This Is Us And Only Us (Harry Styles And Selena Gomez)

Memories, Moments, Things We Always Do For Fun, Sleepovers, Being There By My Side, All Being Thrown Away By Just One Silly Offer To Make Her Famous. Selena Gomez Was Once A Kid Who Had A Dream To Do Anything, But She Never Meant To Realize That One Day She Would Become One Of The Biggest Celebrities In Los Angeles. Harry Styles Also Had A Dream, A Dream to Always Be There For Selena When She Needs Him. The Day Had Came Were Selena Was Offered A Letter From Avex International To Move To Los Angeles And Become A Singer, Harry Thought It Would Be Awesome For Selena to accept Until They Made The Biggest Mistake.

What Happens When Harry And Selena Are Both On The Other Side Of The World. Selena Doesn't Know What Harry Has Been Doing, Neither Has Harry Known That Selena Has Been Bonding With Someone That He Despise. Will They Ever See Each Other Again? Would There Be Any Problems Along The Way To Fame?

But The Question Is........ Will They Be Together Again Like Old Times?


20. 19. Catching Fire II

Chapter 19 (Catching Fire II)

Selena's POV


"You bought these tickets for me?" I said as I looked at the tickets then back at him.

"Well I did went to make it the best date ever right." He said shrugging his shoulders while his hands were in his pockets. I looked back at the tickets and looked at the price marked at the bottom of the ticket. $45.00!. I looked at Harry all happy and thankful.

"Thank you thank you thank you HAz" I said as I hugged him so tightly. He chuckled at my behaviour and putted his arms around me returning the hug.

"Uh Selena" He said as I was still enjoying the moment.

"Shh Haz, trying to enjoy this moment" I said as I continued to hug him.

"Yeah but if you keep on hugging me, then we will be late for the movie." He said. As soon as he said those words, I immediately removed my arms around him and removed my seat belt.

"Then we better get moving." I said all excitedly. I opened the car door and stepped outside feeling the wide blow through my face. As soon as I heard a beep from a car I turned around finding Harry running towards me all scared and worried, I then turned around finding a car coming fast to my direction. I closed my eyes tight shut until I felt myself on the hard cement. I heard the crash from the car.

"Harry?" I said, no answer. My eyes were still closed shut for I was scared what I would be seeing.

"Harry?" I said again all weak, I then started to feel something that I was familiar with, As soon as I opened my eyes. 

My eyes began to water.



My eyes began to water from the view I was looking at. Fire. Fire everywhere. The car that I almost got hit ended up crashing on the fence that was blocking a construction site. I looked around my surrounding until I found what I was looking for, the thing that kept me alive. Harry. Harry saved me. There he was lying on the hard cold cement beside me with a wound on his upper corner of his face. 

"Harry!" I said as I came up to him. His eyes were shut closed, that's what I was afraid of. I shook his body back and forth until his eyes slowly fluttered open.

"Selena?" he whispered weakly, he was alive barely. I began to cry at what was about to happen. He then sat up from his position, I have him a hug crying into his arms.

"Haz it was horrible! I thought I lost you, I'm so sorry it should have been me not you." I cried. I was all dirty, Harry in face was also dirty. 

"Don't say that. I can't bare to see you gone while I'm still here on Earth. I will never let you sacrifice your life for me." He said as I heard the siren of the ambulance come. I gave Harry one last hug until the paramedics took me to the back of their truck. They gave me a breathing mask since I breathed in too many ashes. I watched the paramedics fix the wound on Harry's elbow and his forehead then they carry him into another back of a ambulance giving him a breathing mask also. The firefighters had putted the flame out causing the air to be really fuzzy and unclear. In the other hand, the police had examine the car accident and found out the man that was driving it was drunk. 

"Are you ok miss?" A police officer had came up to me. He didn't have a police uniform just a badge so I probably think he is a detective. I removed my breathing mask off my face so I could speak.

"Yeah I'm fine, hows Harry?" I asked. He pointed at Harry with his right hand.

"That young boy over there?" He said. I nodded.

"Yes he's fine, he's in good condition" he said. I was in relief that nothing happened to Harry during the accident. "Look miss, the crash was happened by a drunk man. Nothing too serious about the damage here so I guess the meet and greet can still go on. Can you please tell me what happened and how you got involved?" He asked. I remembered, the meet and greet was suppose to be part of our date. The date that was suppose to be the best date ever, now I don't know how this can be the best date ever. I shook my head in agreement and spoke. 

"We'll Harry and I were going to the meet and greet tonight. Harry parked The car and gave me a ticket, I was surprised that he went all through all this trouble to get me a ticket so I can meet my idols. I got out of my car and waited for Harry to come out of the car until I heard a beep from a car. I turned around I saw Harry running to me and a car coming towards me fast. We'll I closed my eyes and felt myself fall on the hard concrete. And then when I opened my eyes, I saw flames everywhere and Harry on the ground and then you came." I said as I took my breathing mask and placed it on to my face so I could breathe some more fresh clean air. The man took his notepad and wrote everything down.

"You are lucky you have him by your side. He's a very good man, he saved you." He said as he smiled at me. I nodded, couldn't really speak when the mask in on my face. I then removed the mask.

"Thank you very much mister." I replied. I like this detective, he is really nice. He waved goodbye and went to Harry to ask him questions just like what he said to me. I took out my phone out of my pocket. Thank goodness it wasn't damaged from the fall I took since I fell on my side and it was on my pocket. I went to text Aunt Anne about what happened.

Selena: Hi Aunt Anne. I am here at the meet and greet for the release of Catching Fire, actually we didn't really get to watch or meet and any of the stars. We we're involve of a car crash but don't worry we're fine, Harry and I didn't get hurt.

Aunt Anne: What! Oh I wish I was there to help you guys. Im so glad you guys are alright. I'm sorry for not being there for you and Harry, I'm still here at work sadly but don't worry. When I get home, I'm going to take care of you two. Be careful next time sweetie, I hope you guys can come back home safe. I love you both.

Selena: I love you too Aunt Anne. It's ok don't worry, none of us are hurt and badly damaged. Nothing serious to worry about. I'm still here with Harry sitting at the back of a ambulance.
Love you see you.

Once I had sended the text for Aunt Anne, I rapidly received a note that Aunt Anne had read it. I smiled at it. I then turned off my phone and turned around to find Harry gone. I frowned that he wasn't at the back of the ambulance anymore. I looked down at my clothes, they were still perfectly fine but my shoes are a little bit dirty. 

"I'm so sorry this wasn't the best date ever." I heard a voice that sounded like Harry's, I turned around to find Harry sitting right beside me. His eyes were shining with guilt. I took his hand and squeezed it tightly.

"No this was the best date ever." I said smiling. He looked up at me, our eyes glued on to each other. 

"But I-" I covered his mouth before he could even finish his sentence. His eyes were so beautiful, the best sight I've seen in my whole life. Wait have I mentioned it already?. 

"No don't. This was the best date ever because I get to spend it with you. The lunch at Nando's, The walk at the beach, being here at the meet and greet with you, you did everything that you can to make it the best date ever and I love you for that." I said, I hadn't even realized that I was crying. Harry took me and placed me in his arms, he then kissed me forehead then started to rub is hand on his back up and down. Everything was just perfect, the moment was right. Being with my best friend in every event that happens in my life is the best. 

"Sorry for interrupting but someone wants to talk to you both" the detective said as he gestured to a man that had a tag that says 'Manager'. I removed myself for Harry's grip and left a 1 inch distance between us.

"Hi my name is Francis Lawrence and I am the manager for The Meet and Greet release of Catching Fire." He said with a smile on his face. He gestured his hand out asking for a hand shake, a gently shocked his hand followed by Harry. I looked at Harry, he gave me a bright smile.

"Hi my name is Selena Gomez and this is Harry Styles." I said after I shook his hand. 

"It's nice to meet you both, now I heard you were here for the meet and greet tonight but couldn't come because you were involved in a car accident. We'll since you both aren't badly injured, the cast of Hunger Games and Catching fire have agreed to meet you both personally and you will be watching the movie with them." He said. He gave Harry and I a VIP pass so that the staff of the meet and greet knows and that they won't kick us out. I smiled at their offer and happily took it and wore it around my neck. I smiled at Francis and the detective. When I turned around to face Harry, he was already looking at me as his eyes were shining with kindness and freedom. 

"Thank you so so so so so so much Francis! You are the best." I said as I stood up to hug him. 

"Whoa your welcome!" He said as he hugged me back, Harry laughed as he got up from the back of the ambulance and tried to remove myself from him. Once I was removed from Francis, I gave Harry a hug. The hug that I couldn't really explain, it was better than our other hugs. Why? because Harry did something really special for me that I didn't know that he could do.

"Come on there waiting for you." Francis said. I nodded excitedly at his statement. Harry and I walked to the front entrance of the building with Francis. Francis had told us that the Meet and Greet was over, that meant that we can get some alone time with the cast. I was beyond excited, actually super duper excited. We made our way to a thin hallway, the walls were blue and the flooring was white as pearls.

"This way." Francis said as he took his key card and slide open the door. I squeezed Harry's hand so tightly, I bet I left a red mark. I looked at Harry, he had a smile on his face. I had realized that the door had a name display on it. It said 'VIP ROOM'. When Francis opened the door, I froze. There, there was my idols sitting on the couch chill-axing and chatting all kinds of random stuff. 

Harry's POV

I watched Selena go All willy milly as she hugged each and everyone of them. I smiled at her. Selena, my Selena is finally happy because of me. Not for being the Harry that wants to impress Selena, for being me. Just Me. A boy came up to me that looked like Josh Hutcherson, well it was him.

"Hello there, its finally nice to see you." He said as he took his hand out for me to shake. I looked at his hand then back at him.

"Its finally nice to see you Josh, my name is Harry." I said as I gratefully accept his hand. He smiled at me, I think for saying his name.

"I see your girlfriend over there is really excited to see us." he said, I smiled at the word girlfriend but I knew that it wasn't true. Yet. 

"Selena isn't my girlfriend, shes my best friend actually." I said as I watched Selena go all fan girly on Jennifer Lawrence. I chuckled quietly.

"Oh really, I thought you guys were when you guys came in the room. You two were holding hands that time." Oh I remembered, it happened a few minutes ago. I held onto Selena's hand because she kept bouncing up and down for she is so excited.

"Oh I held her hand because she kept bouncing up and down, she was really excited to see her idols." I said. Josh nodded happily. 

"Haz! Haz! Haz! Look what Jennifer gave me!" she shouted excitedly. She unfolded a dress that was black and sparkly, dang it looks expensive. Why would Jennifer give Selena that. When Selena unfolded it all the way, it had the cast of Hunger Games and Catching Fire signatures on the skirt of the dress in the colour white.

"Wow Selly, it looks awesome. Thank you Jennifer." I said, she smiled at me. I watched Jennifer tower over Selena as she turned around.

"Yeah thank you Jennifer, this is a really great gift. May I ask why did you give me a dress instead of a T-shirt?" she asked. I was about to ask the same thing, Why did they give Selena a dress instead of a shirt.

"Oh er um Josh would you care to explain." Jennifer said as she gestured to Josh who was smiling beside me.

"Sure, VIP users get better prizes than the guest users. Actually since Selena already got her prize, Harry...." He went to the back of the couch grabbing something from a box that had the name 'VIP PRIZES' written on the side. I didn't bother to move from my spot until he came back with a dark red Catching Fire watch. It had the cast of Hunger Games and Catching Fire signatures on the bezel of the watch.

"This watch is for you from us." he said as he held it out to me. I was shocked, the watch looked like it cost a fortune but it was a VIP gift. I took the watch from his hand slowly, I was still shocked. I looked at Selena, she had a smile on his face.

"Oh my thank you so much." I said as I hugged Josh and then Jennifer and then the others. They all laughed. After all the laughing, there was a knock on the door. 

"Sorry for interrupting but the movie is ready." Francis said as he popped his head slightly from the door. I smiled as I grabbed Selena's hand and walked out of the room to the theater.


~After Movie~

"Wow that was amazing, this changes everything." Selena said as we walked out of the theater. I had a bag of unfinished popcorn in my hands, maybe when we get home I could give this to Buster. Yep I'm calling the dog Buster since it is a boy. 

"Boy were so lucky to be here." I exclaimed as my popcorn bounced up and down because we were walking. I heard a laugh from Selena and Jennifer, Josh well was talking to Elizabeth Banks.

"Yeah this was just really great" Sam Claflin said. I heard a thud behind us, when I turned around I found Josh on the ground. Selena and I ran up to him surrounding him.

"Are you alright?" Selena said as Jennifer tried to help him up.

"I'm......seeing.......stars" he said, we laughed at his statement.

"Sorry Josh, I accidentally slapped the back of your head when I stretched my arms." he said, so thats what happened. Sam helpped Josh up since Jennifer couldn't do it, he was just kinda heavy.

"It alright Sam, I'm ok nothing too serious." Josh said, he then wiped the dust off his clothes which was a shirt, black blazer and a pair of black pants.

"Speaking of serious, I'm glad the both of you didn't get hurt during the car accident." Jennifer said, I smiled at her kindness. 

"Yeah I'm glad too. If I had lost Harry, then wouldn't know how to spend the rest of my life without him." I smiled at Selena's responds. I would do the same if I lost Selena. I would have never forgive myself if I decided to let her go.

"Awe how sweet of you two." Elizabeth said as she moved between Jennifer and Sam. I felt a vibration on my back pocket, I quickly took my phone out and opened it. My work schedule says that I have work tomorrow on Sunday at 8:00 AM. That early, Cool!. I checked the time. Its 11:23 PM.

"Um Selena, its time to go now." I said as Selena gave me a nod. 

"Ok I think this is the part when we say goodbye. It was amazing to meet all of you and I'm glad that I had a chance to meet my idols. Thank you" she said as she gave each and one of them a hug. I swear I saw Sam smell Selena's hair when they hug, oh the jealously. As we made our separate ways, we made our way straight back home.

"Selena?" I said as I made a right turn to Fraser street. She looked up from her phone to me, her eyes searching for something.

"yeah?" she replied. I looked down to her phone, she was looking at the photo of her and Josh. Selena looked stunning as for Josh well lets say he looks fine actually. 

"I have to go to work earlier in the morning tomorrow." I said, she frowned as she heard my words. 

"Hey don't worry, I'm coming back at 1:00 Pm. Remember you always wake up at 11:00 Pm, that means that you only have 2 hours to spend without me." I said as I lifted her chin up. She looked at me with her eyes, it felt as if she was looking at my soul.

"Yeah 2 hours of boring time." she spoke. She turned off her phone before she could put it back into her pocket. 

"Don't worry you will be fine." I said as I parked the car at the side of the road. She then looked at me with a smile on her face, she looked very cute when she smiles.

"I hope so too." she said. I turned off the ignition of the car and removed my seat belt while Selena was already out of the car. The lights of the house were bright and open, I think mom is home. 

"Mom is home Selena!" I said as Selena ran to the door. She turned around and gave me a smile along with a thumbs up.

Oh boy how could I not resist Selena, shes so bubbly.

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