Your One Direction One Shots

Your own one shot with any 'One Direction' member. How to enter is in the first chapter - Thanks.
- Chloe Nicole xXx


5. 'Yes' - For harrysbabess<3

Harry p.o.v

Today was going to be nerve racking, I was taking Kyndal - my girlfriend of four years - out for dinner and unlike any other date this one was going to be special. 

The rest of my life was depending on Kyndal and if she turned this opportunity down my life was over - Everything I did and everything I do is because I have Kyndal and I want to be with her for the rest of my life....


I sighed - annoyed, 

"Don't worry mate, it will be fine!" Zayn told me, trying to encourage me,

"What am I supposed to say?!" I asked worriedly, "What if it comes out wrong and she says no because it's not how she imagined it and..."

"Harry!" Zayn yelled, making me shut up instantly, "Look - She won't care how you say it, Haz, she loves you and the boys and I all know what she's going to say!" He told me, I smiled, 


"No but's, Styles! It will go perfectly - trust me." I sighed,

"How did you do it?" I asked Zayn, Zayn shrugged, 

"Trust me, mate, I was just as bad as you. But everything turned out fine..." I smiled at Zayn who was making me feel better with every word, "But just remember to be you, she won't like it if you change just for this one thing." I nodded, 

"OK - thanks Zayn," Zayn smiled at me,

"Anytime, mate, but what are you doing here - with me, when you should be out there - with Kyndal?" He asked, I laughed and looked at the time only to see that I was running a little bit late. 

"Oh... Shit!" I cursed, "Bye Zayn - Thanks for the help!" I said as I rushed outside and into my car wearing my tux. I got into my car and began to drive to Kyndal's....


Kyndal p.o.v

"This or... This?" I asked my best friend, and house mate, Heather, Heather shrugged.

"I like the pink dress but I prefer the long royal blue one," she told me, I nodded, 

"The blue one it is," I got out my jewellery box and began to look for something to wear, I found a necklace that Harry bought me for our first date, it was a silver necklace that had a circled place at the bottom and the words engraved 'Bee Mine' on it as well as a picture of a bee. I got out some cream heels that had black tips and started on make-up. 

I don't wear that much make-up that often but when I do it's only mascara, lip gloss, eyeliner and sometimes blusher. 

"Done," I said as I did the last stroke with the mascara, I stood up and looked at Heather who was wide eyed. 

"Oh... My... God!" She said, making me blush, "Harry's going to love you!" She screamed, I laughed and waited for Harry to get here...


Harry was running a bit late and I was beginning to panic - Harry was never late! 


"What if he's forgot?!" I asked worriedly, Heather laughed,

"He wouldn't forget! Zayn said he was really excited about this date! I don't know why - But he was," I breathed in and nodded, 

"Yeah... OK. He's properly just stuck in traffic - Or he left late," Heather nodded and the doorbell rang, I jumped up and moved as quickly as my heels would let me, I opened the door to see Harry standing there in a tux and a not so neat bow tie. I laughed and took the bow tie off of him, 

"Hey!" He said, I laughed as we kissed, 

"One minute," I said and made his bow-tie neater, 

"What would I do without you?" He asked in his strong British accent. We both led into a deep, passionate, kiss filled with fireworks and butterflies. "I love you, Kyndal," He told me,

"I love you to, Haz," I said, as we where about to kiss again Heather interrupted us.

"Oi - Love birds, get out of here and get to your date!" Harry and I laughed and nodded as we walked hand in hand to his car. We both waved goodbye to Heather before Harry started to drive to where ever he was taking me. 

"Harry?" I asked,

"Yes, baby?" He asked, 

"Where are we going?" Harry laughed and tapped his nose, 

"That's for me to know and you to find out," I sighed, I wasn't a huge fan when it came to surprises but I know, for a fact, that Harry's surprises where the best and cost a lot of money. 

"Harry, it better not be something expensive! You know I hate it when you spend money on me!" Harry laughed,

"Well it wouldn't be me if I didn't spend money on a beautiful girl like you," I blushed at his words, "I still make you blush after four years," Harry said - Proudly. I laughed, 

"It's because your you." He laughed as he pulled up in front of a posh restaurant. "Harry?" I said sighing, he smiled and kissed my cheek, 

"Stop it - We're going here if it means I have to strap you in the chair!" I laughed and nodded, 

"OK.... But I'm making it up to you," 

"Well you can make it up to me in here," I looked at him confused, "You'll see what I mean," I nodded. "Table for two, reserved under the name Styles," He told the person at the desk, she looked up and smiled, 

"Yes, right this way," She said and guided us through the crowd into a dark room that was lit up on candle that was neatly seat on a table with a white cloth. The woman smiled at Harry, 

"Good luck, Mr. Styles," She said and walked off, before she walked of Harry thanked her. He turned to me, 

"Kyndal?" Harry asked, 

"Yes, Haz," 

"Kyndal since the day I met you I fell in love and I've planed on spending the rest of my life with you.... I guess what I'm trying to say is..." Harry got down on one knee and pulled out a ring and it was then that I relished what he was doing! "Kyndal Langston with you be my wife?" He asked and opened the box that held an engagement ring that had a small diamond on top. 

"Yes!" I screamed, he screamed as well before he kissed me hard, when we stopped we kept in each others stare. His beautiful green orbs staring into my aqua blue ones. 

"Let's eat then," He said making me laugh.

And for the rest of the date we'd started planing the wedding and loving each other.


Loving each other - Something we did until we died....

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