Sequel to Rebel.
Life's changed for Chantelle. No longer having Zayn tease her. Louis never cracking another joke to make her smile. The only time she sees them are in her night terrors. Night after night, they get worse and worse. It's the same dream and everyone thinks she's gone mad. She thinks the complete opposite and thinks the boys are playing a few pranks. Things get serious when she start to hallucinate and everyone begins to worry . They send her to a mental facility that would help her, but does it really help? Or is it the final straw before she finally cracks? Losing all sanity to the point where she is a danger to herself and others around her?

Find out in Human.


6. Chapter Six

Chance's POV

I looked around the car nervous. Harry hasn't said a word since we left. We sat in silence as he drove down the busy streets. We turned, and drove a while longer until the road had become dirt. "Harry, where are we going?" He sighed and stayed silent. He pulled up to a building and hopped out. I followed his lead. I watched as he pulled out a small suitcase.

"Harry what's going on?" He turned to me silent. "Just follow me." I follow closely behind as he pulls the door open revealing a bleak place. The walls were grey and it was windowless. But the place was huge!

We walked up to a desk. "Um, hi, I'm Harry Styles and I had called at an earlier time." The woman looked from him to me. She nodded. I glanced up at the wall and froze.

A Helping Hand: Mental Facility

Helps all youth in troubling times.

"You must be Chantelle. I'll show you to your room." She stood up but first a big man in a black security uniform walked over. "This is Martin he's your guard." I stare shocked. Martin grabbed my arm gently my suitcase in his other. "Let me go." I tried to shake him off but he just tightened his grip to the point where it hurt and I knew I'd bruise. "Hazzabear, tell them let me go." I begged. He just stood there with a sad look. A tear rolling down his cheek. "Harry. Please." My voice cracked. "C'mon we gotta go." Martin said and began dragging me off. I kept watching Harry. "How could you." I mouthed. He didn't reply. I turned around as we were about to turn a corner locking me away from Harry for god knows how long. "I HATE YOU!" I scream. I'll never forgive him. I'll never forgive anyone.

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