry.

"Selly you need to be careful now, boys like this you know how they go. Do you want me to be by your side from now on, I mean I'm ok with it?" I asked. If Selena is going to be abused or harm like that ever again, then I should be by her side everyday to protect her I mean my mom made me join karate for 9 years when I was 4 years old so I should pretty know how to fight.

"Sure" she replied while looking at the ground.

"Hey Demi would you mind giving me your phone number" she said while she took her phone. Selena looked at me and gave me a signal to say (Picture Time!). Demi took a ripped piece of paper from her notebook and wrote her number with a pen. (269-1509 oxox Demi)

"Sure here you go" Demi handed the piece of paper and Selena happily typing the number down on her contacts. Selena gave me a signal again knowing that I had to say it now. OK here I go only for Selena.

"Picture time! want to remember the first day I met Demi!" I yelled excitedly as I took Selena's phone from her hands and opened to camera mode on her phone. I took a serious photo of them then a wacky one. We were at the theater so they thought it was funny to have the wacky photo of them there. Well it really wasn't that wacky it was kinda cute and innocent wacky photo so yeah. After it was done, Selena ran towards me and gave me and quick hug causing me to smirk. She removed her phone from my hands so she could look at it, she smiled. We walked to the hall and I nudged Selena telling her we had to go.

"I'll send you the pic of us, nice meeting you Demi. See you soon!" She yelled to Demi as her voice echoed through the hall, I chuckled as the staff of the school looked at us and telling us to be quiet. I bet Selena didn't really notice the staff and teachers as she was lost in her mind giggling and laughing. Selena waved goodbye the Demi and we left.

~Flashback End~

Think Harry think......................................................................................................................................... I got it its Bieber. Justin Bieber. I typed Bieber beside the name Justin and I clicked search. As Google was still loading, Selena mumbled again.

"Harry how could you do this to me, you pick her instead of me. Marrying her well hurt me more than you ignoring me." she mumbled again. I looked at Selena, a tear slid down her cheek. I stood up from my seat and walked up to my bed.

"Selena I'll never leave you. Please remember that. God knows that I'll never leave your side, even the moon and stars know that." I whispered to her gently so she wouldn't wake up. 

"I love you Harry with all my heart and soul, I would give everything to you even if it cost myself to leave Earth and be with you. I just love you so much." She whispered back to me, when she said those words I was so touched and it really sound like she wasn't asleep, it sounded so real. It sounded as if she was awake but I knew she would be asleep. I leaned in and kissed her forehead receiving and faded smile from her, her reaction to my kiss was the best.

I turned around and found Google done loading, I went back to my seat and adjust myself to find my comfortable spot on the seat. I glanced at the websites that had information on him. This first website caught my eye, it was his facebook account. I clicked on it and found pictures of him, his friends, information about him and etc. I wanted to see how many friends he had but I decided to go and see his pictures first. Pictures so many pictures, I found a pic of him shirtless and boy he has a lot of tattoos on his torso.

As I was still looking through his pics, I found a pic of Selena. A picture of Selena laughing when were saying our goodbyes to Demi this afternoon. I clicked on the photo to make it bigger. As the photo had gone bigger, the description that Justin wrote made me clench my fist together and my eye browns to furrow close to my eyes. The description said (This girl name Selena has caught my eye. Time to make her mine. Even though your little friend Harry has got her back, nothing gets in my way I'll just make the moment perfect and then go in with a bang!)

I closed my laptop gently so I wouldn't wake up Selena. I knew if I read the description even further I would literally throw something and I know Selena would wake up and ask questions in why i'm throwing and breaking things. I just relaxed myself on the chair letting these thoughts wonder off until I fell asleep. Into a deep Sleep.

Selena's POV


I was at Starbucks buying a vanilla latte when I received a text from Demi.

Demi: Hey Selena! meet me at the bridge @ 12:15 pm ASAP you got to see this and I know you won't like it see you then.

Selena: Sure here buying a drink from Starbucks. want any?

Demi: Oh sure I'll pay you back. green tea latte?"

Selena: kk see you then. p.s don't worry you don't need to pay me back. :)

Demi: :0 / :)

When Demi's last text went through I laughed. After I ordered Demi's Green tea latte, I went for a walk not bothering to drive to the bridge. The bridge, Harry has gone to visit the bridge with his girlfriend Taylor. Taylor Swift I mean just because she sings amazing doesn't mean that Harry likes her, I totally sing better than her I know that. 

Oh how I hate Taylor!. As I got there I found Demi waving to me, I waved back but then I became confused when she pointed at something. It was a couple, the boy with curly brown hair was proposing to a blond headed girl. I looked back at Demi and gave her a smile with a thumbs up. It was confusing again when she pointed at them again, I shook my head then went up to the bridge to see what going on.

When I got there, I looked at Demi. She mouthed (I'm so sorry) to me and then pointed at the couple again. I looked at them closely as my knees felt weak and my eyes filled with tears. I fell on my knees and let the tears fall down to my jeans not bothering to touch my cheeks. It was Harry proposing to Taylor, nooo I love Harry this should never happen. I stood up and ran to Harry keeping the distance between us high.

"Harry..." I said as my crying took over me.

"Selena I'm so glad your here." Harry got up from his knee and ran to me to give me a hug. I just stood there frozen not putting any effort on the hug, his hug the hugs that were meant for me through the years but now there meant for Taylor. Harry pulled away from the hug and examined my face finding my eyes puffy,red and my makeup smeared a bit.

"Selena what's wrong?" he asked as I continued to let the tears fall. I stood there silent knowing that if I answer, it wouldn't make things better.

"Selena please answer me. What's wrong? Demi whats wrong with Selena?" he looked at me then at Demi. I knew Demi just shrugged her shoulders because I could feel her doing it since her hands were on my back rubbing it up and down.

"Selena........" He whispered as he ran him thumb on my cheek, the comfort from him made the tears from my eyes from falling and from forming. I starred into Harry's eyes until there were no tears left.

"Selena aren't you happy for me?" When he said that Tears began to form into my eyes, I let them drop one by one.

"Harry...... I'm sorry please don't leave me, I thought you love me." I said as i caught my breath letting each word go slowly and clearly.

"Selena I would never leave you even if i'm getting married. I will alway love you." he said looking into my eyes. Taylor disturbed us when she coughed out "As a friend" Harry gave Taylor a look that I couldn't explain. Was it a romantic look, a death look, a angry look I don't know.

"Harry how could you do this to me, you pick her instead me. Marrying her will hurt me more than you ignoring me." I said while I squeezed his hand tighter.

"Selena I'll never leave you. Please remember that. God knows that I'll never leave your side, even the moon and stars know that." The moon and stars don't know but God may know. The hurt in Harry's eyes kept going and going.

"I love you Harry with all my heart and soul, I would give everything to you even if it cost myself to leave Earth and be with you. I just love you so much." These words were true, I did love him with all my soul. Harry smiled at me and gave me a hug while Demi said "awe."

Taylor in the another hand called me and loser in the other hand. Losing Harry and letting him be with a girl that I hate was a huge saciface that I had to suffer but if it makes Harry happy then I'm willing to do it.

~Dream Ends~

I woke up to the feeling that I was cuddling something hard. I rubbed my eyes to find that I was cuddling a book called Catching Fire. Oh my gosh I love the first one called Hunger Games. I looked around knowing that this wasn't my book and finding out that The bed I was laying on was not mine either. The room that I'm in right now was Harry's because I could feel his scent tingling through my nose. Harry.... I forgot Harry was getting married to Taylor, wait getting married. No Harry was getting married in my dream stop forming those tears Sel.

I looked around the room and found Harry sleeping on the chair letting out soft snores telling me that he was fast asleep. There was a bright light blinking beside Harry, it was his laptop I wonder why it's blinking its hurting my eyes. I knew that I had to invade Harry's space by looking into his computer so I could stop the blinking, God I have to do this fast because I think I'm going blind already. I slowly sat up from the bed and opened the laptop because it was close to me. My heart almost stopped when I found a pic of me posted by a guy name Justin Bieber. OH MY GOSH! JUSTIN BIEBER. I read the description that made the tears in my eyes to fall loudly.

(This girl name Selena has caught my eye. Time to make her mine. Even though your little friend Harry has got her back, nothing gets in my way I'll just make the moment perfect and then go in with a bang!) 

I read everything from top to bottom. The sudden loudness of me crying couldn't become quiet when a pair of big hands startled me by rubbing my back up and down, it was Harry I woke him up.

"shhhh Its ok Selena I promise I will protect you." Harry whispered causing the tears to fall even more.

"I-I'm s-so sorry H-harry, your l-laptop was blinking a-and the l-light was h-hurting m-my eyes I had t-to t-turn it o-off by t-touching your laptop." I said stuttering. Harry starred at me as the light from his laptop helped me see him better.

"I know I'm sorry for not turning it off properly. Selena I had to find out who he was." he said as he pulled me in for a hug, my head buried in his neck.

"Thank you for it, your the best person in the world." I mumbled into his neck. He chuckled softly. He pulled away from the hug.

"Time to go to bed Selly, tomorrow is another day of school." He mimicked as if he was a old lady. I laughed softly so no one but me and Harry could hear. I nodded. I grabbed the book called Catching Fire and snuggled into the covers while Harry joins me after he turned off his laptop properly.

"You like Catching Fire?" he asked as a huge smile appeared on my lips.

"No I don't like it, I Love it. I can't wait to watch the movie in theaters next week even though the actually release is on Friday and the cast is going to be there but oh well plus you have to buy the tickets or win a contest to meet them and there is going to a autograph booth. Oh I wish we could meet them the tickets cost $45.00 each. Oh well its best to save up while your at it." I said fangirling quietly causing harry to laugh at me.

"Goodnight Haz."

"Goodnight Sel"

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