That Girl (Poem)

Just a poem.
Written by me


1. That Girl.


You see that girl who smiles and laughs, you think there's nothing wrong

But you don't see the side to her she's been hiding for so long

you see, she keeps it all inside and has marks on her arms,

because she feels the only way to cope is by causing herself harm

the darkness rises through her, but that darkness you cannot see

because she's so good at hiding the fact she's not who she wants to be

That girl who shakes things off like she doesn't have a care in the world,

But you see, if you looked inside, her heart is black and bruised and curled.

Her smile is her defence, but she can try to convince you its true,

But that smile on her face is just fake, and tell me; who knew..

That girl, smiling and laughing, that's just a cover up you see.

Because once she's all alone, her thoughts are her own worst enemy.

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