I love Justin Bieber

This story is like a drug. When you'll start reading it, you won't stop.


1. Part 1

 You text Justin that you're parents have gone two bed. You place a body pillow under the blanks. You open you're bedroom door and tip toe downstairs. You open the front door, "What are you doing?" You hear a voice say. You jump in fear an turn around. "Alex, what the fuck you almost gave me a heart attack" you say walking over two him. "Whatever, where are you going?" He says cocking his eyebrow in interest. "Shh! I'm going two Justin's party" you say pushing a fainter up two his lips. "If you tell mom or dad I swear you won't wake up in the morning" you say threu you're teeth. "Sorry two burst you're bubble, but I'm a year older then you" he says patting you're head. You groan and roll you're eye. Then you see headlights coming down the road. "Ok Justin's here, just please don't tell" you says. "Fine, go have fun with you're boyfriend" he says walking upstairs. "He's not my boyfriend" you say and close the house door. You run down the yard over two Justin's car. He gets out and smiles as he sees you. "Hey Love" he says oping his arms. He always called you that, it always make you blush. You smile and jump into his arms. "I missed you those two days we've been apart" you say. Justin giggles and puts you back on you're feet. "You ready?" He asks. "Yep" you say and he opens you're door. He soon sits down on his side and speeds out of the driveway. "You look se-cute" Justin says looking over at you biting his lip.You had on short shorts with a cut off shirt that says 'Bite me bro' and vans. you and justin have an amazing friendship, you guys aren't afraid two tell each other anything. It's almost a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, but you could never date Justin. It would be wired, plus he just broke up with you're best friend selena, you could never hurt her like that. You've always had feelings for Justin but you can't let those feelings take over you're friendship. "Stop and look at the road" you say smacking his arm. "Aye I can't help it if you look hot" he says smirking. You playfully roll you're eyes and continue two look out the window. You turn on the radio and •How two love• comes on. You smile and turn it up. You start two dance and sing along with the song. A little while latter •I knew you were trouble• comes on. "Ahh!" You scream and dance even more. Justin laughs and continues two drive with one hand. Ones the good beat gets there you take off you're seatbelt and stick you're head out of the sun roof. You scream the song as loud as you can. "You do know it's 1:30am" Justin yells over you're voice and the music. "You're point" you say. He rolls his eyes. "Put you're seatbelt back on" Justin says. You pull you're head back into the car and close the sun roof. "Why" you ask. "Because, I don't wanna get into a car crash and you get hurt" Justin says looking at you. You giggle and put you're seatbelt back on. You put you're feet on the dasbord and continue two song the song. Justin soon pulls into his drive way. You could hear the loud music and people screaming. You two get out of the car. "Girl you fine" you hear a guys voice say. You wink and lick you're lips. Justin gives you disappointed look. You jump into his back and he walks inside the house. 
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