It must be true love ?... ~Sequel To "Reality Ruined OUR Life."~

Sequel to "Reality Ruined Our Life."

Hillary has it hard in her life, and don't know what to do...
She thinks that Niall doesn't love her anymore.. She thinks that she has no chance..
But still... Niall loves her..
But what if she still gets closer and closer to Harry?..
What if Justin says he loves her?...
Who will she chose ?... How can she chose?... While she's still truly in love with Niall ?...

Read this, and you know how it ends...

(Y/N= Hiii! So this is a sequel. If you're a new reader.. I think it's best that you read "Reality Ruined Our Life." too, because that's easier for knowing what's going on, and which persons that are in this book :) )


66. Starbucks.

'Goodmorning.', i said smiling when i saw my mom sitting on the couch in the bus.

'Morning sweety, did you sleep good?', i nodded and sat next to her.

'Oh yeah, mom.', she turned her head to me and nodded also, smiling. I decided to just bring my idea up soon, before someone interrupted our convo again or before i forgot it.

'So uuhm... I think, that Jace has the right to see his dad... Right?'

'Ofcourse he has the right.', i smiled and looked to my hands.

'I got the idea to just go to Harry... Well if he's in town. But one thing, i just don't wanna face Niall.'

'Sweety, i think that you really need to talk things out with Niall. You can both start your friendship again. Just like the beginning. Than you can see how it goes between you and him. I know things were hard. Still now. But just talk it out and you can see what happens.

But like you said, Jace has to see his father too. And it's the best to do it when he's still young. When he gets older and you say that he has never seen his dad much because he was always to busy, than he'll probably begin to hate Harry. Not wanna see him anymore and he'll ignore or just try to forget him.'

My mind was blowing up by all those words she said. She was right. If i don't show Harry to Jace, than he'll hate Harry. I don't want that. And i need to talk things out with Niall also. It's gonna be both hard, but i have to.

'Thanks mom. You really help me with everything. That's what good mothers do.', i said smiling weakly and hugged her. She smiled also and tightened our embrace.

'So where's Jace actually?'

'He's playing outside with your dad.', i laughed and nodded.

'I'm gonna change my clothes and than go outside. I think it's better if i call Harry and tell him the idea.', she nodded understandly and patted on my back.

'Good luck, baby.', i thanked her again and ran to my suitcase. I grabbed my tank-top and shorts and changed my clothes in the room. When i was done, i ran outside and saw my dad playing football. Jace just sat in the grass and giggled lightly. I smiled and walked over to him.

'Mommy!', i took him in my arms and gave him a peck on his cheek.

'Hey, big guy... Hey, dad.', he smiled and gave me a little hug.

'I'm gonna call someone. Mom will tell you what i had planned. I'm gonna take Jace with me, okay?'

He nodded and went inside when i took my phone out. The phone rang 3 times before he finally took up.

"Hey, Hillary.", his voice sounded a bit weak but i didn't really asked him questions about it.

'Hi, uuhm, i've something to ask but i don't know if you want it. Or if it's possible.'

"Ask me."

'Well, Jace has the right to see his dad.. And you're his dad. So i just wanna ask if we can meet up? Soon.', i just wanted to slap myself right in the face because how stupid i told him about my idea.


Was there something i needed to worry about? I mean, he sounded so short in his words and he sounded weak.

'Is everything alright?'

"I need to go. Text me when you can."

'Well, i wanted today but-'

"See you in a few hours at Starbucks. I'm almost in London."

He hang up the phone. What the heck? Well i'm gonna see him today so he has to say what's wrong than. So they were coming to London again..

I sighed and looked to Jace that stayed quiet but also looked to me with a pouty face. I smiled weakly and gave him a little kiss again.

'I hope that you'll be a bit more sweeter when you're mad and not be like your father.'

Even when i know it's impossible to be sweet when someone's mad. Not like i am sweet also when i don't feel good...

'And?', i turned my head and shrugged my shoulders when i saw my mom coming outside.

'Harry's acting weird but we're gonna meet in a few hours at Starbucks. He's almost in London so i think the rest will be there too. I'm not sure but i'll see and ask him what's wrong.'

She nodded and took Jace over from me.

'Go get ready than. I'll change Jace his clothes. He's a bit dirty because he sat on the ground.', i nodded and thanked her again.

I ran inside the bus and changed in my other clothes. I put a bit make-up on and than brushed my teeth. Getting ready wasn't that long when i had to be somewhere. It's pretty fast how i'm changing myself. I took Jace over from my mom when she had him wrapped up in a towel. I laughed and kissed his nose.

'Good luck, sweety. Dad and i are going to our hotel again.', i nodded and gave them a hug.

'Bye.', they gave Jace a kiss on his cheek also and than went away. I dried Jace off and put his little sweater on. I also did his pants and blue shoes on and went outside again. I decided to just hold him in my arms because i saw a lot of fans again and i didn't wanna lose him or something. I ran as fast as i could to Starbucks and i actually hoped that Harry would come quickly and not wait hours to arrive.

'Hey.', i turned around and saw Harry smiling weakly. He came to me and smiled to Jace that looked a bit scared. He had already seen his dad a few times but not that much.

It was weird to see Harry again...

'Hey, big guy.', i gave Jace to Harry and smiled weakly.

'Let's go inside.', i nodded and followed him inside Starbucks. Well he was fast with coming here, like i hoped.

'What do you want?', 'Suprise me.', he sat Jace in a 'baby-chair' and ordered our drinks.

Soon enough, the waitress came back and smiled, not even caring that Harry was here.

I wanted to pay her but Harry was to fast so he did. I promised him to pay back as soon as possible but he just ignored it.

'So how is it?', i nodded and looked to Jace.

'Good. What about you?', he shrugged his shoulders and took a sip of his coffee.

'What's wrong?... You also sounded so short when we called and you sounded a bit weak... Tell me.'

'Nothing special. I just wanted to see Jace and you Hillary.', Harry said coldly.

'Okay.. Sorry to ask.', i replied and rolled my eyes by his tone.

'I just don't wanna talk about it.'

'I don't care.', i mumbled and shrugged my shoulders. I actually did care but trying to get it out of him wouldn't help though.

'So how's touring?'

'Good, like always. Can't wait to see places again where i've been in our tours before.'

I nodded and realized that talking about that, made him a bit happier.

'How has Jace been? And you with him?'

'Good, he's growing up a lot and it's hard to handle it alone. But i've my parents and Teddy.'

'And i can also help?'

'If you're touring, than no.'

'I'm sorry that i can't care for my child with you. I'm busy.', there was the Harry from like 10 minutes ago again.

'What the hell is wrong with you, Harry? You've never regretted it to have a child. Now you're all so coldly to me and it's like that Jace is just a thing for you!'

'I don't regret it and he's my everything!... There's just to much on my head right now and i can't talk about it.'

'Well don't put it all on me.', 'I'm sorry.', he sighed and put his head in my hands.

'Harry... You really don't wanna tell?.. We can also talk in the bus if you wanna be alone?'

He looked up to me and shrugged his shoulders but than nodded. I smiled weakly and stood up. I wanted to take Jace, but Harry was faster than me.

'I wanna carry him.', i nodded and smiled. We went outside Starbucks and headed over to my bus that i used for the time i'm here.

'So i saw a bit of the interview.. You're going to have a tour also?'

'Yeah, maybe.', he smiled nodding.

'What are you gonna do with Jace than?', he asked confused. 'I mean, i'll be on tour also...'

'I know, i'll try to take him with me for a few days and than bring him to my parents... It's hard for him also and it's difficult to care for him when i'm busy too but Bob is working on my nerves and he keeps saying that i need to have a tour as soon as possible again.'

Harry nodded understandably.

'I know you can do it. And when we're close to each other, we can also meet so i can also be with Jace.', i nodded and opened the door from the bus.

We sat down and i placed Jace on the ground where his toys were.



New story will be coming in a few weeks i think.. Maybe days.... ^_^

*Smirk, smirk*

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