This Is Us And Only Us (Harry Styles And Selena Gomez)

Memories, Moments, Things We Always Do For Fun, Sleepovers, Being There By My Side, All Being Thrown Away By Just One Silly Offer To Make Her Famous. Selena Gomez Was Once A Kid Who Had A Dream To Do Anything, But She Never Meant To Realize That One Day She Would Become One Of The Biggest Celebrities In Los Angeles. Harry Styles Also Had A Dream, A Dream to Always Be There For Selena When She Needs Him. The Day Had Came Were Selena Was Offered A Letter From Avex International To Move To Los Angeles And Become A Singer, Harry Thought It Would Be Awesome For Selena to accept Until They Made The Biggest Mistake.

What Happens When Harry And Selena Are Both On The Other Side Of The World. Selena Doesn't Know What Harry Has Been Doing, Neither Has Harry Known That Selena Has Been Bonding With Someone That He Despise. Will They Ever See Each Other Again? Would There Be Any Problems Along The Way To Fame?

But The Question Is........ Will They Be Together Again Like Old Times?


27. 26. Changed

Chapter 26 (Changed)

Harry's POV

"I'll have to move to Los Angeles if I accept" she spoke softly. Move to Los Angeles, does she mean living there?!

"W-what?" I said disappointed and confused. Her eyes began to form tears as she looked at her phone. She was looking at her text messages to Demi, but why?.

"Haz I don't want to leave you and Aunt Anne, I'm not ready to do this." She cried. I pulled her into my arms stroking her soft brown hair, I felt the water droplets on my hands.

"No Selena, this is a great opportunity for you. I know this is hard for you and it is hard for me but I want you to have a bright new future." I whispered into her ear.

"But Harry, I already have a bright future." she said while lifting her head up from my lap. Her eyes were bright red and puffy, her lips kept quivering.

"Selena no you don't. Look at you, you keep having nightmares, your getting bullied by this Justin guy and I keep on hurting you. Is this the bright future you want to take?" I admit. She shook her head no letting mulitples of tears fall.

"If thats what it takes to be with you then I'll do it." Why does Selena have to be so sweet and kind but most importantly, cute. I pulled her into a hug once more.

"You going to Los Angeles and having a great career is what I want you to do. Plus don't worry I have Demi by my side." I said with a smile. I was also worried about Los Angeles, is it safe there for her, well she make new friends there.

"Haz....." she spoke silently.


"Demi is coming with me. She received the letter also. I have to live with her in Los Angeles if I go." W-what? Demi also. Thats fine thats fine, I have mom with me and and. Oh man all I have is Selena Demi as my friends. Wait Ed I have Ed forgot about him.

"Oh..... Its ok I have Ed with me."

"Who's Ed?" oops, I forgot to tell Selena about Ed. Well lets see, Selena he works at the bakery with me and we became friends. He was the one who help me pick out your gift. Yup that sounds right.

"Well he works at the bakery with me and then we became friends, hes a really great guy since he helped me pick out your gift." I mentioned. She smiled at me brightly. She had stopped crying so now I could see her true beauty.

"Haz I still don't think its a good idea for me to leave."

"No Selly, I want you too please for me." It was true I wanted Selena to go. Not because I don't want her to stay, I wanted her to have a bright future I mean look at her now. Her life here in Canada is garbage, shes been treated like a thing. Not a human, like a toy. It is best for her to start over in Los Angeles, a new career, a new beginning.

"I'm going to miss you Haz. Nothing will be the same." she truthfully said. I'm going to miss her more. Her everything is all I needed but this is a great oppertunity for her, she needs someone better then me to hold, to treat, to admire, especially to love. I treated Selena like a toy, I've been lying to her too much and I hate it. It true that I didn't like sharing but I'm doing this for Selena, she is the only person I cared about. Well second person, I also care about my mom.

"I'm going to miss you selly, don't forget about me." I said. She is everything I wanted to be, but now its gone.


Selena's POV


Another day of school, well for Haz it is. I just needed to go to school to empty my locker. Harry and I walked hand in hand into the school, rumor had already spreaded that Harry and I are together. I received the plane tickets this morning and I'm already going to miss everything.

"Selena!" I heard someone call out my name. I turned around finding Demi running towards me. I released my hand from Harry's and ran to Demi, as I gave Demi a hug I can hear Harry chuckle. I turned around and gave him a playful glare which made him stop laughing and whistle looking around finding something interesting. I laughed.

"Hey Demi, I heard were going to go to Los Angeles together." I started off, she started smiling widly making me giggle.

"Of course, I can't believe were going to Los Angeles. I mean we're going to be celebrities like Taylor Swift, Arianna Grande. Wait haven't you heard. Someone else also got accepted to go to Los Angeles." Someone else is coming with us too. I wonder who it is.

"Who?" I asked. Demi's smile and happiness soon faded away. She looked frighten and scared.

"Who Demi?" I asked again. She pulled me away from the crowd leaving us two I'm a corner of a wall close to the window.

"Wait why are you bringing me into a corner and who is coming with us." I asked unpatiently. I watched her look both side to side before she could speak.

"I know if I didn't bring you into this corner, Harry wouldn't let you go to Los Angeles." She whispered into my ear. I gave her a confused look. Of course Harry is letting me go, he just said so on Sunday.

"Why would Harry not let me go to Los Angeles when he said that I should on Sunday." I said confused. Demi gave me a 'you don't get it look' causing me to drop my clue to what she is saying.

"No you don't get it. If Harry hears who also got accepted to Los Angeles, he would flip and get mad." I looked at Harry who was very far from our position. He smiled at me and waved. I returned he's kindness but giving him a blow kiss. What a cheesy Harry. Demi already knew we were dating since the time when we started holding hands on Monday.

"Then who is it that your afraid of Harry hearing, you know I may not know him."

"Oh believe me you do know him." She said smiled but then went back to serious.

"Then who is it?" I asked again, I keep on asking to many times until she finally gave in. She then leaned into my ear and whispered to most Uncomfortable name in my life that should never be mentioned.

"Justin" she spoke silently into my ear

"W-what?" I responded. She gave me a 'I told you look' that made me laugh.

"But He has a girlfriend, he won't come back to what he was along time ago right"

"Selena, I heard he doesn't have a girlfriend but he did have a cousin visiting him last week honey." She said all mysteriously trying to freak me out. I nudged her shoulder.

"Demi I'm serious." I whined. She giggled. I walked out of the corner back to Harry.

"Wait Selena I was just joking but what I just said was real." Demi panted. I looked at Harry, he looked concerned.

"What does she mean Sel?" he asked confused. I looked back at Demi and then back at Harry. I tried to find my words but then I realized that I have to lie to Harry and that was a bad thing.

"I-I well H-her and I well uh....." I started off. I kept stuttering of course. Why Selena! I decided to tell him the true since I can't take lying to Selena.

"Fine you caught us, we were actually talking about........" I didn't finish my sentence when Demi squeezed my hand tightly making me change the subject.

"Your goodbye gift." I ended happily. Oh my god Selena why. I know right now I have to act excited and happy but deep inside I am kicking myself. Crap, I hate myself, goodbye world.

"Oh really?" Harry said shocked. He held onto my hand making me giggle but soon faded when I thought of what I've done. He gave me a kiss on the cheek making Demi awe and making me give her a playful glare. Harry chuckled.

"Yeah you weren't suppose to know about this till tomorrow but now you know, you can practice your surprise face." I said as the first bell rang. The hallway became noisy and crowded.

"Hey Princess, I got to go to class now. See you in Second period." Harry said as he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I giggled at him, giving him a wave goodbye as he vanished into the group of kids.

"I wish I could get a boyfriend who could treat me like that." Demi sighed out. I smiled at her jolly.

"Come on let's empty out lockers, tomorrow is going to be a busy day." I giggle pulling Demi's arm leading to our lockers. She grinned at me as we made it to our lockers.

I turned my locker combination. 1,8,5,0,2,6,9,3,4,7,0. When It busted open, There in my locker where my notebooks, can of ball pens and pencils, my sharpener, my water bottle from yesterday. Must be dirty now, better throw it it the garbage. I took my water bottle and threw it in the garbage. Once I had move all of my things inside my now stuffed back bag. I walked back to Demi finding her struggling with her backpack zipper.

"Hey Demi, are you done?" I asked sarcastically know that she needed help.

"Yeah yeah yeah now can you just help me with this stupid zipper" Demi struggled. She then left her back pack for me to zip up. I took the zipper and tried to zip it up but the bag is too full I can't. If I could just have strong arms to zip it then I could just do it.

"Demi I can't zip it, your bag is too full." I explain. She sighed out, I knew what she was going to do but then a voice from behind me asked if they could help.

"Maybe I could do it." A voice had said from behind me. Demi had turned around before me as I watched her with her eyes wide open. I turned around until I met the browns eyes from a unfamiliar person that I didn't really wanna see right now. Justin wants to help, is he serious.

"You helping us? Wow that's a first timer. What happened to bad boy Justin." I questioned slutty. He gave me a smirk then walked over to Demi's bag. With one slight tug on the zipper, it zipped. Did Justin the baddest boy I know just helped us.

"Look I know the I had been mean to you for the past few weeks. I thought over what I had done to you and to your friends especially Harry was horrible and disgusting." He started off. I didn't believe him until Demi interrupted.

"Tell me about it." Demi said. I turned around giving her a glare. I mouthed out 'Let Him Finish'.

"Sorry um carry on." she said apologizing. She turned into a crimson red before Justin could finish.

"But now, I want to change for this semester and when I leave tomorrow." He ended.

"Tomorrow?" I questioned, oh right I forgot. His coming with us to Los Angeles. Crap. I still don't believe him. Justin changing for Demi and Harry, most importantly me. Why?.

"Yeah I got a letter from a company called Avex International saying they want to give me a singing career. And for me to accept, I need to move and live in Los Angeles cuz you know. Avex International is in Los Angeles." He admit softly. I can't believe that he isn't using his rough and annoying voice. Am I really talking to the real, kind and caring Justin.

"Oh um that's surprising because Demi and I got the same letter as you." I shrugged my shoulders as I placed my hands into my pockets. He smiled at me and Demi.

"Really?" He said happily. I looked at Demi who was smiling, if Demi's smiling then I should smile too.

"Yeah really, I guess we're going to see you a lot when we get there." I said. Why am I doing all the talking here. Demi? As soon as Justin could reply, a voice called out for him.

"Justin Bieber?" A man cried out from the distance. I looked over Justin's shoulders finding Mister Gabriel, our principal. He came up to us smiling.

"Oh hi mister Gabriel." Demi said Beating us too it. I waved hello to him followed by Justin.

"Hello children, I see you are all finish emptying your lockers." he said while putting his hands into pockets.

"Yup just finished right now Mister Gabriel." Justin said.

"Well we all know that Charles Dickson high school is going to miss you three. You three have been really good students especially you two." he said pointing at Demi and I with his two fingers.

"Sorry Justin."

"It's fine Mister Gabriel, earning it for my mistakes." Justin said confidently. Is this real. It's Real! Justin has changed, wait what am I saying. I hate Justin.

"Good now-" before he could finish his sentence. The PA had rang.

"*Mister Gabriel can you please come to the office. Mister Gabriel.*"

"Well there calling for me, can you three excuse me. The office is calling for me." Mister Gabriel had said while making his way to the office.

"No problem, bye Mister Gabriel." I said waving at him before he had disappeared. The second Bell had rang indicating that first period is done. Wow that fast. I watched the crowd of students burst out of their home rooms into the hallway.

"Well I guess I this is goodbye for now. If Harry sees me talking to you, you know what happens." I said grabbing my bag off the floor.

"Yeah yeah, boyfriend protection. I got it. Well nice talking to you guys, see you tomorrow." He said while putting on his backpack and waving good bye. Demi and I waved goodbye as he left the school buildings. Demi started to walk down the hallway, I followed her.

"That was strange, we actually talked to the real Justin." I started off, removing the silence between.

"Yeah I still can't believe it. I think his trying to pull a act still Selena." Demi said. Before I could do anything, I see Harry running to me with a worried look on his face.

"Selena Selena! Are you ok?!"Harry panting before pulling me into a hug swinging me into the air. He had his hand in the back of my head pushing my face on his chest. I could smell his natural scent, it smells like mint. I tried to respond to him but a bunch of muffles came out of my mouth. I tried again trying to make it clearer but the same old muffles came out again. I sighed out into his chest putting my hand up indicating that I can't breathe

"Right Sorry." Harry said removing me off his grip. He then kneeled down on his knees putting both of his hands on the side of my head.

"Yeah I'm fine. Why are so out of breath?" I asked. He stood up still examining my face for any scratches or bruises. Demi jut stood there awe which I hate most of the time but not right now.

"When Mister Gabriel came to History class today, he mentioned to the class that he just talked to you three. Demi you and Justin." when he got to the Justin part, I could see him clench his fist tightly and his eyes grew dark.

"Don't worry Haz. He didn't do anything to me or Demi. We just talked." I explained. A bunch of relief came out of him leaving him the same old caring Harry. I giggled at him, followed by Demi. I grabbed his hand while walking to the cafeteria, I really want a new water bottle now.

"Hey Selena, Harry. I'll catch you later, I need to go to meet Miss Heather. She wants me to help her sort some things out. Catch you later." she said. Harry and I waved goodbye. When Demi left, Harry didn't bother to ask.

"What were you guys talking about?" he asked removing the silence between us. Oh no, if I tell Haz that Justin is going with us. I don't know what he would do.

"Um well uh.... he said he was sorry for everything he did from the past few weeks to maybe months." I started off. Crap why did I start off with Um Well and uh. Selena your so stupid.

"Really? sure his sorry for everything. Selena are you sure that's all?" he asked again. I don't want to lie to Harry again, well the first about Justin apologizing was true but I can't tell him about Justin coming to Los Angeles with us and working in the same company as us.

"Well um we also talked about...... um" I said. Selena think of something. I looked at Harry, he looked confused but concerned. I can't do this to Harry, Harry's my boyfriend and my best friend. I shouldn't be lying to him.

"Um I........" That's it I can't take it anymore.

"Harry I need to tell you something." I said stopping beside the men's washroom. He looked at me worried, I felt really guilty for what Im going to be doing. Demi will get mad at me for telling him.

"Is there something wrong?" he asked again. I stood there hoping he wouldn't get mad or such. I took a deep breath trying to relax.

"Justin also was offered a music career. He's coming with Demi and I to Los Angeles. Im so sorry Haz. Please don't get mad, I only knew this morning." I said. I couldn't take the pressure as I let multiple tears fall out of my eyes. Good thing I'am wearing my waterproof mascara. I watched Harry's eyes soften. I couldn't let Harry feel this way.

"Selly I can't believe this. I don't want that Justin guy being with you in Los Angeles without me there." he admit. I didn't like where this conversation was going.

"Haz if you don't want me to go then I won't I-"

"No go. I want you to go like I said. This is a great opportunity. I don't want you to be those people who are being used like a toy. Look at yourself Selena! You don't like your old self. Being in Los Angeles will change your life, it will make it better ok. Just go ok." He spat at me. I cried loud letting people watch us. Harry no you can't do this.

"Haz please don't do this." I whispered softly. Trying to control my crying.

"I'm sorry Sel, Just go ok. I'll be fine." he said while entering the men's washroom. I ran crying through the hallways. I could hear people talk behind behind my back. I could hear the stall door slam inside the men's washroom. What have I done. All I did was run for my life out of the building.

"Selena!" I heard Demi cry out but I didn't turn back. I kept running. I ran into my car starting the engine. I drove my car back home before anyone could stop me, well a red stop light did but it didn't bother me. I kept crying through the drive. Once I had gotten back home, I ran into my room ignoring Busters barking and locked the door.

I angrily pulled my brown flower patterned suit case out and stuffed all of my clothes in it. Well some of my clothes, the ones that I may need for Los Angeles. Once I was finish packing, I lay on my back on my bed. I took my pillow and sobbed on it. I knew it was a bad choice until I realized that I stained my mascara lipstick on it. Crap. This is the worst Last Day before leaving for Los Angeles.

Harry's POV

I am so pissed at what I just heard. I am not mad at Selena, she just founded out this morning and she just received and sorted out things for Los Angeles. She can't back out now. I looked at myself in the mirror, I look dreadful and angry. This is the side that I don't want Selena to see. Justin is going to go with Selena and Demi to Los Angeles? You know how dreadful that sounds like. Just imagining Selena seeing Justin almost everyday because of that offer. I slammed my fist hard on the bathroom sink.

"Dammit Harry." I yelled. I think that Selena is already mad at me. What did I just do. Why do I have to yell at Selena when she did nothing. I heard a ding from outside to the hallways. Crap, the third bell rang. I walked out of the bathroom into the hallway, receiving glares from other people. I just walked to my home room ignoring them. I really do not want to go to Science class right now but I have too. I sat on my desk and watched Miss Hammid teach class. I couldn't really pay attention to what she was saying, All I could think about is how Selena is feeling. I grabbed my pencil and started to playing with it hitting both ends on the desk creating sounds.

"Mr. Styles could you please stop that noise. Please pay attention next time." Miss Hammid said annoyed. I took my pencil and placed it back on my desk nice and neat.

"Sorry Miss Hammid. It won't happen again." I said softly. I watched her features soften as she continued to teach class. Science class went by fast and I couldn't really think of what our home work was, it was a bunch of blur between me and the chalk board. Before I could walk out of the room, I was calls up.

"Harry Styles." Miss Hammid had called. I slowly walked up to her with my books in my hands.

"Yes Miss Hammid." I replied. She looked worried.

"Is there anything wrong, you are hardly acting strange today?" she asked. I felt weird telling Miss Hammid about my problems.

"No there's nothing wrong Miss Hammid."

"Are you sure Harry. You know, you are one of my best well behaved students."

"Yes Im sure, nothing's wrong."

"Ok but if there is something wrong, don't hesitate to tell me ok mr. Styles." She ended. I nodded before walking out of the room. It felt different eating alone in the cafeteria. No Friends, No Demi, especially No Selena. I screwed up so bad. All I have in my hand is a apple. As I chewed the soft filling inside it, My phone buzzed. I grabbed it rapidly hoping it was Selena but it wasn't. It was Ed.

"Hello?" I said into the phone. I heard muffles and other stuff from the other line.

"Hey Harry" Ed said from the other side of the line.

"Hey Ed. What's up?" I said trying not to show my gloomy side since I was feeling it.

"Nothing. I just want to know if you want to hang out or something." he asked. He did really sound bored.

"Sure, what about now?" I asked. I really had a feeling of skipping school now. I don't feel well.

"Really I thought you have school until three."

"Yeah but Im not feeling well since this morning so yeah."

"Sure want to meet me at Oakridge Mall?"

"Ok but can you come pick me up, I don't have a car"

"Sure be there in 5"

"Bye" After that, the line went dead. I need to remove my problems off my head and do something. After I was finished my apple, I stood up and threw it in the trash. I walked out of the cafeteria and into the hallway until someone grabbed me by the arm. I turned around finding Demi angry.

"Harry what happened to Selena, why is she crying?" She said confusingly.

"She had told me that Justin is going to go to Los Angeles with you two." I yelled out. Demi gave me a scared look while backing up from me.

"Look Demi, I didn't mean to yell. Im just mad about this situation." I confessed. She took a step closer to me giving me a hug.

"Awe it's ok, I know you didn't mean to." Demi said. She smells like vanilla but not close to what Selena smells like, Selena smells like a mix of coconut and wild berries at the same time. I looked out the window finding Ed pull up at the front of the building. I removed Demi off my grip.

"Demi I got to go. Please talk to Selena and tell her I'm sorry, She won't talk to me." I said while walking closer to the door leading to the outside world.

"Ok I will bye Harry." she shouted out. Her voice had echoed through the hallways. I waved goodbye then ran to Ed's car. While I adjusted my seat belt, Ed gave me a funny look.

"What?" I asked. He started laughing, I watched him start driving to the mall.

"Nothing." he chuckled out trying to stop laughing but couldn't.

"Ed Im serious what?" I asked again. He then reached out for something at the back of my back. He handed me a piece of paper with tape on it.

"What the..... 'The Harry Styles'" I read out. Ed started laughing uncontrollably.

"I wonder who did that?" Ed said trying to stop laughing. I went back to when Demi gave me a hug.

"Demi..." I whispered playfully with a smile.

"She must be a funny girl to me." he said while making a left turn to Freyer Street.

"Oh believe me she is." I said while crumbling up the paper and placing it into my pocket.


Hey guys Kayla here. Just finished Chapter 25. Merry Christmas Eve. Tomorrow is Christmas so I might not be able to post a chapter tomorrow since Im going to be busy. Selena is feeling bad now that she just made a wrong choice. Well Harry fix this up before she leaves. comment Below please. Sorry for the long Chapter, I made it long because I knew that I won't be able to post another chapter on Christmas leaving you guys hanging and I don't want that. Love you all forever eternity ❤ 12/24/13

Kayla -kaylaerica16-

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