After a tragedy that caused the loss of my mother and father has hardened my heart. Ive started to turn cold, neglecting all the help given. Also starting to wear black.The only thing seen of my face is my right eye.
Being sent to an orphanage all the way across the world was no help at all. Spending time alone and wallowing in regret for almost 10 years only to build up more darkness inside me. Increasing the urge and temptation to run off and find the reason for the loss of my family. But I did not give in. The only reason for me staying was the promise I had made to my mother before her last take of air...
Now 18, someone want to adopt me into their family of 7. Now Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson are my brothers. A new feeling crept up my spine as I locked mine with blue ones. Niall’s. Not sure what to make of the new emotion, I decided to avoid it, hopin it would disappear. Would I be able to contain this feeling or would Niall change my heart?


1. Chapter 1

A/N-Hello my dear readers. This chapter would be in the first person and in that person's pov. You'll find out the name of the character later on in this chap. Well I'll see you guys down there!

Chapter 1


'Being locked inside you room in an orphanage isn't my idea of fun' I thought. Staring blankly up at the ceiling on my bed, arms behind my head with nothing to do. Moments passed before I started to drift off into a deep sleep.


Skipping home happily from school, the wind blowing through my raven, waist length hair. I opened the door to my home where my parents, my 4 years old little brother and I lived together. It was my birthday today and hoped to have a great time celebrating it with my family. My wish was granted.

Blowing out the candles, I had cut the cake into pieces with the help of my father guiding me. Hours passed after the celebration before I heard a scream coming from my parents room. Pushing myself off my bed, I quickly but quietly made my way to their room. Opening the door cautiously only to see my father laying helplessly on the floor, blood flowing out of his mouth down his chin and into his own puddle of blood. My mother on her knees, sobbing loudly with a hand covering her mouth, in front of a silhouette figure who appeared to be holding the crying Katsu by his delicate neck.

Not a moment later, the figure tightened its hold on my beloved brother's neck silencing his cries instantly. Dropping him mercilessly, he approached my mother who is now attempting to crawl over to Katsu. Driving a knife through her back into her heart, he started to head towards the opened window which I hadn't notice beforehand.

Not thinking, I ran towards my mother yelling her name.  Not noticing the figure approaching me soundlessly, he attempted to stab me too as I turned around, luckily I ducked. Nonetheless I received a slash over my eye. Placing my hand over it, I tried to fend off the enemy. I succeeded.

Turning back to my mother who was hanging on the edge of life and death. I grabbed onto her hands. It was cold. Her skin was pale and her face looks as if in pain. Crystalline tears making its way down my cheeks joining the puddle of blood. Even in this horrid situation my mother still smiled her gentle smile. She told me to promise her something which I quickly nodded to before her hand slipped through my grasp and fell with a thud on the hard floor. A smile on gracing her face.

I screamed. I fell onto my knees beside the lifeless corpse of my mother, hands clutched tightly onto my head. I started to drift into unconsciousness, my mother's last words echoing in my mind.

"Sweetie, I'm sorry that I won't be able to help you along the way but I know you're strong. But please promise me this Haruko, have a happy life and don't blame yourself for this and don't let your hatred drive you onto a path of loneliness and darkness."


I woke up with a start, sweat sticking to me like second skin. 'That nightmare, I could never get a peaceful sleep with it still haunting me'. My hand reaching tracing the vertical scar over my left eye which is covered by my hair. Sighing, I sat up. Just when I was about to get off my bed, I heard a door lock click and the door opening strangely slow. Turning my head towards the sound I stood cautiously, grabbing a small pocket knife from under my black, fluffy pillow.


A/N-Hello again! Well I can't be bothered to write any longer so I just left it at that. Plus I wanna play on my DS. Hope you like it! 'Suko

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