Bloody Scandel

Helena Ravenclaw's cousin, Amie, is trying to figure out why she became detached and distracted all of a sudden at the end their fourth year at Hogwarts. As they start their fifth year, Amie discovers her cousin has been meeting a Slytherin boy in secret. Find out how the story of The Bloody Baron and Helena began.


4. Puzzle Pieces

Chapter Four

Amie was sprawled out on her bed next to Helena talking about their shopping trip. Helena had just got done telling Amie what it felt like to apperate. Rowena had taken her side-along. Amie had never done this because her mother didn't want to take both her and her father side-along, so they traveled the muggle way. By the sound of it, Amie was glad for this. It sounded sickening.

"I don't think I ever want to do that." The thought of being squeezed through an imaginary tube made Amie turn green. "It sounds absolutely dreadful!"

"It's not that bad." Helena was laying on her stomach picking at her fingernails. "Mother said you get used to the feeling after a few times."

"Well I think I'll just take the carriage. I just don't see the appeal."

"I can't wait to be able to do it!" Helena exclaimed. "Imagine all the time that could be saved by just appearing where you want to go."

Amie thought about this then said, "Well we've still got two years before they will even teach us how to do it so I'm not going to worry about it just yet." She was silent for a beat before asking, "So... Are you ever going to answer my question from lunch?"

"You are persistent." Helena sighed as she rolled over to stare at the ceiling. "I met a boy, a man really, at the end of term last year."

Amie waited for more, but that was obviously all Helena was going to volunteer without persuasion. "And?" She prompted.

"And what?"

"And... Who is he? Why didn't you tell me this then, and what do you mean 'a man really'?" Amie looked at her cousin expectantly.

"You probably don't know him, but his name is Byron." She got up and went to stare out the window. "And I didn't tell you because it'll never go anywhere!" Her voice cracked with emotion and Amie got up to comfort her. "Don't!" Helena cried. "I don't need a hug or any comfort!"

Amie backed up to the bed again and asked, "Why do you say it'll never go anywhere?"

"Oh Amie, there are so many reasons." She turned around and looked at her cousin mournfully. "I should have never given into his pursuits. He had been trying to get my attention all year, and I managed to brush him off until the end of term. Finally I gave in, figured it couldn't hurt to give him just a little of my time. He was so charming once I gave in." She turned back to the window and went silent.

Amie waited, then realized she would have to ask if she wanted the answers she'd been seeking. "That still doesn't tell me why you think it wouldn't work out. What's the problem?"

"Well for starters, he was a seventh year so he won't be coming back to school this year. He's also one of Professor Slytherin's students." Amie raised her brows at this. "Yes, a Slytherin, this is why I ignored him most of the year, but he was so persistent!"

Well Amie had sure gotten more out of her cousin than she thought she would. Maybe she should just leave it at that for now. This seemed to be wearing Helena down and she looked so sad that Amie didn't have the heart to make fun of her for liking a Slytherin. The Slytherins where all so pompous and they were never described as 'charming' like Helena had said this Byron was. There was still so much she wanted to know about this boy, but thought it best to steer the conversation elsewhere before Helena stared to cry.

"Hey, thanks for finally letting me in Helena. I've been really worried about you." She walked over to the window and stood next to Helena. "Let not think about it anymore tonight, okay?" We can do something fun like practice our charms spells we learned last year."

"Okay, thanks Amie. I actually feel better now that I've got some of that off my chest." Helena smiled at her and went back to the bed. "Let's start with that one that conjures those little birds. They always make me feel happy, listening to them sing and watching them fly around in little formations."

They spent the rest of the night watching the little birds and trying out a few of the spells from there new fifth year textbooks. Neither one could wait to head off to Hogwarts in a couple weeks. Helena seemed to be back to her normal, happy self and all was well with the world. For now at least.

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