Sequel to Rebel.
Life's changed for Chantelle. No longer having Zayn tease her. Louis never cracking another joke to make her smile. The only time she sees them are in her night terrors. Night after night, they get worse and worse. It's the same dream and everyone thinks she's gone mad. She thinks the complete opposite and thinks the boys are playing a few pranks. Things get serious when she start to hallucinate and everyone begins to worry . They send her to a mental facility that would help her, but does it really help? Or is it the final straw before she finally cracks? Losing all sanity to the point where she is a danger to herself and others around her?

Find out in Human.


2. Chapter Two

Harry's POV


I woke up, a pain in my back. Note to self, don't sleep on the floor. I got up, holding my back. I slowly walked down the hallway passing many pointless rooms and up the stairs. I knocked gently on her door. "Come in." She croaked in her morning voice. I opened the door to find her buried under the sheets. Not even a single hair from her head stuck out from the pillow. "Chance why are you doing that?" She stuck her head out and something was different about her. I sat down on her bed. "They can't get me if I hide." She mumbled. "Hey can I ask you a question?" I say, playing with her hair. She nods looking at the wall. "Why won't you see a psychiatrist?" She grumbles something. "I'm not crazy that's why." I nodded. That clearly was a touchy subject. "Another question, where'd you go last night?" I asked. "Nowhere." She sighed. I felt like she had put up a wall between me and her. Like I was locked out. She did this to a lot of people but I was never one.

"Harry can I ask you a question." She continued to look at the wall. "Are you scared of dying?" I froze and my muscles tensed. Dying. Was I? "Yeah. I'm scared to leave all this behind. I'm scared to not be able to touch or hold anything down here. Are you?" She stays silent. I look down at her and for the first time she looks up, her green eyes holding an emotion I've never seen. It was a mix of darkness with a little light as if she was really losing herself but something was holding her back. "No." She answers and turns back to the wall. I finally asked.

"What's up with the wall? Why do you keep staring at it?" She sighed and looked back up. "I'm not looking at the wall. I'm looking at something more." I was confused. What the hell did she mean? She was never this deep. "Cha-" I was cut off by Liam walking in.

"Get dressed guys, emergency press conference." I froze. It was time.

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