This Is Us And Only Us (Harry Styles And Selena Gomez)

Memories, Moments, Things We Always Do For Fun, Sleepovers, Being There By My Side, All Being Thrown Away By Just One Silly Offer To Make Her Famous. Selena Gomez Was Once A Kid Who Had A Dream To Do Anything, But She Never Meant To Realize That One Day She Would Become One Of The Biggest Celebrities In Los Angeles. Harry Styles Also Had A Dream, A Dream to Always Be There For Selena When She Needs Him. The Day Had Came Were Selena Was Offered A Letter From Avex International To Move To Los Angeles And Become A Singer, Harry Thought It Would Be Awesome For Selena to accept Until They Made The Biggest Mistake.

What Happens When Harry And Selena Are Both On The Other Side Of The World. Selena Doesn't Know What Harry Has Been Doing, Neither Has Harry Known That Selena Has Been Bonding With Someone That He Despise. Will They Ever See Each Other Again? Would There Be Any Problems Along The Way To Fame?

But The Question Is........ Will They Be Together Again Like Old Times?


26. 25. The Letter

Chapter 25 (The Letter)

Selena's POV


I woke up from a voice in the distance, I opened my eyes finding myself in a empty room. My room. I stood up from my position and glanced at all the boxes surrounding me. I walked up to one box and opened it, inside the box that I had approached were photos. Millions of photos of Harry and I. I smiled at the photos, Harry and I were so happy back then. The picture I was looking at was Harry and I at school, Demi took the picture and so call happened to get her thumb on the pic. Nice Going Demi. I sighed at the photos of Harry and I in the box. I walked to the other boxes until I heard a voice that sounded like Harry's. 

"Harry?" I called out into the distance. I got no response back. Weird, I slowly opened my bedroom door that was connected to the hallway outside. As I opened the door, I peered at the darkness through the hallway. The clock was still ticking and the paintings were still up, but my room is filled with boxes. Am I moving or something?. I stuck my head out of the door and looked both side to side.

"Harry please answer I know your there." I called out again into the distance. I ran back into my room and took a photo of Harry and I into my arms.

"Where are you Harry? Where's Aunt Anne and Buster?" I mumbled to myself as I held the photo close to me. When I looked at the photo of Harry and I again, the photo slowly removed Harry out of the picture leaving only me. I was shocked at what was happening until someone replaced Harry. The person that was standing right beside me and replaced Harry in the photo was non and only. Justin. Justin Bieber. I let go of the photo in fear letting it drop unto the floor. I ran out of my room and ran into Harry's room ignoring the darkness beyond me. As I made it into Harry's room, I found Harry sitting on his bed with his head in his hands. 

"Harry?" I said softly. He removed his head of his hands and looked at me in shame and worries. His eyes were puffy from crying and his cheeks stained red.

"Selena I'm here as always princess" He whispered trying to control his crying. I walked closer to him until his eyes widen. I walked back to my position which seemed to calm him. I watched him mouthed out 'I'm sorry'. I tried to find my words to respond to Harry's statement but I couldn't. I walked closer to Harry finding his eyes widen again. I felt a slight pull on my leg causing me to fall on my stomach. I moaned in pain until it was replaced with a scream.

"HARRY!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed out as I was being dragged outside of his room. I left nail markings on the floor while I was being dragged. I watched Harry burst back into tears, he got up and tried to grab me but no use. I was drag somewhere far away, I couldn't see Harry ever again. I heard a door slam and heard Harry shouting and kicking on the door. 

"Selena! SELENA!" I heard Harry shouted fiercely. I cried very hard. I was dragged into my room and was slammed on the wall hard. I cried in pain hard and loudly. In front of me was a person, the man that dragged me away from Harry. He turned around until I made his face clear. It was Justin. He was wearing all black. 

"Hello Selena, we meet again." I shivered in fear trying to control my breathing. 

"W-what d-do you w-want Justin." I said trying to be brave but I ruined it by stuttering. He walked closer to me with a devilish smirk on his face. I crawled back to the wall shivering in fear. He walked faster to me and grabbed me on the top hem of my shirt. I cried shamelessly and scared.

"Can't stutter at my name can't you. I just came here to finish what I have started at school before your little friend had came. Since he is locked out of this room, we can have our privacy now." he whispered. I screamed out in pain when he started to rip my shirt and pull down my pants. I slapped him hard on the face and ran to the door. He had blood on his lips as he struggled to find his balance. I began to kick and knock the locked door in fear. I could hear Harry on the other side of the door trying to pry the door open.

"HARRY HELP ME!!! GET AWAY FROM ME YOU MONSTER!!!!" I screamed when he grabbed me and slammed me back on the wall. I think my spine is broken. He grabbed me widely and started kissing my neck roughly. He then bit my neck hard and out came ozzing blood. My blood. I whimpered loudly in pain.

"GET AWAY FROM HER YOU BASTARD!!!" I heard Harry shouted from the other side of the door. Justin punched me in the ribs so I wouldn't answer Harry's statement. I had bruises all over me. I kicked Justin on the nuts but he so happened to grab my foot and twist it. My foot was numbed and I couldn't feel anything. I cried loudly in pain, all of my body parts broken and beaten up. my breathing was increasing very high until it slowly faded.

"SELENA PLEASE DON'T DO THIS." Harry warned me but I couldn't, my vision became very blurry and my breathing was short. Justin just looked at me and then back at the door. It seems to me that Justin was enjoying seeing me die slowly.

"Harry I'm scared please someone help me. Hes coming after you Harry." I whispered. I knew Harry heard it for he was crying loudly and pounding/kicking the door. Justin just stood there shocked and unwise. My eyes started to droop down until I felt something wet and sticky, it was my blood leaking down from my shoulder. The area that Justin had bit on. Hard.

"Selena please don't do this. All you need to do is believe as if you told me to believe." I heard Harry one last time before I was swallowed into the darkness. The only thing I heard was Justin saying 'I had enough Styles!!' and the door bust open. And then I slowly faded away.

I thought I was in the hospital but I wasn't. A beaming light was shone above me. Heaven. God told me that I had to go back and that everything was just a dream. I didn't believe it was a dream, the pain felt so real. God told me that Harry was waiting for me to wake up. I closed my eyes and counted to 3. 1.....2.......3.......

~Dream Ended~

I woke up finding Harry crying in front of me with his head in his hands. I looked at me surrounding, we were in my car, I was lying on Harry's lap. I stared at my boyfriend crying. He then removed his head off his hands and looked at me surprised and worried. His eyes red and puffy and his cheeks stained red.

"Selena?" he called out shock and happy. My eyes become watery so I took my thumbs and wiped the tears still remaining to fall.Harry pulled me into a hug wrapping his arms around my back and then me wrapping my arms around his neck. 

"Haz it's so scary there. He warned me to stay away from you. If I didn't obey him he would come after you." I whispered gently. He gently stroke my red cheeks with his thumb while looking into my eyes. I watched Harry let a tear fall down from his face. I seems so Happy to see me, was I gone for quite awhile?

"Selena who warned you." he asked. I became frozen a paralyzed at the question. Justin beating me up and throwing me on the floor while Harry tried to help me but the door was pryed locked.

"Justin....." I mumbled under my breath so Harry wouldn't hear and it worked. He gave me a concerned look, I sighed shamelessly.

"God said he would never leave me, he left me in the dust and he took me. He told me that nobody loved me and that you would never ever love me or take me as a believer." I spoke gently. He took a strand of my hair and tucked it under my ear. Why would he do that, I'm ugly and fat. I looked at his hands as they tucked another strand behind my another ear. I looked back at Harry who was smiling.

"Selly God would never leave you, God chooses who he uses and he uses everyone. He wouldn't leave anybody in the dust, he wouldn't leave his creation behind." It was true, What Harry said was true. God chooses who he uses and he does uses everyone. Who am I, that the Lord of all the earth. Would care to know my name, and Would care to feel my hurt. I may not be perfect but Harry deserves someone better, a person that doesn't have nightmare and who is not fat and ugly. I am a flower quickly fading, here today but gone tomorrow. A wave into the ocean. A vapor in the wind. Does he still hear me when I'm calling? Does he catch me when i'm falling? But he did told me who I am. But I need to know again by asking again.

"Haz...." I said. My voice strangly higher that normal. I looked straight into his eyes trying to find out if he knew who I was before. Nightmares never happened to me before, but now there going crazy. Producing more often.

"Who am I?" I asked. Looked down out the car window. I watched as the birds flew out of the big tree and as the sunset falls down to the water. Wait were here at the carnival. I do really want to go but I'm tired. 

"You are Selena Marie Gomez. My best friend and the strongest person I know in my life. She never fears or give up on hard challenges in life. She is the girl who holds the key to me heart, life, mind and soul. But most importantly, my world." he said. I closed my eyes letting a tear fall from my cheek. When I opened my eyes, I smiled brightly at Harry but with no response with his statement.

"Then who are you?" I asked again. he looked out the wind shield watching the balloons fly to the sky hitting the clouds above. I looked back at him until I finally got my answer.

"I am your guardian angel" he respond. He crashed his lips against mine as I could feel the urge to deepen the kiss. It was true, he was my guardian angel. Sent from above or from earth? I could only know that he was my best friend and my soulmate. 


The true chapter

I told Harry that I wasn't feeling well, he had brought me home. I sat on the couch turning on the T.V, I covered up myself with the blanket that was folded up on the couch. Harry had sat beside me wrapping his arms around me. I had came up to a T.V show that was my all time favourite. Bugs Bunny and Tweety Show. it was a cartoon show. Here and there were sudden laughs from Harry and I until I heard something utterly not a giggle or laugh. it was my stomach. I become a red tomato for I was embarrassed at what just happened.

"Are you hungry" he smirked at me. I held on to the blanket as I quickly crossed my legs together.

"I'm starving actually" I replied. He smiled at me as he got off the couch and grabbed his car keys. 

"Do you want some chicken noodle soup?" He asked sincerely. I nodded at him. You know, I have to cutest and the best boyfriend ever. Have u noticed that. 

"Be back in 10" He ended as he opened the door letting the cold air come. I glanced at the clock. It's 1:57. I got up from my position and ran up to Harry giving him a big hug. He chuckled at me as he returned the hug. The scent of cologne really suits him better then me. As I pulled away from the hug I looked at his bright green eyes.

"You know how much I love you." I said. He blushed at my compliment before rubbing his forehead onto mine.

"I love you too....So much Selly." He whispered while still rubbing his forehead onto mine. With out further due, he kissed the tip of my nose and released me from his grip. I watched him walk down the porch stairs and wave goodbye. I returned the wave and closed the door leaving Buster and I. I got back to the couch still watching Bugs Bunny and Tweety show, Buster walked and jumped on the couch to sit beside me. I placed my hand on his fur feeling how soft it is.

As I was watching the cat Lucifer try to eat tweety, oh that poor yellow bird. I heard the mail slot open and shut. I looked at the clock. 2:02 PM. Oh I forgot today was mail day. silly Selena. I walked to the door picking up the today's mail. I think there's probably 5 in here. As I walked to the couch slowly, I decided to see what kind of mail had dropped in today.

"Bills." I said to myself while placing the mail at the back of the line.

"Bills." I said again placing the mail it at the back of the line.

"Advertising." Doing the same thing each time.

"Children's hospital." I said. I think this type of mail is for Aunt Anne since she works there. Placing it at the back of the line. Once I had come across the last one, it became not only familiar but strange. 

"Modest Music Company." I read the front label. It had the address sent for Selena Gomez. Mail for me. As I got to the couch, I had jumped on top of it while ripping the envelope. I pulled out the piece of paper the was provided inside the envelope. I didn't mind reading it out loud.

"Dear Selena Gomez, 

We are please to inform you that the Avex International would like to offer you a very special offer. Is to have your very own Music career. My employees have found out that back at your performance at Karaokie Dokie, you were the one who had won the contest with your very special friend. Your friend Demi Lovato had been informed also about this very special offer. 

If you wish to accept this offer and present a music career, please call 18008792976 or email us at for more Information. We gladly hope to get some good feed back from you. 

Robert McKenna
Avex International Music Foundation Manager"

I was complete utterly shocked but excited. I didn't know what to say, and how to explain this to Aunt Anne. More importantly Harry. I read the letter over and over again until I heard the door close and keys falling down the counter. Harry's home.

"Harry!" I said surprised. I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. He gave me a smirk that made me giggle. 

"Miss me already?" He asked. He holded up a brown bag in front of me, I think it's the chicken soup since I could smell it from the bag. I grabbed it from his hands and mouthed thank you to him. I walked over to the dining table and also being followed by Harry. I didn't really realize that I was still holding the letter that I had received until Harry had snatched it.

"Harry" I whined as I tried to grab the piece of paper back. He chuckled at me but soon faded when he read it. I knew that he was shocked.

"Harry I-" I began but interrupted.

"No Selena, you should accept. You having a music career? Do you know how good you sing." He spoke. I smiled brightly at him. Harry had pulled me into his arms letting the letter drop onto the floor.

"Want me to call them or email them?" I asked. I actually want to email them but If Harry wants to call them then that's fine by me.

"Why not call" he said as he grabbed my phone from my back pocket sneakily and waving it in front of my face.

"Your the best boyfriend ever." I quickly reminded him as I reached out for my phone. 

"I know I am." I chuckled at him. I bended over to reach for the paper that has been purposely dropped until Buster had grabbed it for me. I took the piece of paper from busters mouth and gave him a pat on the head. Good thing, the paper is not wet from Busters saliva. I opened my phone and quickly typed in the phone number that has been given to me. Once I had let the phone ring a few times, the phone has been picked up.

"Avex International Music Foundation. How may I help you." a lady's voice rang from the phone. I knew she was going to be helpful from the sound of her voice.

"Hi my name is Selena Gomez. Im calling regarding a letter that I have received today." I spoke happily. Harry being a gentleman had no problem setting up the chicken noodle soup. I watched him pour the soup into a bowl and place the utensils beside the perfectly placed napkin. I had cupped the phone with my hand giving Harry a thank you kiss.

"Oh you must be the person that we sent the letter to about the music career. Am I correct?" She said as I placed the phone back onto my ear.

"Yes that's me." I replied. I sat on the table that had the food that Harry had setted up for me.

"Ok well you may already know that your friend Demi Lovato has been given the same letter as you. If you both wish to accept you may need to move in with each other. The company has arranged a house for you to live in. Do you accept?" she asked. I gave Harry a look. He nodded. I knew he heard everything since the phone was on speaker.

"Yes I accept." I replied happily and excitedly. With out further notice, I switched the phone back to headset since the speaker of my phone were giving out static which was hurting my ears. Harry gave me a look that he was going to go upstairs to his room.

"Ok I will be arranging some things for you ok. I will be giving your plane tickets to you and your friend on Tuesday by mail. You should start packing your things, your plane leaves on Wednesday ok. That is everything that you will need to know."

"Wait wait. Plane tickets, packing? Where am I going?" I asked concerned. Plane tickets? Why do I need plane tickets.

"Miss, if you wish to accept you need to move to Los Angeles. You will be living there with your friend in a house remember I had explained."

"Yes but you never told me anything that I have to live in Los Angeles." I spoke silently so Harry wouldn't hear. If he knew, he would freak out.

"Ma'am, you don't expect that Avex International is in Canada. It's in Los Angeles miss. When you both get there, we will be already booking appointments, interviews and meetings. Once we are ready and think you are capable for this, you and your friend will be making your own songs or making your own hit singles. Anymore questions Ma'am?" she said. I don't know what to say. Oh my god what is Harry going to say. I can't do this, I don't want to leave Harry.

"No I think that's All the information that I can get. Thank you good day." I said. Before I could hang up, the lady spoke again.

"Wait ma'am do you wish to accept?" She asked again. I wasn't sure what to say. I need to check with Harry and Aunt Anne first though.

"I may have to think about this first miss. Can I call back tomorrow to inform you?" I asked politely. I could hear her writing down something on a piece of paper. Her pen writing is super loud.

"Sure ma'am, we are open 24/7. Ok miss good day bye." She said. As I said goodbye, I hung up. I sighed thinking about what I should do or say to Harry. I putted my phone on the table as I quickly ate my chicken noodle soup. Once I had gulped down my water, Harry had burst into the kitchen wearing his grey sweats and a Tee. I watched him happily glide to his seat acting all serious and other such.

"So did you accept?" Was the first thing that came out of his mouth. I shrugged my shoulder as I opened my phone. He gave me a weak smile and a concerned look on his face that made me feel guilty.

"Haz I don't know if I could." I spoke silently. He moved his chair closer to me putting his large hand on my back.

"Sel you have the most beautiful voice. This is the best offer you could ever receive, if I were you I would accept." he admit. I knew it was true, I would accept but I couldn't. I don't want to leave Harry and Aunt Anne, there the only two people who are really close to me. I mean I may have Demi with me to keep me company but It feels like I left half of me behind.

"I know Harry, I want to accept but I can't." I said trying to fight the urge to cry. He removed his hands away from me.

"Is there something wrong Selly?" He asked, his voice cracking at the end of the sentence. I looked at his eyes, worry is all I could see. I blinked a couple times to remove the moist in my eyes. 

"Harry I know you want me to accept this new route but I can't." I said looking deep into his eyes.

"Why not?" 

"Because if I do then I have to leave you and Aunt Anne." 

"No you won't, I get to see you everyday like old times right." he asked. I knew he wasn't feeling stable at where this conversation is going.

"Harry I'll have to move to Los Angeles if I accept." 


Hey guys its finally out. I know it took forever but I had to organize where this story was going so here it is. I hope you like this chapter. Above was Selena nightmare, sorry if it wasn't good for your taste but I tried. Ok Been discussing with a new friend for future chapters so will see where this story will end off to. Love you all forever Eternity 

Kayla -kaylaerica16-

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