Avis Gray

"I didn't do it. I promise you that. In fact, I can tell you who did it. It was Finn Blue."
Avis Gray is a young girl living in North Devon. Avis Gray is ten years old. Avis Gray is guilty of murdering her father, in a vicious attack the North Devon Police have labelled as 'monstrous'. Avis Gray has blamed the murder on a boy called Finn Blue. The thing is, Finn Blue only exists in Avis' head.
As the Police and child psychologist Rose McGinley embark on a terrifying yet bewitching journey on trying to figure out who exactly Finn Blue is, they find that sometimes the imagination can be much more dangerous than reality.


1. Not Guilty.

"Now, Avis Gray, could you state for the recording your full name and age, if you please."

The little girl looked up from where she had been chewing her nails, to the police officer with nothing more than mere amusement. "You have my full name and age. I saw you write it on that paper there when I was first brought in." She continued her feast of skin and nail. The police officer sighed. "For the recording please, Miss Gray."

The girl sighed irritably, as if she had just been reminded to make her bed, for the fifth time. "Avis Elizabeth Gray. Ten years and five months."

"Thank you." 

The girl looked at the recording equipment sitting on the table with fascination, the nails long forgotten. Her dress, powder blue with delicate ruffles, creased and bunched when she stood up and leaned over to get a closer look. The police officer, not used to dealing with children, coughed sharply. "Please remain seated, Miss Gray."

The girl narrowed her eyes, stared suspiciously at the officer, but nonetheless sat back down in her seat. Her feet tapped the floor rhythmically under the wooden table. "Why do you keep calling me 'Miss Gray'? I don't like it. I'm not a teacher."

"Apologies, Miss... Avis. We really do need to get started."

The girl's thin, white hands moved to rest on the top of the table. They remained still, and un-shaking. The officer noticed a small, but unmistakeable scar on the left ring finger. "Is this the part where you start asking me questions?"

"Yes, Avis."

The girl sat up suddenly, as if realising for the first time that this wasn't a bad dream, this wasn't a T.V show, this was in fact, actually happening to her. 

"I didn't do it. I promise you that. In fact, I can tell you who did it. It was Finn Blue."

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