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Your own one shot with any 'One Direction' member. How to enter is in the first chapter - Thanks.
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4. Twins - For Mrs.Gabby_Payne<3

Gabby p.o.v

I breathed in again as I looked at the test, it was blue - positive. 

What would Liam say? 

I mean, he's on tour all the time and I have work, neither of us would be able to spend time with this baby - Let alone help it on it's journey of growing up! 

How would Liam react?

Liam's not been in the best of moods recently - even though he proposed only a couple of months ago.

Was he even ready for a baby?

I sighed, stressfuly, at the stress that was going through me. Why, why did this have to happen now? Out of all the time in the world - the lord chose now! 

I sighed - slightly annoyed, Liam wasn't coming back home for another couple of hours so I might as well write in my diary to spear some time....


Dear Diary,

Well, so far not so good! A couple of days ago Liam and I went out, together, to help him get rid of the stress from the rehearsing and long story short - We both got very drunk and ended up having sex! 

Normally, I would be completely fine with this but it's not just that. It turns out that I'm pregnant, Liam and I. I don't think we're ready for a new family member, I mean - We're both working and Liam is never home! 

How are we going to look after a baby together?!

Anyway - for the past couple of days I've been waking up with some really bad stomach pains, as it's that time of the month I didn't think nothing of it but it was only today that I started throwing up, Liam left early this morning so he knows nothing of this!

After my 'little' puking session was over I threw on my coat and shoes, grabbed my bag, and left to go and buy a pregnancy test. When I got home I took it and it turned blue - Otherwise known as positive.

Now I am sitting here... Waiting for Liam to come.


As I was about to continue writing I heard the front door open and close - Liam's home. 

I sighed and pulled myself up, off of our bed and down the stairs, to where a happy Liam was standing. 

"Hello, baby Gabby - how are you today?" Liam asked, I gave him a weak smile and shrugged, 

"I...I don't know what to do," I said, my green / blue eyes starting to water, Liam hugged me,

"What do you mean, Gab?" Liam asked - Worrying. He began to stroke my dirty blonde hair, knowing that that calmed me down. After I had slowly recovered I began to tell Liam everything, 

"W...W...Well, Yo....You know th...that we.... we did it?" I asked, Liam's nodded, "Urm.. Li...Liam, I'm pregnant!" I said, stuttering almost every word, it took a couple of minutes for him to relish what I had just said but when he did I knew that he didn't seem to happy about it! 

"Gabby - Neither of us can look after the baby, we have no time." Liam said, 

"I know, Li, but what am I supposed to do?" I asked, Liam looked at me, 

"Get an abortion!" Liam yelled as if getting an abortion was as easy as saying it! 

"I can't!" I whispered, he looked at me, "I'm sorry, Liam, but I can't take away someone's life!" I said, my voice barely a whisper, 

"Someones?!" Liam scoffed, "It's not even born yet!" He yelled, 

"He or she is still alive, Liam!" My voice raised, Liam looked at me - hatred in his eyes.

"Fine then - Me or the baby?" Liam asked, 

"What?!" I asked, 

"Me.. Or the baby?" He asked, oh my god - How childish is that?!

"Liam! Don't be so..."

"Me or the baby!" He interrupted me, I sighed, 

"Fine then." I snapped, he smirked, "I guess this is goodbye - Liam." Liam's face dropped and I ran out of the house. I ran to my best friends - Lilly. There I opened up, here was where I was going to stay for a couple of days - Just until I get my own house....

**********10 Years Later**********

"Taylor and Lucas Payne come down stairs, please!" I yelled up the stairs, 

Yes, I have two kids. Twin. One boy one girl. I haven't seen Liam for ten years and not so long after we broke up his band broke up! 

Liam haven't met his kids, they don't know their real farther and the farther doesn't know them. After I had Taylor and Lucas I went into a weekday job - I was able to work when the kids where at school. I sung in a bar, singing is something that I've always enjoyed and I think I always will - It's something that makes me remember a little bit more about Liam. 

"Yeah mum?" Taylor's sweet voice asked, 

"Get your coat and shoes on you to - We're seeing Auntie Lilly," they both nodded and put on their coats and shoes. 

"Didn't Auntie Lilly move?" Lucas asked, I nodded, 

"Yeah - It's half an hour walk," I told him, 

"Yes!" Taylor hissed - Taylor was the type of kid that enjoyed going out side and exploring, she reminded me of Louis some times.

Lucas, however, Lucas was one of those typical boys that would sit in all day, everyday, and play on the X-Box or Computer. Lucas groaned, 

"You could use the exercise, Luke," I said making Taylor laugh. As I was only ten years older than them I knew how most kids where like these days as I had only got out of the teenage years eleven to twelve years ago. Lucas gave me a death glare as I opened the door, 

"Your s opposed to be my mum," He complained, 

"You're supposed to be my son?" I asked, he looked at me,

"What's that supposed to mean?" He asked, 

"Don't worry..." I said... 

We began to walk, on the way I bumped into someone. 

"Oh, sorr... Gabby?" Liam's cute, sweet, voice said. I sighed, 

"Liam?" I asked, I looked up and saw Liam - A large smile plastered across his face as he engulfed me in a hug. 

"So... Who's the... Wait?" Liam asked as he saw Taylor and Lucas, "Twins?" He asked - shocked, I sighed and nodded, 

"Yeah..." I mumbled, 

"Oh my god, Gabby, I'm so sorry! I was so stupid - The guys and I, we broke up because I was a mess with out you!" Liam said and started to cry. I could tell Lucas was getting annoyed, 

"Sorry, Liam this is Taylor and Lucas..." I paused thinking if I should tell him their second names? Why not. "Payne," I finished off, Liam smiled at me, "And Taylor and Lucas this is Liam... Your dad." I could see that they both lit up after I had told them that Liam was their farther. 

"Really?!" Taylor asked, "Oh my god, that's so cool! Hi!" She yelled, making Liam laugh, 

"She's like Louis, then?" He asked, I sighed and nodded, 

"Yes... Yeah," Liam laughed and hugged them both before he returned to me. 

"Gabby... These past ten years... I haven't stopped thinking about you! I almost lost the guys because I couldn't stop thinking about you would you... Would you go out with me... Again?" He asked, I smiled and nodded before we both shared a passionate kiss. 


And from then on it was Taylor, Lucas, Liam and I. 

Taylor, Lucas, Liam and I - And that was how it should be....

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