Be Careful What You Wish For

Kimberly is a 13 year old girl who loves ice skating. Along the way, Kimberly finds a secret room at the Ice skating rink. She finds a lamp that looks similar to the one in Aladdin. What will Kimberly do with the Lamp?


2. The Boy

Chapter Two~ The Boy

I made it half way through the school day without getting yelled at. It was now lunch time. I am always cold lunch. The cafeteria food is dreadful. I eat with my friends drone the ice skating rink. My mother always packs me a sandwich, soda, and candy bar. Lunch is where my friends and I basically talk about ice skating. Sometimes, we talk about our crushes. I have always liked this boy, named Zach. Zach was dreamy. Suddenly I dropped my soda. It went two tables over and landed right beside Zach. I felt like a fool. This was going to be so embarrassing. Zach picked up the soda and looked over at me. I knew that this was going to be an awful moment.

Zach started to come over to me. I was nervous. He asked if the soda was mine. I shook my head yes and took the soda. He told me to keep my soda under control, and laughed in a joking way. I laughed back, and told him thank you. All my friends were smiling. I was blushing. All my friends knew that ever since fifth grade, I have had a crush in Zach. One of my friends, Maia, said that was sweet of him. Caroline even said that he might have a crush in me. I was love struck. I knew that moment would stay with me forever. Zach and I don't talk a lot. My day was made.

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