Sequel to Rebel.
Life's changed for Chantelle. No longer having Zayn tease her. Louis never cracking another joke to make her smile. The only time she sees them are in her night terrors. Night after night, they get worse and worse. It's the same dream and everyone thinks she's gone mad. She thinks the complete opposite and thinks the boys are playing a few pranks. Things get serious when she start to hallucinate and everyone begins to worry . They send her to a mental facility that would help her, but does it really help? Or is it the final straw before she finally cracks? Losing all sanity to the point where she is a danger to herself and others around her?

Find out in Human.


3. Chapter Three

Liam's POV

I walked up the stairs, to the stage. My chest hurt as I saw only three chairs, not five. I sat at the end, Niall next and Harry at the very end. Paul explained the rules of the conference and picked the first reporter. "Where are the other two boys?" The small blonde woman asked. We looked at each other then Paul. I nodded towards Niall. "Uh, the other boys aren't here because they were in an unfortunate accident and were killed." Niall answers, his face straight and he displayed no emotion. Paul began speaking. "Zayn Jawaad Malik and Louis William Tomlinson were both killed and pronounced dead at 2:00 PM, on Saturday, March 5th, 2013. They were both shot, and pronounced dead at the scene." Everyone gasped. Paul called on another person.

"What happens to One Direction now?" A balding, fat man asked. Harry answered now. "Our merch stores will remain open for another year, our update twitter accounts will be closed and our latest Tour the Where We Are tour is now cancelled and the tickets will be refunded." I continued for Harry. "One Direction is now officially over." "It just wouldn't be the same without either of the boys." Niall finishes. "Will you boys be returning to home?" A teenage girl asks. Most likely no, there is too many memories of the boys down there." I answer.

"ALRIGHT LAST QUESTION!" Paul shouts. He called on a man I recognized, it was Piers Morgan from CNN. "How has the grieving been going for you boys?" He smiles at us. "Um, It's been hard...Hard in everyone. Especially my sister Chance...she was really close to them at it hit hard that they're gone...we probably won't get over this but um...we're trying our best's what the boys would have wanted." Harry spoke slowly.


"Harry you talk so slow!" Louis teased. Harry shook his head, his cheeks reddening. "Uh yeah...My name's...Uh Harry...and uh...yeah." Louis mocked. We all laughed. "It's alright Harry we love you just the way you are." Zayn smiled. "Thanks mate." Harry smiled back warmly. "Sorry Harry can you repeat that. I got lost when you spoke so slow." Louis continued to tease. We laughed.


I didn't know I was crying until the tear fell onto my hand. I wiped it away. No one would tease Harry like Louis would. No one would be so caring at a time of teasing as Zayn would. We all knew it was just playful banter but still, Zayn made sure you didn't take it too seriously.

"Our message to the fans is, we love and thank you so much for the three greatest years of our lives, even though it felt like three weeks and we're really upset that it couldn't have been longer but all great things don't last forever. This was a special fandom. A one of kind and we'll never forget you guys. You're our beautiful..." Niall looked to me, "Funny," We looked to Harry. "And as close to perfect as it gets girls." He smiled. "We love you our princesses and please don't cry. You cry, we cry." Niall chokes out. We stood up and walked off stage huddling.

No one shed a tear until we all looked back at the table. and saw the three chairs. Niall let out a wail as we caught him before he fell to the ground. It was those beautiful cries that they do on the movies where they just shed a tear silently, or when they cried it was perfected. This was an ugly cry full of pain. It was like being stabbed watching this. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Chance. She pacing and talking to herself. Paul put a hand to my shoulder. "It's time to go boys." He whispered. I saw the tears welling up in his brown eyes. Even the big, strong man was going to cry himself to sleep tonight. Cause we all knew what this was.

It was our last appearance as One Direction. Everyone was a complete mess.


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