Your One Direction One Shots

Your own one shot with any 'One Direction' member. How to enter is in the first chapter - Thanks.
- Chloe Nicole xXx


8. Punk Roomates - For †☮Beauty Was An Option?☮†

Today was the day that Anna went to a new collage - After been kicked out of so many collages, so many times. She walked in - Her bag slung over one shoulder. 

'Name?' The person at reception asked,


'Second name?' 

'You should know that!' The woman sighed and began to look through all the 'Anne's at the school.

'Ahh, Anna. Here's your key. Room 304, have a great day.' She pulled a fake smile and walked to the room that was on floor three. 

Anna opened the key and saw a boy about nineteen or twenty sitting on a bed, the blonde haired guy had cool tattoo sleeves and the eighteen-year-old rebel could just make out a lip piercing. 

This guy already caught her attention, he looked up, he's got blue eyes. He looked at her, 

'Who are you?!' He snapped,

'I'm Anna, why'd you want to know?' Anna snapped, he smirked, 

'Well, Anna, this is my room.' He informed her, she shook her head,

'No. This is our room but that.' She said and pointed to the bed that he was sitting on, 'That, my friend, is my bed so get up.' He smirked and got up. 

'There.' He snapped, she gave him a fake smile before putting out her stuff. Anna turned around and saw him looking at her up and down, he was smirking and his eyes rested where her breasts where. She smirked and undid a button. He looked up at her, she smirked once again and turned around. 'Nice ass.' He mumbled, Anna smiled to myself,

'Thanks. Nice tattoo's, but you might want to think about working out sometime.' Anna told him even though he had quite clearly got a bit of muscle. 

'You're enjoying this - Aren't you?' She smirked and nodded,

'Very much...' She replied - Amused.

* * * * * * * * *

After Anna had finished un-packing Niall began to pick up a few things.

'You might want to get ready for first lesson.' Niall told her, she scoffed,

'I don't think so babes.'

'What?' Niall asked,

'I said - I don't think so... Babes.' Niall smirked and walked over to Anna. He place his left hand on the back of Anna's head where her neatly presented dark brown hair lay. Anna got a sudden jolt of happiness and some kind of strange feeling in her stomach as Niall did this.

'Why are your eyes pink?' Niall asked, slightly confused,

'What do you mean?' Anna asked,

'Your eyes, they're pink.' Niall told her, 'They where brown but now they're pink.' Niall told her, she blushed slightly.

'Ohh... Well, urmmm, they change by my mood... My family don't really know why but they're normally brown - Amused or red - Angry.' Anna informed him, he nodded,

'So what's pink?' He asked, she blushed slightly...

'Pinks... It's actually quite funny... I've never had pink before especially someone like you, I mean you look so... So.... You...?' Niall got confused,

'Wait - What's pink?'

'L.... L.... L.... Love....' Anna stuttered. Niall looked at her and a smiled formed on his lips.

'How about we ditch the lesson and go and find a nice place to eat?' Niall asked, Anna's eyes changed back to brown and she smirked.

'Sure.' They both took each other's hands and ran out of the school building.

*****Five Years Later*****

Niall and Anna where sitting at a near by park - Gaining a few stares from passers by.

'What?!' Anne snapped, her eyes changing to a shade of red. 'Never seen a couple in the park before?!' Niall laughed,

'Calm down, Anna.' Anne shrugged as her eyes went back to pink - Her normal colour since she meet Niall. 'Anna, can I ask you something?' He asked,

'What, Ni?'

'Marry me.' Niall stated,

'What?' Anna asked,

'I said marry me,' Anna smiled and nodded as they both kissed passionately and hard. Niall deepens the kiss by sliding his tinge into her mouth, he was about to go a little more further into the kiss but Anna stopped him.

'Niall, save it for later.' She mumbled, Niall sighed and picked her up,

'Where are we going?' Anna asked,


Hey Guys,

Sorry I haven't updated in a while but I finally did it! (YAY)

I'll try and get everyone else's one done sometime this week BUT I can't go on my phone starting from tomorrow for a week and using the computer is hard but I shall try.

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