The Winter I Changed Back

Diana Smith used to be a sweetheart. She won a few pageants. HECK! more then a few. She won all of them. She thought she was a star but she got so used to winning that when she lost, she changed. Are we even talking about the pageants anymore or are we talking about her best friend, Liam Payne. Now she's a rebel and nobody likes it. What will happen when her parents send her away for the winter? What happens when she meets someone... special?


2. Characters

Harry Styles as himself

Liam Payne as himself

Louis Tomlinson as himself

Niall Horan as himself

Zayn Malik as himself

Sophia Smith as herself

Danielle Peazer as herself

Eleanor Calder as herself

Perrie Edwards as herself

Ariana Grande as Diana Smith

Selena Gomez as Jenna Martins

This is a book written by me on wattpad too. It has the same title and characters and the same chapters but written a little differently. So go check it out and tell me if you like it.  


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