shattered crystals

if something's shattered, can it ever be fixed?

sequel to broken crystals


2. illegal



"What do you mean?" I question, confusion taking over me. The two of them share a look again.

"Crystal he's dissapeared. He won't answer his phone, won't answer the door." Perrie says, looking at me sympathetically.

"After he saw you at the stadium he's been pretty distant but over the past six months, he's been terrible; dead to all of us." Zayn says and I groan, running my hands over my face in despair.

"Has anyone tried to get in the house?" I ask after a while of silence. 

"Me and Harry went round there last week but he still wouldn't answer. I think the only person who's been able to get in there since then is Louis." Zayn tells me and I sigh heavily.

"Will you go round there with me?" I suggest and Zayn gives me a perplexed look.

"Crystal, I don't think that's really a good idea." Zayn remarks, Perrie nodding in agreement.

"If I'm the cause of him not coming out of that damned house then maybe I'm the only cause that can bring him out," I argue, feeling myself getting heated.

This was all my fault.

"Crystal," Perrie sighs, reaching to put her hand over mine.

"I don't think you understand." She says softly and I frown, watching as she gets up and walks over to the other side of the room; returning with a laptop clutched to her chest. I wait as she switches it on and begins to type things quickly. She sighs before turning the screen around so I can see. Inhaling a sharp breath, my eyes dart over the masses of articles filling the screen. There were pictures after pictures of Niall in a vast variety clubs and bars, alcohol always in hand. He had a smile plastered to his face, surrounded by people I didn't recognise. A bottle of beer was clutched in his hand; skin looking pale and pasty. Behind his bright forced smile, he looked tired and suffocated. I scroll through all the articles whilst Perrie gets up and begins to do things around the kitchen. There was an endless stream of reports of his lates antics, bar fights and pictures of him with women on his arm. Angry sparks ignite my insides at this thought; using his fame and fortune to fill the void that we'd both created since I left. 

"God," I murmur, shutting the laptop as Perrie returns to the table and takes a seat, clearing her throat as she does.

"I mean, we can take you round there. But I don't think it's a good idea," Perrie says gently and I nod slowly, pushing my hair from my eyes.

"We're going to have to think of something though," Zayn says from behind us, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Before we lose him completely." 


Driving through the rain later that night, my thoughts are clouded with the images and articles on Niall; the feeling of sorrowfulness deepening. I wanted to help him, desperately. It was my fault he was in this state.. but I couldn't go back to how it was before. I was relatively okay with my new life; Calla keeping my feet on the ground all the time. She reminded me why I was here.

Either way, I wanted to get into Niall's house; despite what Perrie and Zayn had said. According to Perrie, Louis had managed to get in there so he couldn't be completely shut off. I cluck my tongue in concentration, trying my hardest to think of how the hell I was going to do this. 

Pulling into my drive a while later, I lift Cee from the back of the car and hurry out of the rain; into our apartment. Once inside, I put her to bed before collapsing onto the sofa, letting out a long sigh. A couple of moments later, there's a knock on the door. 

"It's open," I shout out, standing up and heading over to the kitchenette to turn the kettle on.

"Crystal?" A voice calls and I turn to find Jake standing there, shaking his hair from the rain. 

"Hey," I say softly to one of my only friends. Jake lived upstairs and I'd first met him on my fourth week of living here. I'd been struggling up the stairs with shopping bags and Calla and he'd been walking down. He stopped to help me and we got talking. Since then he'd been more of a father figure to Cee and a shoulder for me to cry on. 

"How are you?" He asks and I swallow the lump in my throat, forcing a smile onto my lips. I hadn't told Jake where I'd gone today because I knew what his objections would be. After seeing a TV report, Jake had pieced together who me and Calla were. He'd been slightly angry at first; not understanding why I hadn't told him. Then he'd been more understanding and compassionate towards the subject; although he'd quickly developed a bitter attitude towards Niall, despite never meeting him.

"Okay, tired. You?" I say in response, offering a cup of tea. He shakes his head in response, heading over to sit on the sofa. He switches on the TV, eyes wandering from the screen to me and back again. An idea hits me suddenly, images flooding my mind.

"Jake," I sigh, stirring the milk into my tea.


"What would you say to helping me do something illegal?" 


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