Peyton is convinced she is in love but everyone keeps telling her he is bad news, he is only a player, he beats girls. What happens when he asks her out?


3. Number 3

"Hey pap! Look, Sam brought a girl home!" A guy with brown, short hair, a lip ring and blue eyes says. "Oliver, shut up." Sam threatens and Oliver smiles. "She is sexy, hey baby, i'm Oliver, no need to worry about forgetting my name, you will be screaming it soon enough." Oliver says with a wink and I make a face. "Not in your dreams." I say, crossing my arms. "Not yet." He says, smirking. "Oliver, back off." Sam says, stepping forward. "Come on baby bro, you have to share, look at her, you know she will come running to me when you throw her out, or maybe even before you have done anything." Oliver says and Sam punches him and then they start fighting. "Knock it off!" An older man walks in, maybe in his early or late 40s and walks over and picks Sam up off of Oliver. Sam looks at me and then goes upstairs. "You deserved that." I say to Oliver and he rolls his eyes. "He needs to stop being a pussy when he knows it's true, it always happens." He says and I laugh. "I just met you and already hate you." I say and he smirks. "You haven't had me in bed yet." He says and I roll my eyes. "And I won't." I say and he shrugs. "You will eventually come around." He says and I just go upstairs. I see a door open and a light shining through so I walk up and look in. "Let me help." I say and Sam turns. "I got it." He says and I sigh and walk in and take the wet rag and set him down. "I got it." I say, putting my hand on the back of his head and grab his hair and pull his head back. He grabs my hips and I wipe the rag just above his eyebrow.

"There." I say, shutting the first aid kit and kissing his bruise. "Better?" I ask, smiling and he wraps his arms around me. "My lips kind of hurt too." He says and I laugh. I sit down on his lap and he starts leaning in. "Dinner is done!" Oliver shouts and I pull away from Sam. "Sorry to break up the love fest but let's go." Oliver says and I look at him. "Go away, we will be down in a minute." I say, closing the door and I turn back to Sam. I lean in and he kisses me. "Ew!" Oliver says from the door and I sigh but Sam just keeps kissing me. I grab the collar of his shirt and I get off of his lap, pulling him up and I pull away. "Come on, I am hungry." I say, smiling and I leave the bathroom and go downstairs. I sit down across from Oliver and he smiles. Sam sits across from his dad and we all begin to eat. Halfway through the meal, Sam is talking to his dad and I feel a hand on my leg. I look at Sam and he smiles and I reach one hand under the table and grab his hand. He intertwines our fingers and I smile at him. I finish my plate and I let go of Sam's hand and go to the sink and rinse the plate and set it in the sink. I sit back down and I start talking to Rick, Sam's dad and I feel a hand slide up my leg. It stays on my thigh and I look at Sam. He is arguing with Oliver so I just grab the hand and keep talking to Rick.

"I was trying to talk to your dad and you put your hand on my thigh, really?" I ask, slapping Sam's arm. "What are you talking about?" He asks and I just stare at him. I walk downstairs and to the living room where Oliver is lying on the couch. "I'm a little tired but if you want to, we can." He says, unbuckling his belt. "Um, no. Why were you touching my thigh under the dinner table?" I ask and he laughs. "It was an easy shot." He says and I walk over and try to slap him but he grabs my hand. "Ah, ah, ah." He says, pulling me onto him. "Stop it." I say, putting my hands on his chest, trying to push myself up. "A kiss." He says, puckering his lips. "No!" I say and he puts his hand on the back of my head. He forces my head down and we kiss. I try to pull away but the kiss just felt right so I just let my tongue slide in his mouth. My hands run through his hair and his hands run up and down my back. I pull away and stare down at him. I get up and he stares at me. I run to the stairs and go up and into Sam's room. I close the door behind me and jump. Sam is asleep on the bed. I slowly walk over and plop down next to him and lean down and kiss his cheek. I lie down next to him and close my eyes and fall asleep.

Authors Note

Hello my ducklings!! How do you like this chapter? -Mrs.Tomlinsonxx

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