WaterClan is in trouble. Cats are dying and some more suspisciously than others. Vixenstar is not giving the idenity of her kits father.


4. Chapter 4

Vixenstar watched the four kits walk to camp. Redpaw kept stopping to watch the clouds and birds, daydreaming along. Vixenstar wondered what her kits would be like. Would one be as cocky as Darkpaw, boasting about their training? Would one be as shy as Mudpaw, stumbling and stuttering over how well he'd done? Would they be as eager as Kestrelpaw to prove themselves? Would one of her kits be a dreamer like Redpaw? Suddenly the scent of fear hit her and Rainpetal appeared gasping for air.

"Whats wrong mum?" Darkpaw, Mudpaw and Kestrelpaw choursed. Redpaw looked up in surprise. She'd been examing a particularly bright ladybird.

"A strange cat...(pants hard)...he is looking...for an old friend...says...says her name suits her now...sorry to come..."

"Whos at camp?"


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