Loving You

Liam and Ally are happy together but can their marriage survive the ups and downs of surprises and secrets?


1. hospital

Ally's POV

"Ally, Ally honey, please wake up, I need you." I heard my husband Liam cry. What's happening, I tried to pull myself out of the darkness to comfort Liam, but I couldn't.

Liam's POV

2 hours earlier

"Hey Li..." I heard Ally yell to me. "Yea?" I called back. Then I heard a crash. I ran up the stairs and saw Ally crumpled up next to our bed. "No, no, no come one Ally you gotta wake up, I need you." I dialed 911 on my phone. "Hello state your emergency." "Hi, my wife just collapsed and she won't wake up. She's unconscious." "Ok we'll send and ambulance to you house what's the address?" I rambled out the address and hung up. Then I dialed Zayn's number because he almost always answers. "Hey Liam, say hi to the rest of the boys." "Hey guys umm listen I'm on my way to the hospital, Ally collapsed and she's unconscious." "Ok don't worry Liam, we'll meet you there. "Thanks guys." I said. The paramedics came and took Ally I got into the ambulance with her and we rode in science while the paramedics tried to wake her.

Ally's POV

Present time

"Ally I love you and I don't know what I'd do with out you, please wake up." "Repeat that again Liam?" "Ally you awake!" "Yea I'm awake what happened?" "I don't know you just collapsed upstairs." Oh. I smiled. "So you were saying that you couldn't live without me and that if I died you'd kill yourself." "I didn't say that." "No but I know you thought that.""Maybe."

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