Sequel to Rebel.
Life's changed for Chantelle. No longer having Zayn tease her. Louis never cracking another joke to make her smile. The only time she sees them are in her night terrors. Night after night, they get worse and worse. It's the same dream and everyone thinks she's gone mad. She thinks the complete opposite and thinks the boys are playing a few pranks. Things get serious when she start to hallucinate and everyone begins to worry . They send her to a mental facility that would help her, but does it really help? Or is it the final straw before she finally cracks? Losing all sanity to the point where she is a danger to herself and others around her?

Find out in Human.



Hey friends! SO basically what is going on is I have a co-author but she's busy and never comes on Movellas and I honestly don't wanna end this story but I need ideas and I don't just wanna take ideas from someone like I want that person to write it as they see it cause I know it'd be WAYYYYYYYY better than my interpretation of the idea. So the requirements are da same so here they are again to refresh ya on them;

1. You must have read Rebel.
2. You have written a movella before.
3. You have a lot/somewhat experience with writing
4. You are on Movellas often enough. (Like more than once a week or something like that.)
5. You can't have a hella busy schedule cause like when you going to be able to write it?
6. You're dependable.

But there's been a slight change to number one, cause I know no one goes back and rereads Rebel, so I mean if you have a basic idea of the story and the ending then you can totally sign up cause I don't even remember what happened in the middle of the book barely even remember the ending. But yeah please! Please! PLEAZE! Try and you know now that I'm thinking about it, you don't even have to have a movella if you think you're a good writer then that's all I need to be honest like I'm in desperate need to save this story from it's tragic death. Actually you can be on twice a week or something if that's good for you. So you'd be writing two chapters a month. That's not a lot, they'd have to be good and of coarse a good amount but it's twice a month, that's not a ton so please sign up! Just comment some stuff about yourself too! That's it though! Love ya!


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