After a tragedy that caused the loss of my mother and father has hardened my heart. Ive started to turn cold, neglecting all the help given. Also starting to wear black.The only thing seen of my face is my right eye.
Being sent to an orphanage all the way across the world was no help at all. Spending time alone and wallowing in regret for almost 10 years only to build up more darkness inside me. Increasing the urge and temptation to run off and find the reason for the loss of my family. But I did not give in. The only reason for me staying was the promise I had made to my mother before her last take of air...
Now 18, someone want to adopt me into their family of 7. Now Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson are my brothers. A new feeling crept up my spine as I locked mine with blue ones. Niall’s. Not sure what to make of the new emotion, I decided to avoid it, hopin it would disappear. Would I be able to contain this feeling or would Niall change my heart?


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2


The door opened revealing Cassidy, my roommate. Releasing a relieved sigh I put back the pocket knife back under pillow. After all these years, she's the only person I'd ever talk to that's more than one word. It had took a while for me to warm up to her. When she had first came, she had been roomed with me who have been here for several years already. I still remember her shocked expression as she entered my room. Priceless. Half of the wall was and still covered in black wallpaper and all my belongings are black if not dark blue or blood red. At first she would stay a comfortable distance from me only to give a hello or smile when we passed.

Watching as her cerulean eyes taking in my appearance. My normal style with bangs on one side covering my left eye and my dark blue, nearly black mask over half my face. Dark t-shirt, long black pants and converse.

Closing the door, I took in her appearance. Blond, straight waist neck length hair, plain pink knee length dress with white flats.

"Why are you here? I thought they won't let me out for the day." I questioned Cassidy, curious.

"Well, that was how its suppose to be but Miss Morton told me to get you for she wanted to see you." She said. I was about to ask what for she answered my unspoken question. "I'm not sure why."

"Fine." I replied. Reluctantly heading out towards Miss Morton's room. Not bothering to knock I went in and sat down on an enormous blue bean bag.

"Ah. Good afternoon Haruko. I'm sure you're wondering why you are here."


"Congratulations Haruko! A lovely couple has decided to adopt you. They are waiting for you at the reception. Please gather all your stuff and I will meet you in reception."

I was rushed back into my room by Miss Morton. I stood there shocked at the news, still trying to soak in the fact that I had been adopted. Never in my life have I been adopted before. One look from my soon-to-be parents when I go to the reception to meet them, they change their minds.

"Hey so what did she want?" asked Cassidy.

"I'm getting adopted." I replied quietly. Still not sure what to make of it.

"OMG! You're so lucky Haruko! I'm going to miss you! You're a great roommate," Cassidy commented, giving me a tight hug. Stiffening, I didn't hug her back which didn't bother her since she was used to it. "Let me help you pack your stuff!"

"Goodbye Haruko! I'll miss you!" Cassidy cried standing on one side of the open door whilst I stood on the other with my luggage. "I...I'll miss you too..." I murmured turning my back on her and walked away.

"Goodbye!" I heard her yell. "Best friends forever right?" I didn't stop walking, instead I put my right hand up in a gesture as goodbye and a yes. I could just imagine her bright smile after receiving an answer as she closed the door.

Upon entering the reception, I heard three voices. Two that I didn't recognize. Walking up to Miss Morton and the two strangers, I took in the sight of the two apparent couples. A blond headed women wearing a white blouse, black tight skirt and high heels. Beside her stood a dark haired man wearing a tuxedo and black shoes.

"Say hello to your new parents Haruko. This is Mr and Mrs Starr. Safe travels to your new home Haruko!" Miss Morton waved to me as I walked out the double doors of the Orphanage with my new parents. I didn't bother replying.

At least my life with this family had started out okay so far. Especially since they didn't change their minds about me when they saw me. I wonder how my life is going to turn out from here on.


A/N-Phew finally finished this chapter. I dont know why it took me so long. Oh well. The next one will be out soon.

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