shattered crystals

if something's shattered, can it ever be fixed?

sequel to broken crystals


7. crawling back


The next morning, bright sunlight wakes me up at the mere hour of six in the morning. My head pounds with exhaution as I sit up. I had slept on the floor that whole night after Niall had eventually settled down again. He was still in a deep sleep, face pale and blotchy in the early morning sun. I sigh and stretch out the kinks in my aching back before I pull back the blanket I'd gotten myself and stand up, quietly making my way into the bathroom. After showering, I put my clothes back on and tie my hair up messily before leaving the room and heading down the stairs to find Perrie and Eleanor in the kitchen. Perrie was making a cup of tea whilst El was reading something on her phone, both of them looking as though they'd only just gotten out of bed.

"Morning," I say as cheerfully as I can mumble, grabbing my car keys and phone from the kitchen side. 

"Morning," They both reply back and Perrie furrows her eyebrows at me.

"Where are you going?" She asks as I twirl my car-keys on my finger absentmindedly.

"To get Cee." I reply, fixing my hair in the reflection of the oven before turning and heading to leave the room.

"You're coming back?" El asks, a little shocked with a look at Perrie. I nod in response before telling them I'll only be a couple hours at most; leaving the house with a large sigh and a conflicting mind. 


Gripping the steering-wheel as I drive towards my home, I argue with myself. I could go, leave. Get back to Cee and stay there, never returning as I said I would. I could cut all ties, knowing he was safe under everyone's care. But another part of me was desperate to be with him... desperate to nurse him back to health.

But then what?

Would he expect me to take him back? To let him come and live with me and Cee again? Would he expect to be a father to her again? But that would mean it would go back to how it was before and I didn't want that for myself, as selfish as it sounds.

He wouldn't want my dad around either, that was certain. I couldn't do that to Calla. She'd grown too close to my dad that tearing them apart now just didn't feel right. Plus, he was the closest thing to my mother and I truly believed that he had changed; despite Niall's firm beliefs. 

With frustration and nerves on serious edge, I pull into my driveway before hastily rushing up to the apartment door, a flurry of thoughts. 

"Jake?" I call, placing the key back into my pocket.

"Crystal? Is that you?" Jake appears in the living room, clutching a sleepy looking Calla.

"Hey," I breathe out, rushing towards them. I let Jake fold his arms around me, my fingers finding Calla's small hand. 

"I'm sorry." I whisper, to which Jake only sighs; deeply and heavily.

"You're going back," It's not a question.

"I'm sorry, Jake." I repeat, slipping Calla from his arms.

"I'll call you, I promise." 

"Crystal, you can't just go!" Jake's voice snaps into one of anger, something I hadn't experienced before. Widening my eyes, I look at him.

"Jake, he's the father of my child. I can't abandon him," My voice threatens to crack. Why did I feel so conflicted?

"Well you did once before, I told you not to go crawling back." Jake snarls the last part, my chest caving at his words. 

"Jake, I think you should leave." After a few moments of silence, I manage to stammer the statement at him; following him with my eyes as he leaves my apartment, door slamming after him. 


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