He is homeless, she doesn't know much about him but everyone says she shouldn't like him. Read to find out more


1. Chapter One

"Reagan, wake up!" My mom says and I sigh. I wake up and she is in her V-neck dress. "Whoa mom, who are you going out with tonight?" I ask, laughing and she smiles. "You don't know him." She says and I nod. "Alright, well I better take a shower." I say and I get up and take a quick shower and then go out to my car and drive to school. I go inside and adjust my shirt. "There is a new boy." My friend Rayleigh says. "Who is he?" I ask and she smiles. "His name is Angel and he is hot." She says and then a guy who's pants are sagging and has a hat on over his brown hair and a white tank top with a colorful pocket. "He's hot, I told you." She says and I shrug. He looks at me and smiles. "Dibs." She says and I shrug. She walks over to him and they start talking but he keeps looking at me. "Reagan, my love!" My best friend Xavier says. "Xavier, my gay best friend!" I shout and he laughs. "Do you have to point out that I am gay?" He asks and I shrug. "So there is a new guy and apparently by Rayleigh's count, he is delicious but she called dibs." I say and he snaps his fingers, unless he is gay!" He says and I laugh. "You can try your luck because it looks like she lost her chance." I say and he smiles and walks over. "He likes someone." She says when she walks over. "Sorry." I say and she shrugs. "Xavier is going to press his luck." I say and she laughs. "I don't think he is gay." She says and I shrug.

We go to class and all day people were talking about the new guy and in last hour, he walks over and smiles at me. "Hi, is this seat taken?" He asks and I look at him. "No." I say and he smiles and sits down. "I'm Angel but i'm guessing you already knew that." He says and I laugh. "Yeah you are a talk." I say, laughing and he smiles. "Yeah, I already have been hit on twice." He says and I start laughing. "Those were my best friends." I say and he laughs. "Oh." He says and I smile. "So I have met them, who are you?" He asks and I smile. "Reagan." I say and he smiles. "That's a beautiful name." He says and I smile. "Thank you." I say and he smiles and class starts.

After school I go out to my car and get inside and drive home. I get home and my mom is gone but she left a note saying she is out on a date. I go up to my room and lie down and listen to music until I fall asleep.

Authors Note:

I hope you liked this chapter my ducklings! -Mrs.Tomlinsonxx

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