This Is Us And Only Us (Harry Styles And Selena Gomez)

Memories, Moments, Things We Always Do For Fun, Sleepovers, Being There By My Side, All Being Thrown Away By Just One Silly Offer To Make Her Famous. Selena Gomez Was Once A Kid Who Had A Dream To Do Anything, But She Never Meant To Realize That One Day She Would Become One Of The Biggest Celebrities In Los Angeles. Harry Styles Also Had A Dream, A Dream to Always Be There For Selena When She Needs Him. The Day Had Came Were Selena Was Offered A Letter From Avex International To Move To Los Angeles And Become A Singer, Harry Thought It Would Be Awesome For Selena to accept Until They Made The Biggest Mistake.

What Happens When Harry And Selena Are Both On The Other Side Of The World. Selena Doesn't Know What Harry Has Been Doing, Neither Has Harry Known That Selena Has Been Bonding With Someone That He Despise. Will They Ever See Each Other Again? Would There Be Any Problems Along The Way To Fame?

But The Question Is........ Will They Be Together Again Like Old Times?


40. 39. Invitation

Chapter 39 (Invitation)

Selena's POV

Demi and I are at our photo shoot. Management were upset about me getting injured but haven't canceled it. Here I am posing for the camera with Demi. They didn't do anything with my bandage but they did say not to turn around so it won't be noticeable.

"Smile for the camera Selena!" I heard the photographer yell. I did my best smile as I posed for the camera. Well Demi, she looked like she was enjoying it. As I heard the shutter button go off, I removed the smile off my face.

"Ok Next pose!" He yelled again. Damn why does he keep on yelling for no reason, were right here. I did the next pose which was kinda hard since I am wearing heels of course. I lifted my left leg up and tried to hold balance. i was really lucky that Demi was allowed to hold onto me.

"That's Great! Smile!!." He yelled even louder. This photographer stinks and is rude. I could feel Demi shiver as we waited for him to take the picture. As soon as we heard the last shutter button, Demi groaned and let go of my arm.

"You know, you don't have to shout at us!!" Demi shouted at him. I began to stumble as I heard him scoff at us.

"Demi!" I yelled as I tried to find something to grab unto but I stumbled and fell backwards. I fell on my butt but it didn't hurt at all, well just a little bit. I heard Demi let in a breath and ran to me, crouching down to me.

"Here I'll help you." She said as she held out a hand for me. I patiently took it and wiped the dust of outfit as I finally stood up.

"Late timing but thanks" I said. She smiled at me and turned her head back to the photographer. I glanced over to him also earning a death glare from him.

"What are you starring at?! Your done so get out of my studio!!" He snapped. Demi scoffed as she walked over to her stuff and gathered everything. I followed her as I took my water bottle from the break room and opened the cap to drink it. Just as I was going to gather my stuff and leave just like Demi, I found a lady coming over to me. She was wearing some business clothes and a clipboard hanging on his arm.

"Hello My name is Destiny." She said holding her hand out for me to shake. She had this unpredictable smile on her face that made me believe that she was sweet and nice already. I took her hand gently as I shaked it.

"Who are you?" I asked. I removed my hand from hers and started to grab my stuff.

"I am hired to book your appointments, interviews, and any other things." She explained.

"Oh Ok Nice to meet you." I said as I gave her a light smile. She gave me her phone number that was on a piece of paper and then we say our goodbyes. I really need to get my phone back or maybe buy a new phone. I can't keep living without a phone, its just hard. I strolled out of the building into the parking lot, eye balling were Demi parked the car. As I entered the parking lot filled with cars, I heard a car beep behind me. I turned around finding Demi with the car in engine. She pushed the window down as she yelled at me.

"Come one Selena." She giggled. I smiled at her as I ran to the car and slipped into the passenger seat. I putted my seat belt on and organized my things as Demi drove out of the area.

"Did you know about our new organizer, Destiny." I asked Dem. She gave me a confused look and then smiled.

"Yup you didn't know, she was here yesterday." She said. I was the one who shot her a confused look as she gave me a 'What are you looking at look'.

"Yesterday?" I asked. She nodded her head as she made a left turn. Then her eyes went direct to me with a blank expression.

"Wait never mind. You weren't there yesterday. She came at 3:30 when you left at 1:00." She corrected herself. I then breathed out some of my old air that I had breathed in a few seconds ago. I thought she was a fake stranger for a second but she was actually real.

"Oh." I ended. She then laid her eyes back on the road, turning, stopping and parking. Then then glanced at here shirt and jeans, it had thick layer of wetness that had the jeans absorbed.

"What happened to your clothes?" I generally asked. She then looked down to her clothes and gave me a angry look.

"That selfish photographer pushed me on purpose when I was drinking my water." She snapped. I watched her honk at another car for no reason.

"Woah. Demi calm down. Its not like we live with him or will be spending our whole lives with him." I giggled. I could hear her breathe in and out like if this was a meditation exercise. She smiled at me as she parked the car in the garage and turned the ignition off.

"Well that was fun." She said sarcastically. I smirked at her as I got out of the car and went straight out of the garage door, leaving Demi with the cars needs. As I got to the front of the house, I found someone very familiar standing outside the door. I squinted my eyes and found Justin waiting for us.

"Justin?" I said as I revealed myself from the bushes. He smiled at me and waved his hands at me as he shoved his hands into his pockets. I walked up the stairs and went up to him, I peered over to Demi who had her eyes widen at the sight beside me.

"What is he doing here?" She asked trying to be polite as she pointed at Justin. He shrugged his shoulders as I gave him a smile.

"I just came here to tell you guys something." he announced. I giggled at him as I took my keys out and unlocked the door. I was followed by Demi and then Justin but he just stayed outside starring at me.

"Um you can come in." I uncomfortably said as I gestured my hand inside. He mouthed Thank you as he went inside, I closed the door and locked it securely. I went over to the living room and dropped my bag on the counter. Justin just sat on the sofa waiting for me and Demi.

"I'll be up in my room." Demi reminded us. I gave her a glare, don't leave me Demi. I guess its just Justin and I. As Demi walked up the stairs, I sat on a separate chair and peered over to Justin who was sitting patiently.

"So what do you want to tell" I corrected myself since Demi wasn't here. She just escaped and left me with... Him.

"Well I was thinking of inviting you and Demi to my friends Halloween party this Saturday." He said. I crossed my legs and stared at the ground. I bit my bottom lip cautiously.

"Halloween party?" I asked just to make sure if I had heard it right. I didn't want to go to this Halloween party, Harry's not here with me. But I didn't want to decline it, I would just make Justin disappointed and wasted his time to come all the way over here instead of calling us. Wait he can't call us, I don't have my phone. I need to put a reminder to get a new phone.

"You don't have to come if you don't want to." He immediately spoke, he lifted his butt off the couch slightly but then sat back down again until he noticed what he was doing.

"No I'll go. Don't worry, it will be fun. For me and Demi since we haven't been anywhere exciting yet." I explained. His face went to a smile then before. I kinda made my decision but what am I going to where? I have no costume.

"Ok, you can were anything you want unless you don't have a costume." he said.

"What time should Demi and I arrive?"

"5:15 Pm but the party starts at 6:00. Here." He went into his pocket and out came a small piece of paper. He reached out for me to take it, I gradually did.

"What's this?" I asked looking at the small handwriting address.

"It's the address to the house, I had to write it in a piece of paper and give it to you since you didn't have a phone." He explained. I flushed in a bright red color. Damn.

"Sorry I just.... I'm planning to get a new one. I just left my phone somewhere else and I wouldn't be able to get it since its far from me." What is up with me. That didn't make any sense. Justin nodded his head looking understandable.

"Sure no problem. I have to go. I'll see you at the party?" He said as he stood up from the couch, stretching. I did the same thing as him but went to the front door to say goodbye.

"Yeah sure." I smiled. He smiled back as I opened the door and he walked outside. He waved goodbye and left to his car. I shut the door quietly but rapidly. I had a shocked look on my face since I was starring at the small but detailed mirror in front of me. That conversation that Justin and I had....


Harry's POV

It's been yesterday since I had talked to Selena. She left her phone on her bed so I think she doesn't have a phone now. As I stared out the window, her phone began to buzz. Again. I groaned as I stumbled up to the counter that had her phone on.

Management? I chose to ignore it since I had no business with them. Her phone kept ringing non-stop since yesterday. Demi was the first one to call and then now management? After her phone had stopped ringing, I became relieved until I heard one ding from her phone. Selena just received a text message. I didn't bother to open her phone and look at who just texted her. My eyes began to widen and my fist began to clench as I saw who had texted Selena. Justin. it began with

'Hey Selena. I just wanted to let you know that you are invited to come to'

It stopped right there. I wanted to read the text fully but then I had to past Selena's pass code. it was I word code. I typed in Selena but I got a incorrect. I typed it Selly, nope not that. I typed in Gomez, Harry think! I tried again and typed in Marie but then her phone went into a 1 minute self lock. I had to wait for it but I couldn't. What ever Justin texted Selena was a urgent to me.

I waited and waited until the 1 minute was up. I tried Demi but then it went to Self look again but this time, it was on 5 minutes. I groaned as I had been instructed to wait for 5 minutes. I used my time wisely by thinking what her password would be. It could have been Aunt Anne, Buster, or even me. Why would she use my name as a password. As the 5 minutes were up, I decided to use my name. I typed in my name, I know it won't work. Wait would Selena use my..... I heard a click and then her phone went to the main screen.

My name is her password? Why me? I couldn't believe this. I didn't have any time to spare as I opened her messages and tapped on her text messages to Justin. Once I had Opened the file, I began to read.

'Hey Selena. I just wanted to let you know that you are invited to come to to my friends house this Saturday. We are having a Halloween Party so yeah it's a costume party. Call me back if I have read this message. ;)'

Once I was finished reading the text message, I became furious. Not only by the invitation but by the winky face at the end. Why would Selena want to go to a stupid party like that. I knew she wouldn't celebrate Halloween without me, we do it every year. I know I won't spend Halloween when she is not here.

But will she?


Hey Guys! Selena has just been invited to go to a party with Justin? Will Justin make a move on her during the party when Harry is still not around? Find out on next chapter. As if you are wondering, the video on the side is me singing the song that was for Chapter 35 (A Dove With A White Soul) Use a headphone or ear plug things because it sounds better then speakers, I'm positive, I tried it sounded horrible. Yeah. That's me. Hope you guys enjoy the chapter. I will update soon. Promise but I won't do it now :) That's the hint. Love you all forever eternity.

Kayla -kaylaerica16-

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