It must be true love ?... ~Sequel To "Reality Ruined OUR Life."~

Sequel to "Reality Ruined Our Life."

Hillary has it hard in her life, and don't know what to do...
She thinks that Niall doesn't love her anymore.. She thinks that she has no chance..
But still... Niall loves her..
But what if she still gets closer and closer to Harry?..
What if Justin says he loves her?...
Who will she chose ?... How can she chose?... While she's still truly in love with Niall ?...

Read this, and you know how it ends...

(Y/N= Hiii! So this is a sequel. If you're a new reader.. I think it's best that you read "Reality Ruined Our Life." too, because that's easier for knowing what's going on, and which persons that are in this book :) )


19. Shock.

Chappie 22 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D xx


Hillary's P.O.V.

When i woke up, i wasn't in the car anymore. I laid on a soft bed, and i sat straighten to see i was in my hotel room. I smiled weakly, and looked next to me to see a sleeping Niall. I smiled even more, and now realized that he had his hand around my waist. I was still a bit tired, but i couldn't sleep anymore.... So i just slowly laid Niall's hand next to him, and got up. I grabbed my sweater that laid on the chair in my room, and put it on. I took my phone to see how late it was

9.10 pm

I sighed, and put my phone in my pocket. The doctor was right. I felt a little bit better, even if it's still a few hours ago. My pain slowly faded away, where i was happy for.

I had hungry..... I looked to my tummy and rubbed it.

A little tear left my eye. And i know it's no reason to cry, but i was scared..... I still didn't see something from my belly, and i was scared to lose a little person. A little person that actually went important for me. I sighed, and slowly wiped the tear away.

I'd go to the doctor with Niall. Soon enough, to know what is wrong.

I hope.


When i let myself plop on the couch, i heard a door open. I turned my head behind me, and saw Niall coming through the bedroom-door from our hotel room. I smiled weakly, and watched him going to the little kitchen. I looked confused because he ignored me?...

I stood up, and went to him. I put on a weakly smile, and tried to hug him, but when i did, he turned around and walked over to the bedroom again. I looked more confused, and felt really ignored...

I slowly went to the couch, and got my phone out.

I went to my messages, and pressed on Harry's button.

To; Hazza x

"Hi, Hazz. How re ya ?... Uuhm... Do you know what is wrong with Niall ?... Xx"

I sent it, and laid my phone next to me. Niall still didn't came out of the room. Actually, when he's mad, he has to go into his hotel room. Not mine, right ? After a few minutes, i got a message back from Harry.

From; Hazza x

"Hey, Hill. no why? Wanna come over? Louis and Liam are out shopping. (Louis needed some clothes... ;) ) Room 213. And i'm fine ;) xxx"

I smiled weakly, and stood up. Niall ignored me, so i didn't had to say where i was going. I shrugged my shoulders, and put my iPhone in my pocket again.

I walked into the hallway, and searched for room 213. Which was 3 doors away from my room. I knocked on the door, and waited for about 20 seconds, and the door went open. To see a smiling, shirtless, Harry. I smiled weakly, and walked into his hotel room.

'Tell me, what's wrong with Nialler?'

He asked when we sat on his bed. I shrugged my shoulders, and sighed.

'I've no idea... I woke up, and he had his arm wrapped around me. After a few minutes he woke up too, and ignored me the whole time. He just took some drink and went to MY bedroom again.'

Harry looked confused, and shook his head.

'We didn't say something bad, and he didn't say something wrong too?.... I don't know, maybe he didn't sleep good?'

I looked up to Harry that sat next to me, and smiled weakly.

'Yeah. Maybe... Thanks.'

I said, and stood up.


Harry said and stood up too, grabbing my wrist. I nodded, and sat back again. I watched him think a bit, and did his cute think-face. I always found/find that cute!...

'Uuhm... How is it with-?...'

He asked, pointing to my belly a bit. I let out a loud sigh, and shrugged my shoulders.

'I don't know.... Niall and i would go to the doctor together to look what's wrong with it... It's weird that it doesn't get... You know, bigger.'

I said, and saw that Harry didn't like something. And now i realized what.... He didn't like the fact that i said Niall and me. I know he probably wanted to go with me too.

'Uuhm... Okay.... Let me know how it went than?...'

I sighed, and looked to Harry that was watching his hands.

'Want to come with us?'

'I know you don't want that, so i'll just wait until i know how it is.'

'Who said that?'

'You. You just say Niall and i, and i didn't even know that there was something wrong.'

He said and looked up to me. I looked into his eyes, and i knew he was right...

'Sorry..... I've just so much things on my mind... Sorry, Harry.'

'It's okay, Hillary.'

He said, and embraced me in a hug. I smiled weakly, and wrapped my arms around his torso.

My phone interruped us. I pulled away a bit, and took my phone out.

From; Love x N. <3

"Where are you?"

I looked confused, and looked to the name again. Niall isn't the normal/crazy Niall.... It sounds a bit "weird" now maybe, but he always sends "xx" or something. But now.. Nothing. Just like... He's mad.

Harry looked confused, and watched the message too. He got the same look like me now.

'Something is wrong with him.'

I directly nodded, and replied him.

'I'll ask Liam to talk to him. Hoping that Niall would say things to Liam that we don't know.'

I nodded again, and typed my message.

To; Love x N. <3

"Uuhm... In Harry's hotel room...

xx ?"

I sent it, and laid my phone next to me.

'Can i stay here for a few minutes?... I actually don't wanna go to my hotel room now...'

Harry looked to me, nodded, and smiled.


He said, and got up to take some drinks.

From; Love x N. <3

"When do you come back?"

I sighed again, and replied.

To; Love x N. <3

"Idk ! Maybe when you're not mad anymore ?!"

I threw my phone to my feets on the bed, and got mad. I've no reason, but if he is, and i don't even know the reason, i am too !

From; Love x N. <3

"Why do you think i'm mad?... Please, come back?"

To; Love x N. <3

"No, Niall. You ignored me the whole evening ?!"

From; Love x N. <3

"Im sorry! Bad evening than?! Please?! Come?! Xx"

I just ignored it, and sighed.

'Just relax. He'll get better.'

I slowly nodded, and took the glass that Harry gave me. I smiled weakly, and thanked him.

It was already 11pm and it got bored a bit.

'We're- oh, hey, Hillary.'

Louis smiled, and placed the bags in the room.

'Hey, Louis..'

'How are you? Something wrong? You look a bit down? Liam is to his room again.'

I nodded, and shrugged my shoulders.

'I'm... I'm fine..'

'No, you aren't.-'


Harry said, and shook his head. Louis looked confused, and mimicked a "sorry". I smiled weakly, and stood up from what i assume to be Louis' bed. I gave a hug to Louis and Harry, and said i went to my room again.

I heard Harry tell Louis the whole story, and i heard that Louis would call Liam. I sighed for the 100th time today, and opened my hotel room-door.

I saw Niall lying on my bed, which was actually for 2. He smiled, and put his phone away. He stood up and walked over to me, when i just stood there in confusion. He wrapped his arms around my waist, and tried to give me a kiss. I pulled away, and got a weird look from him back.


'You can't just ignore me the whole evening, and when i get back just kiss and act like nothing is wrong!'

I almost shouted, and breathed heavily.

'I'm sorry, princess.... I just had a bad evening. Okay?... Please, don't be mad, babe.'

'Niall... You were so happy the whole day, and you sleep and everything is ruined.'

'I'm sorry!! I just have many things in my head.'

'You think i don't?! I don't ignore you while i've many things inside of me.'

He sighed, and sat at the bed again.

'I'm sorry! What can i do to make it better?'

He asked, and looked up to me. Ugh, his beautiful, ocean, blue eyes... I can never be mad at him... Not even for 5 minutes...

I'm not a person that forgives people that fast, but i'm just... When i have a "fight" with Niall, i just can't control myself...

I slowly walked to him, and laid my hand on his arm. I wrapped my other arm/hand around his neck, and leaned in.

Our lips met, and i felt Niall smiling. He wrapped his arms around my waist, and a smile appeared on my face too. I felt his tongue on my lower lip and i was a bit in shock. I didn't show it, but i was.

Niall has never do this before. I don't think he ever did this... So this is the first time?....

I ignored it, and opened my mouth. This was actually the first time that we kissed like this. Well, if you can call it a kiss than..

'Hey, Niall- oh, f*ck.'

We heard Liam say. We pulled away, and blushed.

'I-i'm so-so-sooo sorry guys! I didn't wanna interruped-... You know..'

'It's okay, Li..'

I said, and smiled weakly.

'No, i had to knock.'

'It's alright! But what's up?'

Niall said, and laid his hands next to him.

'No. Just.... Louis called to come talk to you.'


'It's okay, Liam. It's fixed.'

I interruped Niall's question. Liam nodded, and gave us a wink.

'I'll let you two alone now.'

He said and smiled brightly. We blushed again, and shook our head. Niall and i looked to each other and burst out in laughter.

'That. Was. So. Awkward!'

We laughed, and didn't stop!

I almost fell off the bed, but Niall held me up. I still laughed, and laid my head on his chest.

We now laid very close to each other on the bed, and stopped laughing. I looked up to Niall, and smiled weakly. He slowly went with his gaze to me, and gave me a wink. I bit my lower lip, and smiled.



'You know.'

'Doing this?'

I asked, and bit my lower lip harder. Niall laughed, and rubbed his eyes. He shook his head smiling, and went with his fingers through my hair. I laid my head down again, and sighed. Now it was the first sigh of happiness this day.

'Sorry again.'

'It's okay, Love. Bad days can always be. I know the feeling.'

I slowly said, and gave Niall a kiss on the cheek.

'I love you, babe.'

'I love you too, Niall.'

I said, and smiled brighty.

I love to hear these words everyday. Especially from Niall.

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