It must be true love ?... ~Sequel To "Reality Ruined OUR Life."~

Sequel to "Reality Ruined Our Life."

Hillary has it hard in her life, and don't know what to do...
She thinks that Niall doesn't love her anymore.. She thinks that she has no chance..
But still... Niall loves her..
But what if she still gets closer and closer to Harry?..
What if Justin says he loves her?...
Who will she chose ?... How can she chose?... While she's still truly in love with Niall ?...

Read this, and you know how it ends...

(Y/N= Hiii! So this is a sequel. If you're a new reader.. I think it's best that you read "Reality Ruined Our Life." too, because that's easier for knowing what's going on, and which persons that are in this book :) )


28. Truth Or Dare.

It's been 2 weeks now since we saw the boys from 5SOS now. That days were amazing! It was fun too! Especially for Niall.

We were driving to Doncaster now. I had there 2 concerts, and than we'd go further with the tour. Not long anymore actually. I'll miss the touring. I've still been in contact with my parents, Teddy and Justin. And well... With my parents... My mom called me 2 days ago and said they had a fight again. I wanted to go to home but my mom didn't want that i came, and it was actually to far away. They're not divorced, but still had a fight. It's not the first fight since they have been together again... And not the worse... Once, my dad just threw everything to my mom. I wanted to help her, but i was to scared. I than just ran to my room and cried. What if my mom get hurted?... That was then the last time they saw each other because my mom threw dad outside. Since like now months ago. I don't get why my mom still wanted to be with my dad. Okay, she didn't got hurt, but it could be.

'Hillary. We're here.', Louis interruped me and smiled.

'Oh, yeah.', i said and got out of the bus. I yawned and rubbed my eyes. I've been tired for the whole night now, but i couldn't sleep!.... Louis was so excited to be in Doncaster. Well, his family was here so i understand.

'Come on, guys!', he said and ran to the door. Louis asked his mom if we could sleep here, and she said yes! So for this 3 days or so, we can stay here.

'Mom!', Louis said and jumped into her arms. I smiled and thought about my mom. I missed her so much. I think that Niall saw me looking so lovely to Louis and his mom, because he gave me a tight hug. I smiled weakly, and wrapped my arms around his waist.

'You'll see her soon again.', he whispered and gave me a kiss on my forehead. I slowly nodded, and looked into his eyes.

'Love you, Niall.'

'Love you too, Hillary. Words can't explain how much.'

We pulled away after a few minutes, and followed Louis inside the house.

'Welcome, everyone.', Johannah said and gave us a hug.

'Thank you so much that we can sleep here!', i said and smiled.

'Welcome. The rooms are upstairs, and play if you're at home.', she said and walked over to the kitchen. We sat at the couch and looked around. It was beautiful here actually. But it still felt weird. The boys already know Johannah so good, but i don't... I know her, but not so good as Eleanor or something know her.

'LOUIS!', i heard 2 voices scream. I looked to the stairs, and saw his sisters running up to him. I smiled and watched them hugging Louis tightly. That was so cute! Louis will be a good father. Okay, i don't know how i came on that. But he's just so cute/good with kids!...


It was already 9pm and the boys and i went upstairs to talk there further. We laid on our beds, and put the light off. Niall and i slept in a bed, and the rest of the boys slept alone. What is normal actually.

I was laughing now for a while, because Niall tickled me the whole time. The others were watching us and laughed because of me. Tears were streaming because of my laughter and i couldn't help it anymore. I began to grabble with my legs, and held my belly.

'And the tears stream down her face.', Louis sang and laughed.

'S-Stop! N-Niall!', i still laughed and tried to take his arms.

'If you give me a kiss.'

'F-Fine!', i said and he stopped directly.

'Did i really just had to do that and you'd stop?!', i gasped and wiped the tears away.

'Yup.', i sighed and laughed again.

'Now! Kiss!', Zayn cheered and smirked. I looked confused and shrugged my shoulders. I gave in, and kissed Niall his soft lips. He held us close to each other for like 3 minutes, without stopping kissing me. I couldn't hold my breath anymore!

'Yeah, guys. It's good now. Take another room if you want more.', Harry said and took his phone. I rolled my eyes and smiled. Niall smirked and gave me a wink.

'Nothing will happen. You know my rule(s), Hazz.', Niall said and wrapped his arm around my waist. I laid with my back against his chest, and looked to the others. I knew what Niall meant, but i didn't say much anymore.

'What are we gonna do now?'

'Does someone wanna drink something?', Louis asked and stood up. We nodded, and said our drinks.

'Wait!... I've an idea. Are we gonna play Truth Or Dare?!'

'Sure, why not.', Liam said and smiled to Louis.

'But in the bad way?', Louis smirked and wobbled with his eyebrows. We looked confused and waited for his response.

'Wait!', he said and ran downstairs. We heard him talking to his mom and than went to here again.

'After asking my mom, she said yes, but we need to be quiet for if my sisters gonna sleep, and not be to wild.', he said and slowly showed his hands. With alcohol?!... Since when is Louis like this?...

'Louis. This is normally not you.', i laughed and looked confused. Everyone sat straighten and agreed with me.

'I don't care. Well, i know. But one night doing bad stuff isn't wrong right? By the way, it's just a game... It's funnier when we do it like this. Trust me. I always did it when i was 15.'

'So you had bad friends?', i asked again and got closer to Niall. He wrapped his arm around me, so i laid my head on his shoulder.

'Sometimes.', Louis said shrugging his shoulders.

'But we have a concert tomorrow.'

'So what?.. I mean, it's late. ANd the rehearsels are like at 2pm.', i slowly nodded and gave in.

'If you don't wanna play it, babe. It's okay.', Niall whispered and looked worried. I thought about it for a few minutes and bite my lip.

'So?...', Louis asked and looked to me. I nodded my head and gave in.

'Let's start!', i said and smiled.

'Wait!.... And the baby?...', Harry asked fastly and pointed to my belly.

'That will be fine.'

'No, it will not be, Hillary. Please, don't drink.', he asked worried. I sighed and rolled my eyes.

'I've an idea. Let's play it like this... If you don't dare to do something, you need to drink a glass in one shot.', Zayn said and looked to us all.

'But than i need to do everything.', i moaned and laughed.

'Yup.', he said and gave me a wink.

'Okay!', i said and sat on the ground with Niall.

'Be safe...', he whispered and took my hand. I nodded and rolled my eyes. I looked to Harry for a few minutes, and i saw that he wasn't happy with it.

I know i need to be safe and that it's not good when i drink when i'm pregnant. But for one time!... I mean, i'm not addicted to drinking! Right. So yeah..


'Truth!', i said and smiled. For now, Zayn only had to drink one shot. He didn't dare to kiss Louis' mom. He had to do that from Louis! What i found very funny. How stupid can Louis be to ask that!

'Uuuhm..... Did you already went to bed with someone?', Zayn asked and wobbled with his eyebrows, he than looked to Harry and did the same. I thought about the night with Harry.

'What do you think, Zayn?'

'I take that as a yes?', i slowly nodded and saw in the corner of my eye that Niall felt awkward. Harry and i actually too. I saw Harry dreaming, so i'm not sure, but i think he thought about it too. I need to admit.....

It was good...

More than good actually...

'Now you Hillary.', Zayn said and smiled.

I looked around and stopped by Harry. I wanted to ask him something. But what?...

'Uuhm.... Harry!', i began and smiled. His head shoot up and looked around.

'Uuhm... Yeah... I chose um.... Truth..'

'Oh, wimp!', Louis laughed and got a cold look from Harry but than he smiled too.

'Uuum.... Uuh.. Have you ever cheated on someone?...', i asked. Okay, stupid question but i didn't know something else. By the way, it's still a truth or dare question.

'Yes...', my eyes widened and i saw it from the others too.

'On who?', Liam directly asked and looked around.

'That is 2 questions.', Harry weakly smiled and looked around. We slowly nodded, and i looked to my hands. I swear to god that i'm gonna kill him if it's something with me. When he said 'yes' it was like he got hurt. I don't know... What i know is that everyone will ask him who it is for next.

'Now you, Harry.'

Harry looked around, and stopped with Niall. He did a sign that he chose Niall and smiled.


'Say to Louis' mom that you love her and want to share the bed with her.', Harry smirked and looked to me than. I looked confused to Harry and shook my head a bit. How the hell does he come on this action? Why always with Louis' mom? I mean, i'm not jealous or so. Not at all, but why?.. I looked to Louis and he was just looking to Niall without saying or doing something. Than i looked to Niall, and he was thinking about it. If he's gonna do that, it'd be f*cking weird....

'Give me the drink.', he said after a while. Louis laughed, just like the others did and Zayn gave Niall a glass with alcohol. We watched how Niall drank the alcohol in one shot, like it had to be actually. Ugh, having Niall while he's drunk is sometimes fun, but hard too. I hope he'll not be so drunk...


'Now you.', Liam asked to me when i did my dare. I had to say that i loved Louis' dad and all that. I didn't want to do that, so i took a shot. That was my second already, and i felt i was pretty drunk. Yeah, i'm not good with drinking....


'Truth.', he said. Earlier, he chose dare and he just had to smell all our feets. What i found funny but stupid too. Zayn hadn't got an idea. Oh, yeah, we all were a bit drunk now. I just could see that it was already 11.45pm. everything was a bit blurry.

'Who did you cheat on?', i directly asked.


'Who the hell is Natasha?', Niall asked and wrapped his arm around my waist.

'My ex girlfriend when i was like... Six years old.'

'What the fuck.. Did you already cheated on a girl when you were six?', Zayn asked and we were all laughing now.

'Yup... I hated her, and i kissed another girl in front of her. I didn't broke up with her, and went with another girl. When Natasha went to another school, i broke up with her and dated the other girl. Than i broke up with her too.', Harry simply said and smiled.

'Wauw, smart...', Niall said and gave me a wink when i looked to him. I didn't know what meaning that was, but i didn't want to go further in it.

After a few minutes, we were still playing it, and it got dirty-er by the many drinks we took. Everyone already had like 5 shots in them. I was pretty drunk, just like the others. Niall was whispering things in my ears the whole time. And his words got dirty too. I laughed again, and looked over to Zayn when he called my name. I nodded, and waited for his question when i said dare. Niall kissed my neck the whole time, without missing a place. He directly stopped when he heard Zayn's action.

'Make out with Harry.', he simply said and pointed to Harry. Harry smirked and looked over to me. I gave him a wink and bit my lip.

This wasn't going to be good, i know. But i couldn't do other things. I mean, i was drunk and it was a bad game. Bad game, is bad things. But first, i looked to Niall and he just shrugged his shoulders.

'Do what you wanna do. You're still mine.', he said and gave me a kiss on the lips. I nodded, and looked to Harry again.

'Just make out?', Zayn nodded and watched me going to Harry. The other boys just watched us and did nothing. Everyone was drunk, and we didn't know what we did. So who cares?

I slowly laid my hand on Harry's chest, and went closer to him. Our lips met each other, and it felt just like when we were together. So good!... Niall's kisses are still better, but these are just... Memories from the past. I got closer to him, and he began to kiss me harder. I smiled a bit, and sat on his lap. This wasn't going to end good, but i had no feelings anymore for now.

Just.... I don't know. I didn't fell love from my side, but when Harry is like this, i just feel that loves come from his side. It wasn't good with the alcohol between us, but we couldn't stop it.

'It's alright guys.', i heard Louis say. We slowly stopped with making out and looked to the others. I stayed on Harry's lap but just turned to the others. I saw Niall looking a bit sad to us. I sighed and just ignored it. I was to tired to go over to him. Even if it was just like 1 meter.

'That was awesome.', Harry whispered into my ear with his beautiful hoarse voice. I bit my lip and closed my eyes a bit. I nodded and listened with half an ear to the others.

After a few minutes, we decided to stop and sleep. Well, sleep.... We actually directly fell asleep. We slept on the ground, and i still laid on Harry's chest with his arms around me.


Long chappie ! ;) But i had so much inspiration for this chapter ! ;D xx

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