Sequel to Rebel.
Life's changed for Chantelle. No longer having Zayn tease her. Louis never cracking another joke to make her smile. The only time she sees them are in her night terrors. Night after night, they get worse and worse. It's the same dream and everyone thinks she's gone mad. She thinks the complete opposite and thinks the boys are playing a few pranks. Things get serious when she start to hallucinate and everyone begins to worry . They send her to a mental facility that would help her, but does it really help? Or is it the final straw before she finally cracks? Losing all sanity to the point where she is a danger to herself and others around her?

Find out in Human.


10. Chapter Nine

Niall's POV

Anger pulsed through my veins as he turned to me. How could he just slap her like that. "Hasn't your mother taught you not to hit a girl?" I spat. He glared. "She's not a girl, she a psycho-maniac who's here to be trained to not be a threat." Liam scoffed. "Last time I checked, psycho-maniac was not a gender and that's not why she's here. She's here to get help not to get beatings. We'll fucking sue you if you lay another hand on her." He laughed loudly.

"You British people, you can't do anything cause you're not her legal guardian." He explained, and that shut me up. I sat down slowly, defeated. "If you don't mind, I think she's had enough time with you guys." We began to protest but he had already dragged her over to the man that had brought her.

We stood up and walked out and we watched as the guard dragged her down a hallway. She didn't look back. "Guys let's go. This place is giving me the creeps." Liam shivers. I laugh and we exit the building climbing into the car.

"Harry we gotta get her out." I said. He didn't reply. "I agree with Niall. They're abusing her. It isn't right." Liam nodded. "Don't you agree Haz?" I asked. No reply. What was up with him. "Ha-" he cut Liam off.

"GUYS WOULD YOU JUST STOP! She's where she belongs! This is gonna help her! You're not apart of her family! For fucks sake stop acting like you are! You don't know what's best for her! I do! She needs this and if she gets hurt in the process then OH BLOODY WELL!" He screamed, pulling out onto the dirt road. "Harry she's your sister. What happened you used to freak if someone laid a finger on her." Liam said, shocked.

"People change." He mumbled so quietly I wasn't even sure if he said that. "Ha-" he cuts me off. "She's staying. End of discussion." He raises his voice.

What had happened to him. What happened to us? What happened to Chance. What happened to the world?! It was always so nice and then they kill two of your brothers and from there it shows it's nasty side. Nothing seems to be going my way nowadays. I just don't like life. Nor, do I like the world in its entirety.

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