Your One Direction One Shots

Your own one shot with any 'One Direction' member. How to enter is in the first chapter - Thanks.
- Chloe Nicole xXx


3. Singing Goodbye - For Smileyface123

Hannah p.o.v

"I love you, baby," Niall mumbled in his sleepy Irish accent, I smiled to myself,

"I love you to, Nialler," I mumbled back to him.

It was weird how I started off as a crazed, obsessive, fan and then my first concert I bump into Niall, who is now currently my boyfriend of three years. I felt Niall's body turn around so he was facing me, he looked at me, his light blue orbs facing my hazel ones. I knew, for a fact, that my dirty blonde hair looked like a tornado had just blown over it. 

"I don't want to go back on tour," Niall complained, he was leaving tomorrow and we where going to a club later with the boys to say goodbye. I was planning a little surprise for Niall and that little surprise was singing a song that my friend Chloe wrote for me. 

"I don't want you to go either Niall - But think of it like this, at least we'll have something to look forward to! Niall smiled and pecked my lips, 

"I love how you think so positive all the time!" Niall said, smiling, "What are you doing today?" He asked, 

"I'm going out with Chloe and then we're going to met you guys at the club later," Niall frowned at my words, "What's wrong?" I asked, 

"It's just... You've been hanging out with Chloe a lot these past few weeks and it's like you'd rather be with her than spend some time with me...." Niall's words hurt me,

"Don't be silly - Ni. I love you and I have for three years now and I always will," Niall smiled and hugged me.

After we had gotten ready Niall and I sat on the sofa and hugged while watching t.v. My phone buzzed signalling that I had received a text message, 


Chloe - Hey H, The songs finished - you might want to come now so you have more time to practice it.  :-) xXx


Me - OK, Chlo, I'll leave now. X


I turned to Niall and kissed his lip, "I'm sorry Ni but Chloe really needs me - Right now. So I'll see you later?" Niall sighed and nodded, 

"OK, Hannah, I'll see you later," I smiled and kissed Niall before getting on my shoes and coat....


Practising the song took until we had to leave, luckily I had just learnt how to get the right tune and remember all the word considering that they where starting to introduce me in a couple of minutes.  My phone buzzed and a text message from Niall came up,


Niall - Hannah , where are you ? ! Xx


Me - Sorry, Ni. I'll be there in a couple of minutes - I promise! X


Niall - OK, see you soon baby. Xx


"And now a special someone singing a special something for a special someone!" Chloe announced, I laughed as she came back on, "Rock it," She told me with a wink, I smiled and walked onto the stage. I scanned the crowd for Niall but couldn't see him, until I heard someone yell the words,

"I love you!" I smiled as I saw Niall standing there - Next to Harry. I music began to play and I began to sing the lyrics,


'Love At First Sight,

It Seems So Plain,

Love At First Sight,

What A Fairy Tail Thing,

But Seeing You, Standing There,

Makes Me Think Again.


Love At First Sight, Is Real,

Love At First Sight - 

The Meaning to Your Name, 

Love At First Sight, Is What I feel.


Loving You Is All I Every Want To Do,

Loving You Is What I Will Always Do,

And Loving You Is Something I Will Show You.


Love At First Sight, Is, Real,

Love At First Sight -

The Meaning To Your Name, 

Love At First Sight, Is What I Feel.


Now I'm Standing here, 

Watching You, Look At Me, 

I'm Standing Here, 

Loving You...


Love At First Sight, Is Real,

Love At First Sight -

The Meaning To Your Name,

Love At First Sight, Is What I Feel...'


I finished the song, ending with an applause. People screaming and yelling - Cheering, in other words. I vanished around the back and went around so I could see Niall. When I met him he engulfed me in a long loving hug,

"I love you, Hannah, and I always will!" Niall said, he was crying - making me cry. 

"I love you to, Ni..." For the rest of the night Niall and I danced and sung along with the people who where singing....


"I love you Niall," I said, tears spilling over both of our eyes,

"I love you to Hannah, but I'll see you soon," He said, both of us still crying. He cupped my chin in his large hand, "I'll text, call and skype you - Everyday!" Niall promised, I smiled and hugged him. 

"Goodbye, Niall," I said,

"Goodbye for now, my princess...."    

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