Peyton is convinced she is in love but everyone keeps telling her he is bad news, he is only a player, he beats girls. What happens when he asks her out?


1. Number 1

"Come on Peyton, he is bad news!" Caroline says and I roll my eyes. "He looks completely harmless!" I say and she rolls her eyes. I watch as he and his friends kick around a hacky sack. I go and sit in the lunch room and wait for my brother Mike to bring me my Starbucks. "The girls that have gone out with him say he tried to rape them." She says and I roll my eyes. "Fine, I won't date him but that doesn't mean I can't like him." I say and she shrugs. I pull out my phone and call Mike. "Come on! Stop messing around!" I shout and he sighs. "I am here, shut up." He says and then I see him walk in, carrying a Starbucks cup full of my regular iced coffee. I take it and drink it. "Yum." I say and he rolls his eyes and kisses Caroline. "Your sister has a crush on Sam Blythe." She says and he looks at me. "No, he has been in jail, he is lucky to be back." He says and I roll my eyes again. "Come on, let's go." I say and I leave the lunch room and turn and Sam is staring at me. I give him a small smile and then I go to class.

"He is a skater." Caroline says. "Give up! Alright, you are dating an asshole!" I shout and she just looks at me. "He is your brother." She says and I sigh. "Exactly." I say and she sighs. "I am only watching out for you Peyton, he is bad news and if he hurts you, your brother and I will kill him." She says and I sigh. "Hey Peyton." A deep voice from behind me says. I turn and standing there is Sam. "Hi." I say and he smiles. "You look nice today." He says and I smile. "Thank you, so do you." I say and he smiles again. "Listen, I will talk to you later." He says and I nod and he walks away. "See, he seemed nice." I say and she rolls her eyes. "Let's go home before I kill you." She says and I shrug and follow her out to her car and we get in and she drives me back to our house. She lives with Mike and I.

"Come on, why can't you like a football player?" Caroline asks and I sigh. "The heart wants what the heart wants." I say and she head butts the wall. "Making her head butt the wall again?" Mike asks and I sigh. My phone starts ringing and I answer it. "Hello?" I ask and someone clears their throat. "Hey Peyton, I was wondering if you wanted to go to a party tonight." My friend Amy asks. "Yeah!" I say and smile. "Alright, I will pick you up at 8." She says and I hang up. "Going to a party." I say and they nod.

I go outside to Amy's awaiting car and she drives us to the party. It is crowded and the music is loud and people are grinding against each other. I move through the crowd and make my way through it and run into someone. "Watch it." His deep voice says. "Excuse the fuck out of me." I say, looking up into Sam's eyes. "Oh, hey Peyton." He says, gripping my arm. "Um hi." I say, pulling away my arm. "How are you?" He asks and I nod. "Pretty good." I say and he nods. "You look hot." He says and I smile. "Thanks." I say, giggling and I walk off. "Did Sam Blythe call you hot?" Amy asks and I nod. "Oh my gosh no." She says and I roll my eyes.

"I found you again." Sam says and I laugh. "Small world." I say. "Do you want to go somewhere quiet?" He asks and I nod. He grabs my hand and pulls me to the staircase. There is a little door and he pulls me inside and I fall into him. "So what brings you here?" He asks and I shrug. "My friend invited me." I say, leaning against the other wall. It is so dark and cramped in here, it is pretty scary. "You do know everyone fears you." I say and he nods. "It's only because I went to prison." He says and I feel his breath on my face and then his hands on either side of my head. "Everyone keeps telling me you are a player." I say and I can just make out the shape of his face. "I could be." He says and I smile. "That means you are only proving them right." I say and his face gets closer. Is he going to kiss me? Before I could react, he smashes his lips to mine and kisses me. I am surprised but then I wrap my arms around his waist. I am making out with Sam Blythe. His hands go to my shirt but I push them away. "I don't think so." I say and I see the fire in his eyes. I push past him and leave the little room, running into Amy. "There you are, were you in the closet?" She asks and I nod. I turn and out walks Sam. Amy gasps and I pull her away. "What happened?" She asks and I bite my lip. "We made out and he tried to get into my pants." I say and she gasps again. "That is Sam Blythe!" She says and I put my hand over her mouth. "I know, let's go because he wants to have sex." I say and she nods and I follow her out and she takes me home.

Authors Note

Hello my ducklings, so, this is a new story and I really hope you like it, it's not One Direction, sorry and I have two more stories not 1D that I am putting up. -Mrs.Tomlinsonxx

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