My Little Luna

"This is it. Tonight is the night I will make her mine." I said in a definite tone as my eyes slowly closed, "Oh goddess, I can just picture it now. Her sweet delicate body writhing in pleasure from my touch, her soft moans filling my ears as I drown in that mouthwatering scent of hers. She would beg for it, my mark. She will beg for me to claim her, to dominate her, to satisfy her. Oh yes...Dylan Ariana Brooks. You. Will. Be. MINE!"


1. Chapter One

{Dylan's P.O.V}

"C'mon Dylan, shake a leg will ya? It's almost eight o'clock and your still in bed!" Sophie chirped in that irritatingly happy voice of her's as she threw open my bedroom curtains. Within an instant my room became flooded with impossibly bright light, causing me to retreat into the safety of my covers. Sophie Wu was my best friend and basically my sister-in-law since she was my brothers mate. I loved her to death but she really need to understand the fact that I was not a morning person.

"Go away Sophie." I growled and it took every ounce of will power in me not to wring her neck when she snatched my covers off of my bed, exposing me to painfully bright sunlight. Yelping loudly I covered my face with my hands until my eyes adjusted. Once they did I slowly sat up and rubbed my temples. I had a hangover from hell and it felt like my stomach was tying itself into knots. In other words I felt like complete and utter shit.

As if reading my thoughts, Sophie snorted and rolled her eyes. "That's what you get for getting totally wasted last night at the beach."

I blinked for a moment as images of the night before came flooding back into my mind. A huge smile spread across my lips. "Hey you gotta live it up while you can Soph, you only turn 18 once." I chuckled before glaring at her accusingly. "Besides I vaguely remember you drinking as much as I did last night. Why aren't you hung over too?"

"Because my dear sweet Dilly, gorgeous divas like me don't get hangovers." She said as she executed a dramatic hair flip and plopped down on the bed beside me. I simply glared at her for a moment before using my foot to push her off the bed and onto the floor in a very un-diva like heap.

"Oi! What did you do that for?" She exclaimed as she sat up and rubbed her head.

"Because my dear sweet Sophie, sex goddesses like me can!" I grinned as she stuck her tongue out at me.

"So what did you wake me up for anyway? Well other than to annoy the hell out of me of course."

"You forgot didn't you?" She asked as she stood up and smoothed her long dark brown curls out of her face.

I laid back on my bed, closing my eyes as I interlocked my fingers behind my head. "You know I suck at remembering stuff. That's why I have you, duh. You're like my little secretary." I grinned.

Sophie sighed and crossed her arms over her chest. "Big meeting, the Red Moon pack, celestial celebration. Any of these words ringing a bell?"

A whole three seconds passed by before her words finally it me. "Shit!" My eyes snapped open and a second later I jumped off my bed like I was being shot at and raced for my bathroom to take a shower. "Get some clothes out for me kay? But if you get a dress so help me Sophie I will murder you and make it look like an accident!" I yelled before slamming the bathroom door shut.

Twenty minuets later I stepped out wrapping in only a towel and drying my hair with another. Sophie was sitting in the middle of my bed with all her attention focused on her phone. Probably on Tumblr or Pinterest no doubt. In front of her she had my clothes paid out neatly. She'd picked out a pair of black skinny jeans that had rips going down the legs, my favorite Pierce The Veil tank top and the matching collide with the sky high top converses. This was why Sophie was my best friend. She knew me so well it scared me sometimes.

"Yes yes I know, I'm freaking amazing. Now hurry up and get dress, we're gunna be late." Sophie said once again reading my thoughts.

Quickly I started getting dressed, not caring that Sophie was still sitting there. We had both seen each other name plenty of times (but not the way you're thinking you pervs!).

"So I heard the Red Moon pack's got themselves a new Alpha." Sophie said her eyes still on her phone.

I finished tying the laces on my shoes and started to run a brush through my still damp hair. "Yeah, who is it?" I mumbled not really caring but asked out of curiosity.

"I don't know, some bloke named Zeiden I think." She said sound genuinely upset that she didn't know much about him. Sophie prided herself on being the know-it-all of the pack, she liked knowing everything about everyone. If you asked me it just showed how much of a control freak she is. And I meant control freak in a endearing kinda way.

I gave a small nod to show that I heard her. I didn't bother putting on any make up, I'd never been a big fan of it. After grabbing my dark gray beanie and putting it on I stepped away from my vanity mirror. "Okay ready. How do I look?"

Sophie finally looked up from her phone and smile. "You look awesome as usual. And me?" She asked jumping off my bed and striking a diva pose.

For the first time since she entered my room, my gaze took in her clothing. She was wearing a neon pink hello kitty shirt, a black and pink plaid skirt, and pink toms.

"You look" I said trying to hold back my laughter but failed horribly.

Sophie glared at me before crossing her arms over her chest. "And what's wrong with pink?" She growled.

I held up my hands in surrender, biting on my lip hard to keep the laughter down. "Nothing. Nothing is wrong with pink. Pink is good."

We stared at other for a solid minuet before both bursting into a fit if giggles.

"I swear you are such a pain in the ass sometimes." She shook her head smiling as she walked over to me.

"Yes I am. But I'm your pain in the ass best friend, who is also your mate's sister. Hence why you put up with me." I grinned slinging one of my arms around her shoulders and together we descended the stairs and out of my house, making our way to the meeting hall.

"Yeah, yeah whatever. Let's just hurry up and get to this meeting on time." Sophie said nervously.

"Relax Soph, we'll bet there in time. There's nothing to worry about." I assured her.

"Yeah easy for you to say. You're Alpha Blake's daughter."

A/N: Hello, hello, hello everyone and thanks for reading! Yeah so this chapters is kinda short but I promise they will get longer and better just bare with me okay? Anyway like, comment, whatever I would love to know what you guys think. I'll have chapter 2 done and uploaded by the end of the day, if not bright and early tomorrow morning. I'll try to do updates once a week but I'm so excited about this story they might come sooner! :)

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