I love Justin Bieber

This story is like a drug. When you'll start reading it, you won't stop.


3. Part 3

 "Thank you Justin" you say as you open the car door. "Wait" Justin says grabbing you're arm. "I'm really sorry about what happens at the party, it's all my fault" Justin says looking down in disappointment. "Justin Stop, it's not you're fault. It's mine, I should have known" you say placing a hand on his cheek. He lightly smiles. You remove you're Hand and get out of the car. "Bye" you say and run two the door. You slowly open the door and walk in. You tip toe upstairs and into you're room. You sigh and turn on the light. You walk in the bathroom and take a shower. You change into a clean pair of bra and underwear. You put sweatpants on and a cami. You brush you're teeth and go two bed. {The next Morning} "*yn* Wake up" you hear a voice say. You slowly open you're eyes and see Demi and Selena standing over you. "Hey guys, what are you two doing here?" You say sitting up. "You're mom let us in" Selena says. "Nice" you say and yawn. "Well get dressed we're going two the beach" Demi says raising the roof. You giggle and step out of bed. you walk over two you're dresser and grab a black and white bikini, you grab some blue jean shorts and a v-neck. You grab some flip fops and walk into the bathroom and put you're hair into a mussy bun and do you're make up. You Put you're clothes on and then you guys leave.

 "Wow a beautiful day" Demi say getting out of the car at the beach. "Yeah" Selena says. You 3 run down two the water and strip down two you're bikinis. You guys run into the water and splash around until you her a guy call you're name. You look and see two young boys shirtless sitting in the sand. "Damnnn, who's that" Demi says biting her lip. You look closer and see Justin. "It's Justin" you say. "Oh" Demi says disappointed. Selena sighs and starts two talk with Demi. You run out of the water and over two Justin. "Heyy" you say and sit down on the sand and hug him. "Hey love" he says and hugs you back. "You could have stayed over with you're friends, I liked the view" Justin says giggling. You playfully roll you're eyes. "Hi I'm Ryan" a guy next two Justin says. "Hey I'm *yn*" you says smiling. "He came two spend the month with me, he lives in Canada" Justin says. "Nice" you say. "Hey *yn* come here" Demi screams. "Well I'll talk two you guys later" you say standing up. "Ok" Justin says. You run into the water and feel Justin's eyes on you. You stop and shake you're butt. You hear Justin laugh. You smile and continue two run over two Selena and Demi. 

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