Bloody Scandel

Helena Ravenclaw's cousin, Amie, is trying to figure out why she became detached and distracted all of a sudden at the end their fourth year at Hogwarts. As they start their fifth year, Amie discovers her cousin has been meeting a Slytherin boy in secret. Find out how the story of The Bloody Baron and Helena began.


3. Shopping

Chapter Three

Saturday morning dawned bright and beautiful just like Justine had predicted. Amie had risen before the sun and decided to watch out her window for the miracle of a colorful sunrise. As she watched the sky change from black to grey, to that wonderful shade of pink only the sun could make, she planned the conversation she was going to have with Helena tonight. She was not going to let her cousin distract her this time.

She was pulled out of her thoughts by her mother calling up the stairs. "Amie! Are you awake?"

"Yes mother, I'm coming down now!" She hollered before bounding down the stairs like a gazelle. As she entered the kitchen, she smelled the delicious aroma of frying breakfast meat in the skillet.

"We will eat first, then your father will ready the carriage." Justine said as she flipped the meat with a flick of her wand. "Your aunt and cousin will meet us in the village and we will enter the alley together."

The village was a muggle village, the same one her father lived in as a boy, but there was a hidden entrance to a magical street lined with all manner of magical shops and diners. There was talk of naming this street Diagon Alley, but there were a few who did not like this title so they were still debating a proper name. Amie didn't care what they called the place, she just loved being surrounded by other witches and wizards, and not having to hide what she was.

"I'm going to have to get new robes for school this year. There is no more hem to take out and they are just getting to short, not to mention how tight they are getting around my chest." Amie looked down at her growing chest with distaste. "Becoming a woman isn't as fun as I thought it would be."

Justine laughed, and Amie glared daggers at her. "Sorry dear, I didn't mean to laugh, but most girls are happy about such things."

"Well I'm not!" Amie retorted. "It's just another reason for boys to chase me, and I got enough of that before these!"

Justine shook her head as she turned to remove the food from the fire. "That's just part of growing up dear. Just continue to ignore the boys and stay the proper girl I raised."

Amie smiled at her mothers back. Of course she would stay proper, she spent to much time studying to be anything else. As her mother was placing the food on the table her father came down the stairs much more sedately than she had.

"Yum, perfect timing I see." He said as he sat down at the table and starting filling his plate.

"Always, you've got a sixth sense when it comes to food." Justine scolded. "Sometimes I wonder if you've got some magic in you."

"Daddy?" Amie asked in her sweetest voice. "Can I drive the carriage for a little bit on the way to town?"

"I suppose, for a little bit if you promise not to put us off in the ditch!" He said jokingly.

Amie squealed with excitement and hurried through her breakfast so she could go get ready for the journey. When she came back down, her father was just coming back in from the stables. He was dressed for the journey and smiling brightly at the women in his life.

"Your carriage awaits fair ladies!" He bellowed in his most proper voice.

"Oh Daddy, how you spoil us!" Amie simpered. "Mom, are we ready to go?" She turned to her mother.

"Yes, I believe we are. I've gotten our money bag so we can stop at the new wizard bank they just built." She paused at the door. "I'm still a little wary leaving my gold in the hands of goblins, but they say it's the most secure place on earth."

They all trotted out of the house and Justine flicked her wand at the door, securing it against anyone wishing to snoop or steal while they were away. Amie climbed up onto the drivers bench next to her dad and beamed down at her mother.

"I wish you didn't always want to drive this thing, Amie." Her mother sighed. "It's so lonely in the cab all by myself."

"Oh mom, I'll only drive it for a half an hour, then I'll leave Daddy to it and come keep you company. Is that alright?"

"Oh, alright!" Justine huffed. "I'll just twiddle my thumbs till then." But she smiled when she said this.

The journey was uneventful and they arrived just five minutes after Rowena and Helena. They left Darren to go visit with his family while they shopped after setting a time to meet back on the street. The four girls then went into what looked like an abandoned pub and walked straight through to the back. When they got to the small enclosed back stoop, Justine pulled out her wand and tapped a few of the stones in the wall. As she put her wand back into her robes the stones melted away to form an archway into the Wizarding World.

They got new robes, and stocked up on ingredients at the Apothecary. After that they got lunch at the Rabbit's Foot. They sat outside in the courtyard and chatted about a little of everything. Helena and Amie talking about school and boys, while Justine and Rowena shared recipes and helpful household spells to make life easier. Amie noticed that Helena kept steering the conversation away from boys when she would bring it up.

"So is there a certain boy you fancy?" Amie asked persistently.

"I've already told you, we've both got much more important things to think about than boys." Helena was not liking the direction this conversation was heading. "With these new OWLs we don't have time to fancy anything but your transfiguration book!"

"Uh uh, your not distracting me with this again. We have a fortnight still before term begins and we might as well enjoy the stress free time while we can." Amie scolded her cousin. "Is that what's got you in such a state this summer? A boy?"

"Leave it be, Amie." She huffed. "I am not in a 'state', you seem to think there is some big secret I'm hiding, but I'm just me. Maybe I'm just growing up."

"Don't insult me like I'm some child!" She said angrily. "I know you like a twin, and there is to a 'state', and I'm going to find out sooner or later so you might as well be out with it!"

"We will discuss this later." Helena said calmly. She lowered her voice so that Amie had to read her lips to understand. "You know Mom has ears like an elephant."

'Aha!' Thought Amie. 'I'm wearing her down.'

They finished lunch and proceed to the book store to buy their school books. After they had gotten all they needed they returned to the archway that would take them back to the pub. They had a drink at a table while they waited for Darren to return at four o'clock as arranged. Then Rowena said her goodbyes and apperated home leaving the rest to take the carriage back to Amie's house.

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