This Is Us And Only Us (Harry Styles And Selena Gomez)

Memories, Moments, Things We Always Do For Fun, Sleepovers, Being There By My Side, All Being Thrown Away By Just One Silly Offer To Make Her Famous. Selena Gomez Was Once A Kid Who Had A Dream To Do Anything, But She Never Meant To Realize That One Day She Would Become One Of The Biggest Celebrities In Los Angeles. Harry Styles Also Had A Dream, A Dream to Always Be There For Selena When She Needs Him. The Day Had Came Were Selena Was Offered A Letter From Avex International To Move To Los Angeles And Become A Singer, Harry Thought It Would Be Awesome For Selena to accept Until They Made The Biggest Mistake.

What Happens When Harry And Selena Are Both On The Other Side Of The World. Selena Doesn't Know What Harry Has Been Doing, Neither Has Harry Known That Selena Has Been Bonding With Someone That He Despise. Will They Ever See Each Other Again? Would There Be Any Problems Along The Way To Fame?

But The Question Is........ Will They Be Together Again Like Old Times?


2. 1. Kiss And Tell

Chapter 1 (Kiss And Tell)


Selena POV


(*Beep , Beep ,Beep*)


Ugh I hate waking up at 7:15 am in the morning. How can Harry live with it , I know I can't since I'm not really a morning person but I know Harry sure is since he always sleeps early especially on Saturdays. Why? you may ask, well I remember he told me once that the reason why he sleeps early on Saturdays is because he doesn't want to miss out on the last day of the weekend before school.


Well that is completely true I mean why wouldn't you want to go and spend the time off before the huge pile of homework that Miss Brigg's gives us I mean ugh- I should really stop talking in my head and take a shower but its just so interesting to think sometimes.


I rolled out of bed and walked to the bathroom all sleepy, I got out of my pajama's and stood their in the shower applying and rinsing out all of the soap suds I applied earlier. Once I was done, I reached for my favourite pale pink towel and dried off my naked body.


Since it was going to be a sunny day here in Vancouver, I was going to wear my skinny jeans, my favourite black flats, my loose black striped shirt and my jade shoulder bag.


I applied a little bit of makeup by adding mascara, a little bit of pink blush and my favourite pink lip gloss that was flavored strawberry. After that I fixed my hair by blow drying it and curling the ends of my brown hair with my curling iron, with that I made my way downstairs for breakfast I noticed that Harry wasn't there yet. Probably he's still sleeping.


Wait still sleeping? That's impossible. I sat on a stool close to the table and found Aunt Anne also known as Harry's mom, I was just sitting there wondering about Harry until aunt Anne broke the Silence.


"Good Morning Selena" she said while grabbing a carton of milk from the fridge and bringing it to the table.


"Morning aunt Anne. Where's Harry?" I asked as I stood up from the stool I was sitting on and walked slowly to the table.


"I'm not really sure, I bet he's still up in his room. Why not go check?" she said with a smile that always brightens up my day.


"Good idea!" I said while running up the stairs to Harry's room.


"Ooo this is going to be amusing" I whispered to myself. I giggled.


when I arrived, I noticed that Harry didn't lock his door last night so I just walked straight in carefully so I wouldn't wake him up, if he was still asleep. As I creepily walked past his closet to his bed, there was Harry still sleeping like a hippo.


As I made it to Harry's bed, I slowly looked at him as he was heaving his chest up and down and cuddling his pillow. His smile, his soft curls made him look so peaceful but too bad that I was going to end it by hitting him with a pillow and yell, Wake up Haz! Yes I call him Haz and he calls me Sel or Selly.


As I was still starring at him, a smile crept up his lips knowing that I was staring at him. before I could run away, Harry pulled me in to his bed and pulled me closer to his chest into a tight hug.


"I'm not your pillow Haz...." I said while looking at his face, his eyes were still shut closed.


"Yeah your right, your not my pillow." He said with a innocent face, his eyes were still crusted shut.


"you're my favourite pillow Sel!" he said as he hugged me tighter causing me to whimper. I can't breathe.


"Ha-harry c-can't br-breathe...." I stuttered as I tried to loosen up his embrace. When I started to wiggle myself out of his embrace more, Harry finally opened his eyes.


"Right sorry." He said as his eyes were still adjusting to the light. He finally got his grip loose around me as I squirmed over to the side of his bed.


I stood up from his bed and opened the curtains so I could tease him a bit from the incident we had a few minutes or even seconds ago. "Wakie Wakie Haz, come on get up!" I yelled in a childish voice.


"I'm too sleepy, me want to stay in bed." He mumbled as he smushed his pillow on top of his head.


"If your not getting up then you don't want me to do this don't you? " I whispered as my eyes were layed on a near by pillow, I quickly grabbed the pillow in defence.


"You wouldn't Sel" He said finally his head was on top of the pillow and his eyes wide open.


"I would if you don't get up and head to the shower, even if you did go, I would still do it. " I challenged him, ready to attack him with his own pillow that smells just like him.


"Fine and your welcome to hit me with a pillow " I nodded and jumped to his bed hitting the pillow several times on his head just to entertain me. While I was still hitting him with the pillow he quickly and smoothly grabbed the pillow from my hands making me fall on top of him.


As I fell on top of him I felt like I fell on something wet that ended up to only appear on my lips, I slowly opened my eyes to see what I fell on and noticed big green eyes starring at me really closely and knew it was Harry's. I raised my eye brows on him signaling what, and found out that my lips were on his. I quickly pulled away and blushed on what just happened.


"Huh Haz I-I'm Sorry I...." I was disturb by Harry as he quickly spoke up


"Its alright I mean it was just an accident , I mean did you really want to kiss me?" as his words left his mouth I cheeks heated up a bit causing me to blush a bit.


"Um............." I responded a if I was speechless, I didn't want him to know that I kinda had a crush on him since elementary but I knew that it was time for him to know.


"I don't know how to respond to that. I did actually had feelings for you back then but don't take it the wrong way, I don't have feelings for you anymore." I lied under my breath so he kinda wouldn't hear what I said to much. I don't want him to know that I still have a crush on him since Elementary school.


"So you had a crush on me since elementary?" he said along with a cute smirk that showed his deep cute dimples. I stood there frozen, I didn't know what to say. I shook my head as he let a frown fall onto his lips. I noticed that he stood up from his bed walking towards me, I quickly panicked to see what he was going to do to me.


Harry stood there in front of me with only his Calvin Klein boxers which I was used to since I lived with him since I was 10, he leaned into my ear and whispered.


"Its ok, you don't need to lie. I know you have feelings for me Selly, I can tell just the way how you act right now. Plus I had a crush on you back then during elementary too, and I still do forever always." his deep low voice made me shiver down my spine causing me to have butterflies in my stomach.


"Alright I'm going to head to the shower, care to join?" as he gestured his hands to the bathroom door.


"I'll pass since I already took a shower, by the way this is the first time you woke up late and already it is 9:02 am? Are you ok?" I asked while tilting me head sightly.


"Oh last night after dinner during our little movie night we had, remember you told me you couldn't handle waking up early in the morning and how I managed to do it?"




"MOVIE NIGHT HAZ!!!" I yelled while bouncing up and down on the couch with the popcorn bowl in my hands, as I bounced up and down the popcorn were now all over the place cause of me.


"Woah hold on there Selly, What movie do you want to watch and stop bouncing up and down your making a mess and I'm not the one who's gonna clean it." he said with a smirk on his face while walking to the cabinet that kept all of our movies. As I stop bouncing, I tried to be playful by putting my sad face on and looking on the ground.


"Sel..... Please don't , your making me feel bad'' he said while crouching down to the cabinet looking at me. I decided to spice it up a bit by adding a fake tear slid down my pale cheeks.


"Fine, I'm gonna help you but I'm not gonna clean it all by my self. ok What movie Selly?" he said still crouching down. I got off the couch, placed the popcorn bowl carefully on the coffee table and ran to Harry with my arms wide open indicating that I wanted a hug. He smile and I smiled during the hug, as I pulled away I yelled " HORTON HEARS A WHO PLEASE!"


"Woah look who's hyper and energetic today, and stop yelling your injuring my ear. Later you might need to say sorry to it by just one kiss." he said with a playful smirk, since his dimples were showing I poked one of them causing him to chuckle a bit.


"Sorry haz, just a force of habit plus I just wanted to see how deep your dimples are." I said while walking back to the couch and taking a pile of popcorn in my hands.


" Its ok, I love it when you do. Turn off the lights Sel the movie is about to begin." I turned around facing the wall and quickly turned off the lights, after that I gave Harry a thumbs up telling him that it ok to start the movie. He pressed play then jogged back to the couch.


" Scoot " he said while trying to push me to the left so he could sit down but I wouldn't budge. " Don't make me do it" he warned me as a shaked my head saying no.


"I'm not scared of you Haz" I told him as a folded my arms close to my chest while giving him a playful glare.


"Suit yourself." He said has he sat himself on top of me which is my lap of course.


"Harry...." I whispered


"shhh the movie is starting." he said facing the T.V while putting his right index finger on his closed mouth.


" But can I ask you something?"


" Ask away " he said still facing the T.V. I began to wiggle on the couch so that he could fall off my lap and sit beside.


" Are you ready for school on Monday? " I began while playing with my fingers


" What do you mean Sel?" he finally turned around to face me


"I mean like are you ready to face the challenges like waking up early in the morning, facing other people, making new friends and receiving piles of homework?" I said while I was looking in his eyes.


Harry's green orbs were beautiful, the best sights I have ever seen in my life to be honest. I could feel him as if I was part of him, Harry is my best friend in the whole wide world and I don't want anything to change that even though I wanted to be more.


" I know I am but I'm just not ready to make new friends since you are my best friend and I only need one to keep me company" He said while grabbing my head and rubbing his knuckles on my head softly messing up my hair.


"I know you wouldn't handle waking up in the morning as always Selly"


" I know!! I just don't get how you can wake up in the morning so easily, I mean we sleep late every night and you still give yourself the right to wake up extra early. And i don't understand that you still don't have dark circles and bags under your eyes?" I said gesturing my hands to the side as if I'm holding a big giant bag.


"I don't know actually..... it just happens. All I do is wake up in the morning, check my clock then bounce to the washroom to take a shower." he said copying me by gesturing his hands.


"Ok your a morning person, I'm not a morning person. Wow I just found something that we don't have incommon." I said laughing, I crossed my legs and faced to the T.V to watch the movie. FINALLY!


"Come on let's just watch the movie" I shouted, Harry gave me a nod and turned his body to the direction that my body was facing.


As we watched the movie, I noticed that Harry wasn't watching. He was lost in his mind thinking about something. Is there something I said or is it just he was just preparing what to do on Monday. I quickly stood up grabbed some more popcorn and checked the clock. Dang its already 11:24 pm.


"Harry....." I quickly nudged him


"hmmm......" he responded while watching the movie.


"Its 11:24, wait its 11:25 now. By twelve mid-night If your mom catches us still awake she will ground us for I don't know..... three weeks!" I whispered loudly so he could hear which I made sure of. After Harry heard those words that came out of my mouth, he quickly turned his head to check the clock then bounced off the clock and turned on the lights.


"Oh Shoot, Oh Shoot, Oh Shoot!!! Will never clean up the popcorn and get ready for bed in time Sel!" He shouted as I picked up the bits of popcorn lying on the ground and him speedly turning off the C.D player that was used to play the movie.


"I'll get the Vacuum Haz!" I shouted and recieved a nod from him as he continued to pick up the big chucks of popcorn. I came back in the room with the vacuum in my hand as I started cleaning the little bits of popcorn that were hard to pick up.


"Time?" I asked as Harry came barging in with some air freshener. Good call, its starting to smell like butter here.


"11:37 pm" he said while spraying the whole room with the air freshener with the scent vanilla. Harry thought it was funny to spray the vanilla scent mostly on me instead of the room.


"Thanks Haz, now I don't need to take a shower tonight or tomorrow!" I said sarcastically, knowing that I was just kidding.


"Less talking more cleaning" He mentioned as he left the room to put the air freshener back to it original spot. Everything was clean and smelled divine in the room. Harry came running back to the room and noticed that everything seemed to be in order.


"Time?" he asked this time


"11:44 pm" I said as I noticed the pillows on the couch not properly placed.


"Good we still have some time to get ready come on" He grabbed my hand and tried to drag me up the stairs.


"WAIT!" I yelled knowing that we couldn't leave the pillows on the couch like that. He turned around and gave me a curious look at me. I quickly let go of his grip and ran to the couch to fix the pillows.


"There we go, now we can go." I quickly placed my hands back into Harry's and this time I was dragging him up the stairs, I turned around finding him smirking behind my back about what I just did but who cares its fine now nothing to worry.


Me and Harry went to our opposite ways since we had our own rooms. As I walked in, I found the clock saying 11:54 pm. Shoot I only have 6 minutes to get ready. I quickly threw my pajamas on the bed, tonight I'm going to be wearing my Black loose sweater and my navy blue sweat pants. I took my hair tie and tied my hair into a ponytail because I never liked my hair messy when I wake up in the morning. Its almost Mid-night, all it needed were 4 more minutes, I quickly turned on the lights and jumped into my comfy bed. Since its not twelve o'clock yet, I decided to text Harry if he was ready.




Selena: "Hey Harry, are you ready?"


Harry: "Yup, just lying on the bed texting you"


Selena: "So I was just about to ask you something before you know the emergency cleanup we had downstairs."


Harry: "Ok you can tell me now if you want."


Selena: "Ok I was going to ask you if you had only one person you could pick to spend with your whole life, would you pick me or your new friend that you would possibly make during school time?"


Harry: "Of course I'm going to pick you, Sel your my bestfriend in the whole world and I wouldn't ask for anything else." Ouch that hurt, he doesn't feel what I feel about him. I-I love Harry but I'm not ready to say it by text or saying to him by person.


Harry: "Why ask?"


When I was about to reply, I heard a door close and some keys falling on the table. Aunt Anne is here, I quickly hastily glanced at the clock and it was already 12:06 am. I quickly texted Harry


Selena: Your mom is here! Goodnight......oxoxox


Harry: Goodnight......oxoxox




As I was still remembering what happened last night, I found Harry already finished taking a shower. Woah did it just take me that long to figure out and remember what happened last night. I blinked a couple few times just to get my mind going back to reality.


"Finally, you are finish. Took you that long to remember huh Sel?" he said as he changed behind the door. When he was finished, he came out wearing a dark grey polo shirt and his blue navy jeans. I started to compare myself with his clothes but all that we had that where the same was our jeans well the colour was the same but his were loose and mine were skinny.


" Like the view? " A familiar voice interrupt my thoughts and completely forgot that Harry was still standing there.

"Um I wasn't looking at you, I was looking at your clothes Haz" I said as I rolled my eyes.


"If it the clothes that you were looking at then you were clearly checking me out." Oh for goodness sake why won't he understand I was looking at his clothes.


"No I'm not checking you out, I was comparing my clothes to yours."


"Thats checking someone out" he said with a straight face causing me to feel guilty.


"No it isn't"


"Yes it is"









"Fine No" finally he agrees with me.


"YES!" I said as if I beat him on a game or something.


"HA!!! YOU SAID YES I WIN!" He said pointing out everything he said was true, I did say yes cause I fell in his stupid trap. Darn it!


"Whatever let's go eat breakfast." I said as I rolled my eyes. As I walked down the stairs, I accidentally tripped on a wire connected to the vacuum. Oh Shoot I forget to unplug it, Stupid me. As I was about to fall on my face, Harry grabbed me and pulled me back. I closed my eyes shivering at the fear that I was going to fall and bump my head on the hard clear pearl floor, I realized I was in Harry's embrace and and that he saved me. I opened my eyes slowly just to see Harry's face becoming clear due to the fact that I opened my eyes all the way. A smile crept up to my lips s I looked into his big green eyes, as always they were beautiful.


"Uh t-thanks H-harry." I said while stuttering hoping that he wouldn't notice that I was nervous.


"Your welcome Selly, why are you nervous?" he asked as he let out his confused act on, I knew everything he does when it comes to drama,love,violence or even comedy. Hey I knew him since I was a baby, I should know him from inside out. I didn't want to answer him but I had to just so he wouldn't suspect anything. Greatfully Harry's mom called us to hurry up to eat breakfast because she is leaving for work soon.


Harry finally released me from his embrace causing me to became relieved but to Harry, he looked upset that I didn't tell him. As we made ourselves to the table to eat, I asked him


"Don't do that Haz" I begged him as he looked up to look at me in a confused way


"Do what?"


"Please you look sad, it hurts me to see you sad like this." I pouted


"I'm sorry, its just you wouldn't tell me whats bothering you...."


I thought he already knew, I told him up in his room that I was falling for him. Completely in love with him and he hasn't realized that yet since I been giving him hints by acting like I was in love with him.


"Its nothing Harry really, I was just wondering what would happen to me if you didn't save me." I lied as I past the carton of milk to him so he could pour some to his bowl.


"Ok good because if your happy, then I'm happy. Remember we are in this together no matter what. What ever happens I'm never leaving you even if we get into a bad fight, I promise you with all my heart." he said as he placed his hand on his heart.


The words he said were to powerful for me not to cry. I excused myself to use the washroom so I could go pee but all I did was ending up crying on the floor letting myself go just once. How would my life be without Harry, my favourite person in the world. I would be falling apart now if he wasn't part of me. He's like the glue that keeps my heart in place, without him I would be falling apart.


A/N : Thank you for reading. this is my first chapter so please vote, comment and share it please with your friends. I'll be posting the next chapter soon byeee. oxoxox


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