Your One Direction One Shots

Your own one shot with any 'One Direction' member. How to enter is in the first chapter - Thanks.
- Chloe Nicole xXx


6. Fight - For Samantha Styles

Samantha sat there, waiting for her boyfriend - Harry Styles - to come back home. He had been back off of tour for a couple of weeks but had kept cancelling on Sam, but today he had promised that they could spend all night together - Watching films and goofing around. The front door of Samantha's and Harry's apartment opened and the closed. Sam jumped up - excited that she would be seeing Harry again. 

"Harry!" She screamed as she saw him, he smiled at her but didn't stop moving - It looked like he was in a rush. 

"Hi, babe, you aright?" He asked giving Sam a quick  peck on the cheek, Sam's face turned from a smile to a frown, 

"Yeah..." She mumbled, Harry put on a coat and opened the door but before he could leave Sam grabbed his arm. "Harry?" She asked, Harry looked at her - Slight annoyance in his eyes. "Where are you going?" She asked, 

"Oh - Out with the boys." He said simply, Sam's heart fell, it snapped,

"The boys?" She asked, 

"Yeah - Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn." Samantha sighed, "What am I not aloud do see my best friends?" He asked,

"Yes but, Haz, we haven't spoken to each other that much or seen each other that much since you've come back and your leaving for tour in two days it's just... It's like you don't have any time for me any more," Sam said on the edge of crying, 

"Don't be so stupid Sam!" Harry snapped, "Your acting like a little kid!" He snapped, tears started spilling out of Sam's eyes, 

"Harry.... I.... We where supposed to hang out today!" She said,

"We can hang out tomorrow, I promise," Harry said and turned around, 

"How am I supposed to know you mean it?" Samantha yelled, "You promised we could hang out today but what happened to that?" She yelled again, 

"Shut up, Sam!" Harry yelled, "If you don't trust me then what the point of this relationship?!" Harry yelled before pulling his arm out of her grip, "We'll talk about this later!" He yelled again before he left - Leaving Samantha there, in tears. 

Sam ran into Harry and her's room and pulled out a bag - Putting all of her clothes and belongings into the bag. She grabbed a piece of paper and wrote a scruffy note before taking of her necklace that Harry hag got her and placing the note and necklace neatly on the bed before leaving....


Harry arrived home, alone, "Sam-Sam?!" He called, but Sam didn't come, "Sam?" Harry asked, "Samantha? You here?!" He called but again no answer.

Harry ran up the stairs and into his bedroom where the note and necklace was neatly place, he sat down on the bed and picked up the note, that read:

Dear Harry,

I'm sorry about my handwriting, I know it's bad.

But I'm leaving - In fact by the time you have read this I would have already of left,

Don't bother looking for me, I'm leaving - Not that far but I'll properly be on the train

by the time you start reading this. I wish you all of the best of luck, Harry, but like everyone's

love - There is an end to it at some point and it looks like this is the end of ours.

Goodbye, Harry. I will always love you

- Your Little Sam-Sam. 


By the time Harry had finished reading the note he was in tears - He had let his own girlfriend run away from him. He grabbed his phone and called Louis, 

"Hey, Haz - You alright?" Louis asked,

"N... No - It... It's Sam...." Harry said, crying, 

"What happened, Harry?" He asked, worryingly,  

"We... We had a fight.... B...Before I left and.... And,"

"Shh, Haz," Louis tried to calm him, "What happened?"

"She left!?" He screamed and broke into tears. 

"Where did she go?" Louis asked,

"I don't know, all she said was she was getting on a train," Harry told him, 

"Maybe she went to her parents?" Louis asked, 

"P... Possibly," Harry whispered, 

"Stay there, I'll get the boys and we'll go to her parents house," Harry nodded, 

"O... OK...." 


They pulled up in front of Samantha's old house - Also known as her parents house. Harry got out and knocked on the door, Sam opened the door, 

"Harry?" She asked her voice weak, Harry engulfed her in a hug, 

"I love you Sam, I'm so so so Sorry!" He mumbled into her head, tears fell down both of their faces. 

"I love you to, Haz," She said back, they both pulled away from the hug and lead into a kiss. One that was perfect. 

"Our love can never be destroyed, Sam," He mumbled, Sam smiled, 


And from then on it was Sam and Harry. 

Exactly how it should be..

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