I love Justin Bieber

This story is like a drug. When you'll start reading it, you won't stop.


2. Part 2

 "Hey I'm Chris" a guys says bumping into you. Hey he's kinda cute. "I'm *yn*" you say smirking. "Well, *yn* would you like two dance" he asks. You smile, "Sure if you can keep up" you say winking. He smiles and you two walk over two the dance floor. He places his hands on you're hips as you're backs faced him. You start two grain on him two the beat of the song. 
Justin's Pov:
As I'm talking two lill twist I realize I'm not listening two anything he's saying. I was just looking at *yn* and some guy dancing. I feel my face getting red in anger, it's not that I don't want her two have a boyfriend. It's just I want her two find the right guy, not someone that only cares about sex and not giving her the respect she deserves. 
You're Pov: 
As you and Chris are dancing, you see Justin look at you two. You playfully roll you're eyes and continue two dance, until Chris takes you're hand leading you upstairs. Justin's eyes follow you two until you disappear. He pushes you against the hall way wall and looks into you're eyes. He leans in and kisses you're lips. You try two back away but something stops you. He sticks his tongue in you're mouth. You open you're eyes and try two push him off you. He lets go of the kiss and starts two place wet kisses on you're neck. "Stop" you say pushing his chest. "What's wrong baby, you don't like it" he says continuing. "I said stop!" You say. He continues. "Justin!" You yell.

ustin Pov: 
I was thinking about *yn* and that guy going upstairs, if he try's anything I will kill that son of a bitch. About that time I hear a girl scream my name. I immediately drop my drink and run upstairs. 
You're Pov: 
Justin runs up the stairs and looks at you. "Get off her" Justin yells and pushes the guy away. "What the fuck dude" he says. Justin grabs you're arm and pulls you behind him for protection. "If you ever touch her again they'll be one more grave two dig" Justin say getting in the guys face. The guy rolls his eyes and walks downstairs. Justin turns around to you and hugs you. "Are you ok" he asks kissing the top of you're head. "Thank you Justin" you say and brake the hug. "You're a true friend" you say and kiss his cheek. "Can you take me home please" you ask. "Sure love" Justin says and grabs you're hand and leads you out of the house into the car.

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