This Is Us And Only Us (Harry Styles And Selena Gomez)

Memories, Moments, Things We Always Do For Fun, Sleepovers, Being There By My Side, All Being Thrown Away By Just One Silly Offer To Make Her Famous. Selena Gomez Was Once A Kid Who Had A Dream To Do Anything, But She Never Meant To Realize That One Day She Would Become One Of The Biggest Celebrities In Los Angeles. Harry Styles Also Had A Dream, A Dream to Always Be There For Selena When She Needs Him. The Day Had Came Were Selena Was Offered A Letter From Avex International To Move To Los Angeles And Become A Singer, Harry Thought It Would Be Awesome For Selena to accept Until They Made The Biggest Mistake.

What Happens When Harry And Selena Are Both On The Other Side Of The World. Selena Doesn't Know What Harry Has Been Doing, Neither Has Harry Known That Selena Has Been Bonding With Someone That He Despise. Will They Ever See Each Other Again? Would There Be Any Problems Along The Way To Fame?

But The Question Is........ Will They Be Together Again Like Old Times?


16. 15. Forever Eternity

Chapter 15 (Forever And Eternity)

Selena's POV

"Haz I know what were doing tomorrow." I said. Damn Selena, shut your mouth. I wanted to practice being surprised now that I know tomorrow is my first date with Harry. Think of something quick.

"You know." he sounded disappointed, I opened my eyes to find a Harry all sad and crumble.

"Yeah..... I know that tomorrow, we are going to watch The Hunger Games downstairs in the living room you know just me and you. In the morning, I'll just go rent the movie from BlockBuster since we have no school tomorrow." I said all in one breath. I was proud but I knew lying to Harry was the worst, I became disappointed to myself little by little. Harry's face brightened up with a smile, relieved that he thinks that I don't know anything.

"Sure I would love to, but then After we're going out somewhere at 1:00 so you might as well get up pretty earlier so we could watch the movie." he said while smiling at me. I smiled and kissed the tip of his nose.

"Goodnight Haz" I said as I closed my eyes.

"Goodnight Sel" He said as he kissed my forehead. After everything became silent, the only thing I heard was the soft snores that were producing from Harry. Those soft snore told me that he was asleep, before I could fall asleep with him.

Harry's POV

I woke up from the bright light that was shining on me. As I shifted myself to the right, I found Selena's head on top of my chest. I smiled at her position, her hair all soft and messy. A smile was left on her lips from last night. Last night, I remembered everything last night as if it just happened like 5 minutes ago. I thought she knew everything that was planned for her today by me but I guess she just wanted to make Friday fun since she couldn't afford to go to the meet and greet today.

I made reservations at Nando's, a walk at the beach, then we would go straight to the meet and greet event. Selena shifted her body, moving her head off my chest. No I love it when she puts her head on my chest. I moved her head slowly and carefully back on my chest. Light snores came out of her mouth until it was replaced with a smile. She looked up at me, her hair falling back down.

"Morning Harry." she whispered since her voice was still regaining more energy.

"Morning Sel." I replied. She got out of the bed and walked out of my room like a penguin.

"Where are you going?" I asked, she turned around now looking wide awake.

"Don't wanna wait to watch the movie, I'll be back before you know it. Be ready when I get back" she said as she smiled at me then left to her room. She kept her promise. I guess I need to buy mom a new pillow now. I got out of bed and helded for the washroom. I took a shower than brushed my teeth as usually, than I got changed. For today, I'm going to be wearing my black jeans for yesterday and my red T-shirt today and boy it will be a fun day. I ran downstairs finding my mom cooking pancakes.

"Good morning Mom." I said as I gave her a kiss on the cheek. 

"Morning Harry, where's Selena?" she asked, I went over to get a plate from the cabinets.

"She's getting changed right now, I think" I said in confusion. Maybe Selena is still here, maybe she left. I knew that Selena was still here when I found her coming down the stairs in her winter clothes. Hair tied up into a messy bun, a scarf wrapped around her neck, a warm soft grey sweater keeping her upper body warm, green pants covering her lower body, and her white boots that I bought her 3 months ago.

"Morning Aunt Anne" she said as she gave My mom and hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Morning sweetie" she replied. I grabbed another plate and placed a pancake on her plate. I started to play around giving her a Selena pancake. Why? because I made her pancakes look like her. Whip cream as her hair, two blue berries as her sweet innocent eyes, and a orange slice as her delicate mouth.

"Morning Haz" she said as she made her way towards me giving me a hug. Her sweater was warm and soft. 

"Morning Selly" I handed her plate to her. She gave me a funny look and I chuckled as we made our way to the table. She took her plate and showed it to me with that funny look pasted on her face again.

"Is this suppose to be me?" she asked in a hilarious tone. I nodded trying to hide my laughter.

"Well, I don't think I have blue eyes, my hair isn't that white and fluffy, and my teeth aren't orange either. What's going on here?" I couldn't hold my laughter much longer. I took a sip of water after my laughing feast a second ago.

"Nothing, nothing at all. I jut got bored of your pancakes so I made it into 'Selena's Pancakes'." I said with a hint of laughter in my voice. She smiled at me widely and took a huge spoon full of whip cream from her plate leaving her hair in her pancakes messy.

"Selena, eat slower or else you will get hiccups from it" my mom warned well to Selena of course.

"Sorry Aunt Anne, I'm just hungry. Amazing pancakes by the way." Selena complimented my mom. My mom smiled.

"Thank you Darling" she said, I ate quickly but slowly at the same time because I wanted to go with Selena to Blockbuster to borrow the movie for our early movie day? Get it Movie Day instead of Movie night?. Yeah not funny at all actually. When I was finish, I took my plate to the sink, washed it and drank my water. 

"So Selly, since I'm done eating. Can I come with you to blockbuster?" I asked as I followed her to the sink, she placed her plate in the sink and started to wash it. 

"Sure." I gave her a hug causing her to drop the sponge in her hands to clean the plate to fall on my shoe.

"Oops I'm so sorry Haz." she said as her eyes was from faithful to a apology. I bent down to pick up the sponge leaving my show kinda wet but soapy.

"It's alright. I'll just wipe it off with a paper towel." I said as I made my way to the paper towel roll.

"Oh let me do it." she insisted. She went in front of me to get the paper towel first, I chuckled at her childish behavior. She bent down and started to take my shoe off, she started to wipe my show while I just starred at her clean my shoe, same with my mom. When Selena was finished, she placed my shoe back on to my foot.

"Isn't it the other way around." I said as she looked at me in confusion.

"What do you mean?" she asked. I sighed.

"I mean isn't the boy suppose to put the shoe back on the girl's foot." I said, I smirked at her when she blushed.

"Well your lucky than." I cheered like a little kid. I walked to the living room waiting for Selena so we could go rent the movie. It was 8:23 in the morning, a little too early for a movie day but I don't really care since I'm doing it with Selena.

"Aunt Anne, me and Harry are off to Blockbuster to rent the movie Hunger Games." she shouted to the kitchen.

"Ok have fun you two, if I'm not here when you get back. Then I'm at the grocery store." she said as she peeped her head to the doorway of the kitchen letting Selena and I see her speak. I gave my mom ad thumbs up and walked out the door followed by Selena. We decided to take my car for a spin to Blockbuster but Selena has to drive since I drove her car last time. When we got to the car, Selena spotted the piece of paper that I wrote a long time ago

"Hey Haz why is there a piece of Paper here saying 'Make reservations at Nando's'?" she asked holding up a piece of paper.


To do To Do To do. What to do to make the best date ever. I pulled out a piece of paper from my pocket and a pen from my car storage. Ok Harry, fancy dinner? No to fancy. Fast Food Date? no Harry. Classic date at Sherly's Dinner? No, Sherly will just blurt out questions. I got it! A date at Nando's. I wrote down on the piece of paper 'Make reservations at Nando's'. I guess I may have to make reservations there. I pulled out my phone and typed in the number of Nando's restaurant.

"Hello Nando's Restaurant, how may I help you?" A man spoke in the phone.

"Hi I would like to make reservations for two on Friday this week?" I said letting my voice go through phone.

"Sure may I have your phone number please?" he said in a firm tone.

"Sure it's......."

~Flashback End~

Selena was still holding the little piece of paper that was my before to-do list. I began to become nervous. What would I say, would she believe me. I didn't know the answer to those questions but I knew that I had to lie to Selena again.

"It's ah reminder for me." I said giving myself one last chance to think.

"A reminder for what?" she asked. I knew Selena was observing me as she looks deep into my eyes.

"A reminder for me to apply reservations at Nando's for the two of us to Celebrate your first place in the Karaokie Dokie contest." I said in confidents letting out half of the truth but not the part when she has to know it a date. I feel like everything I said came out wrong. She gave me a excited look.

"Really?!? I can't wait. When are we going?" she asked after turning on the ignition. I smiled at her. She was excited for date, wait she doesn't know its a date.

"Its at 2:00" she nodded happily. I chuckled at her childish side of her. Selena who was the driver drove us to Blockbuster. It was kinda shocking that when we were at a stop light, a man knocked on our window asking for spare change. Selena being herself as scared so I had to give him my $1.00 that I was saving as the tip for the waiter or waitress that served us well in Nando's. When we got there, I slipped myself out of the car letting myself breathe the fresh air.

We walked into the building finding tons of movies in all different shelves. I started to ran around like I had never seen this before in my life.

"Harry its over here." Selena giggled, she was all the way at the back of the room while I was still at the shelves near the entrance. As I was about to go over to where Selena was, I found something unexpecting. when I picked it up from its place and read the title that was on the cover, to my surprise it was 'The Hunger Games Deluxe'.

How? These were out of stock when they were released, many people would buy this kind of Hunger Games because of the behind to scenes, deleted scenes, interview with the cast, bonus scene, a code to get a chance to win an all exclusive trip to the US to meet the cast in person, an don't forget the movie itself of course. As I was still shocked to see this kind of movie available still for rent, Selena called me.

"Hey Harry" Selena yelled for her position.

"Yeah?" I yelled back stilling starring at the cover of the movie.

"There are no more Hunger Games in stock." As I heard those words, my eyes looked at her as they widen open. There aren't anymore original Hunger Games movies? and the exclusive one is still free?.

"Hey Selena look what I found." I said with a smirk on my face waving the movie case side to side so she could see it. Her eyes widen in shock, she had the same reaction as me. Selena ran to me and snatched the movie out of my hands.

"Hey thats not very nice" I said teasing her a bit. She looked at me in a funny way.

"Oh Hush, Harry were did you get it?" she asked looking at me with a happy look on her face.

" I founded right there." I pointed at the shelf that had a sign that said 'Limited Time Offer'

"Then what are waiting for? Come on lets check this out." She said as she ran to the check out area. There was a man with a lip piercing. He scanned the movie and gave it to Selena.

"I will need your blockbuster membership card please." He said in a stern voice. I already don't like him because of his atitude towards us.

"Sure" Selena started to open her wallet looking for her Blockbuster card. She gave me a disappointed look. looks like she can't find it. I took out my wallet and gave the man my blockbuster membership card.

"Thank you." The man said. Selena gave me a hug causing me to smile widely. As we left the building, Selena asked me

"Hey Haz can I hold the bag please?" she asked, I smiled but kept walking.

"Haz can I hold the bag please." she asked again. I did the same thing I did from the last one.

"Hey Haz look over there." she shouted, I looked to where she was pointing and felt my hand let go of the bag that I was holding. She took it. Selena took the bag. I started to chase atter Selena around the building and around the block. While I was running, I saw her running to the parking lot. I followed her, as I got to the parking lot she disappeared. I got into my car and decided to search her around the block. 

"Damn Selena where did you went off to!" I said to myself. Our house was close to blockbuster so I think she walked home. Too make sure I should text her first.

Harry: Selena where did you go? I expect you walked home didn't you. Well if you did I'm going home now to check. See you.

I turned my phone off and drove home. As I stopped at a red light, I received a text from Selena. I opened my phone and read it.

Selena: Maybe...... :)

I smiled at her reply, I think she did go home. When I got to park my car, there were no lights open in the house. Shoot. I walked inside the house and found out that Selena wasn't home yet because her shoes weren't at the front door. To make sure I yelled.

"Selena!" but received no answer from that little mice. How can Selena be outside when its cold. I went to the living room and decided to call her using the home line till I found her sitting under a tree near the park that we used to always play at when we were little. Our Tree. I smiled at the memories we created at the past.

~Flashback (9 years ago)~

Selena POV - 7 years old -

"Haz Haz Higher!" I yelled as Harry pushes me on the swing.

"Ok but later it's my turn ok Selly" he said as he pushed me higher. It felt like I bird as the wind blew through my braids that My mom did.

"Look Haz. I'm a bird!" I yelled as I pretended to flap my wings still holding on the chains. 

"You have always been a bird Selly" he yelled back at me. I started to laugh as he gave me one last push.

"Ok Haz it's your turn" I said as I jumped out of my seat landing on my feet. I had learned to jump off the swing when I was 6 years old.

"Yeah Selly you push me like I did to you" I nodded wildly as Haz sat on the swing. I gave him a push with all my might and strength. Haz kept screaming when I push him. It's funny. As I reached my 7th push, I couldn't do more. I was tired.

"Selly why you stop." Haz said as he looked at me sad.

"Haz sorry, I'm tired." I said as I huffed and puffed the air in and out of my nose. My chest was rising fast.

"Ok Selly we take a break then you push me again ok. Promise?" He said, he got off the swing and sat beside me under the tree. Our tree.

"Promise" I said as I extended my legs 

"Haz this is our tree ok?" I asked, he nodded with a smile on his face. I took a rock and started to grave our name on it.

Selly and Haz's Tree Forever ❤

"This is our tree forever Haz." I said after I graced our names.

"Forever?" he asked with a confused face.

"Forever and ever." I responded back. I gave Haz a hug. Aunt Anne called us back at the house because it was getting dark.

~Flashback End~

"Selly and Haz's Tree Forever" I sighed out. That was our tree and forever our tree. I ran out of the house and walked to the park by foot. When I got there, I found Selena sleeping under our tree. I sat the same spot when Selena carved our names on the tree. 

I remembered Selena had small braids on each side of her hair, I was 1 inch taller than her, Selena cheeks were always in the shade of light pink whenever she smiles. Now Selena doesn't look like that anymore, she looked more mature and had more features than just rosie cheeks, she had soft hair, beautiful eyes, and delicate soft lips. That's what I loved about Selena. She started to fall off the tree that was keeping her back straight, and the plastic bag she snatched away from me was on my lap. She looked so peaceful.

"Selena.....Selena......" I started to shake her a bit. She didn't wake up. I started to call for her again but she just shifted her body away from me.

"Selly....." I whispered. Selena's eyes opened as if that's what she wanted to hear. She lifted her head off the tree letting me see the carving of our names. 'Selly and Haz's Tree Forever'

"Haz....." She whispered back to me. I smiled at her.

"Do you remember this?" I asked her softly as I starred at the carving that she wrote a long time ago. The carving was clear but kind of messy but I didn't really care, Selena was craving it with a sharp rock.

"Yeah that was the time when my mom was still here." She said as she placed her hand on the carving. 

"Yeah, those were the days." I whispered as I looked down on the ground. I looked back at Selena with a smile on her face. I became confused for a sec.

"And I also remembered that I promised to push you on the swings." she got up and stood beside the swings waiting for me to get on. I got up and chuckled all the way to the swings. I sat on the swings and kicked my feet off the ground giving Selena a extra boost. I laughed as she tried to push me.

"Haz your heavier now, last time I had no problem pushing you." she said as she tried to push me again.

"Well you had no problem pushing me 7 times, then you get tired" I said as I got off the swing.

"Since you can't push me, I'll push you just like old times." she smiled and sat on the same swing that she sat on a long time ago. I pushed her once with all my might and strength and started to laugh.

"Haz Higher. Higher!" she yelled, I smiled. That's what she always say when I push her on the swings. 

Selena's POV

I felt like my young self again when I was lifted to the air. I felt like a bird when I feel the breeze on my face. As Harry Lifted me up in the air again by pushes me on the swings, I took off my hair tie that was holding my hair into a bun letting my hair free. I started to giggle.

"Harry again again! Look Harry I'm a bird just like old times." I giggled. Going back and forth was so fun! My hair swaying back and forth made me felt so free.

"You were always a bird Selena." Harry laughed I smiled at him. Harry gave me one last push as I enjoyed this one last moment. As I stopped, I found Harry sitting under our tree. As I sat beside him, I found a sharp rock that was similar to the one I used along time ago.

"Harry lets make another carving here beside our old one." I said as I handed him the sharp rock.

"Sure" He started to carve our names beside our old one. His writing was neater than mine, well that doesn't count because I was 7 years old when I wrote our names on our tree. I looked at the new carving that I would always remember.

'Harry and Selena's Tree Forever and Eternity ❤ Sept 28 2010' 

Harry had carved the today's date beside our name. I took the rock from Harry and wrote 2001 beside our old one. It was much neater than my old writing back than. I took my phone out and wanted to take a pic of my and Harry with our tree. 

"I love you Haz" I said as I aimed the camera at us.

"I love you Selly" he said as we started to smile at the camera.

"Forever and Eternity" We both whispered, I took the picture. 

It was beautiful. I will always remember this moment. Nothing can ruin this moment. Harry and I will never be unbreakable. We are like a branch that would never ever break or snap.We were born to be together forever.

"Harry?" I said as I looked deep into his emerald eyes.

"Yeah?" I let a tear slip down my left eye.

"What ever happens, I want you to know that...." I paused as I closed my eye and let multiple tears fall down. Harry cupped my cheeks and wiped the tears that were falling with his thumbs.

"Want me to know what?" he asked gently. I opened my eyes and looked at him eye to eye. 

"I want you to know that what ever happens." 

"I want to grow old with you."


Hey guys Kayla here. I have been planning to make a sequel of this book if possible. I already made plans so please don't think that the book is already finish. I will continue it when I get to a great happy ending and when everything is in the right place
Love you all and thank you for reading 

Oxoxox Kayla

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