My Neighbor

Naomi gets a new neighbor who is 22 and she is 16 but he is HOT. His name is Lucas. Naomi finds herself falling for him but he is older than her.


2. Chapter 2

I wake up the next morning and I hear giggling and laughing. I yawn and go downstairs and my feet instantly touch, freezing wood. I go to the kitchen where my mom is standing there, laughing with Lucas. "Good morning honey." My mom says and I look at Lucas and he smiles at me. "Hey Naomi." My mom says and Lucas waves at me. "Um, hi." I say, going to the fridge and grabbing out a yogurt. "What are you doing here Lucas?" I ask and he smiles. "I was asking your mom if there are any places I could get a job at." He says and I nod. "Actually, I told him about the history teaching job at your high school." My mom says and I almost choke on my yogurt. "You guys could carpool today, he needs to get an application and I am helping him with his resume today." She says and I just walk to the living room and go over to the sliding doors and step out onto the balcony. I look to my right, to Lucas's balcony and I see he already has a table and chairs out. I take a deep breath and look out over the city.

I finally go back inside and go upstairs and change into a pair of shorts and tank top and my converse. "Ryan is sick today, he told me to tell you that." My mom says when I come downstairs and I nod. "Alright, let's go Lucas, see you later mom." I say, kissing her cheek and we go to the elevator and ride down in silence.

"Do you think you can show me to the office when we get there?" He asks and I smile. "Sure thing." I say, going over to my car and getting in. I pull out of the parking lot and onto the street and begin to drive to school. "So Naomi, tell me about yourself." He says and I shrug. "I like to have fun with my friend Ryan." I say, smiling. "Ah, I like to paint and write poetry." He says and I smile. "You sound romantic." I say, laughing and he chuckles. "I guess you could say that, in high school, girls would barely come near me." He says and I laugh. "I bet you were a cutie." I say, turning right and then leaning back in my seat. "I had pimples and braces and glasses, I was very unattractive." He says and I laugh. "Well you look handsome now, if that makes you feel any better." I say and he laughs. "Thank you, it makes me feel a lot better since it is coming from a beautiful girl like you." He says and I blush. "Thank you." I say and he smiles. "Maybe I could draw you sometime." He says and I smile. "That would be nice, I could take a picture of you sometime, I like to take pictures." I say and he nods. "Sounds like a plan." He says and I giggle.

I take him inside and to the office. "Mr. Buzz is kind of a hard ass, just be polite and I think you will do just fine." I say, laughing and winking and walking away. "Hey girl, who was that hottie you walked in with?" My best friend Irene asks. "That's Lucas, my new neighbor." I say and she smiles. "He is sexy." She says and I laugh. "Um Naomi." Lucas says, exiting the office. "Yeah?" I ask and he laughs. "How am I supposed to get home?" He asks and I laugh. "Here, call my mom." I say, handing him my cell phone. He smiles and walks away, putting the phone to his ear.

He walks back and smiles. I look down and the new contact menu is up. I check in it and it says Lucas Pines. I look up and he smiles and walks out. That day I drive home and go inside and get in the elevator and go to our room and I go inside and collapse on the couch and fall asleep.

Authors Note:

Hello my ducklings! I hope you liked this, FINALLY chapter 2 -Mrs.Tomlinsonxx

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